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It's time for the horrible furbies from Tattletail to RISE AGAIN!!
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WHY IS THIS GAME SO SCARY!? | Tatletail #1


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Kaori Nishidake
vase breaks

John Cowans
I shared this video because it's so funny
i replay this for 20 times
Kitten Girl
Sometimes when I'm hungry, Mama looks like a potato.
karla maldonado
mark why don't you make bendy and the ink machine. Animation
A Made Up Story 4 Furby's

It was a 5:09 pm when I came home from school. Every light was on, my mother was in her bedroom doing something. I turned to my room and saw.my brother playing with a toy. He looked up at me with a smile, "look at this thing! Isn't it creepy?" sat down beside him with criss-crossed legs. On the.carpet before us was some kind of obese mouse robot. He turned it on and it's eyes lit up. "Hey friend!!" it said in it's echoing voice. My brother laughed, "this would be GREAT for a horror movie!" I didn't see much wrong with it . "Why?" I asked, he looked up at me with one eye brow raised, "you don't think it's scary?"
I shook my head no. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw it glare at my brother. I turned to it fully and it was like it was before. Smiling, and happy. "I'm getting something to eat..since it's your toy keep it in your room..please?" I added glancing at the robot. My older brother nodded and grabbed it, "by the way, it's called a Furby. I hope they use it in some kind of creepy movie though!" he smirked. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen.

Grabbing a banana I thought about what the Furby had looked like when me and my Brother weren't looking at it. "Maybe it was a malfunction.." I mumbled to myself. Although I couldn't convince myself that, I chopped up the banana and melted some chocolate. When I finished and dipped my fruit into it, I was distracted from my creepy thoughts.

I took my way to my mother's room, walking up the stairs. I opened the door and saw her writing in a birthday card. "Oh hey Mom." she turned to me, I gestured to the card, "would you sign your name? It's your brother's birthday tomorrow and it's be nice to know you care about him!" I nodded and took the pen, I signed my name in cursive and looked at her again. "Did you give him a birthday present early?" she nodded

"I had to give him one, or he'd peek in all of them!" I smiled and turned down into the dark hallway that contained the stairs. I saw my brothers Furby on the last step, smiling like it wanted me to pet it. I cautiously walked up to it and held it. Then I saw it WASN'T my brothers Furby and it was just a stuffed mouse I had, but how did it get down there? My brother was probably just playing pranks on me to get me scared, to admit it I kind of was. For a moment anyways, I turned to his bedroom door and couldn't find him. "Nick!! Nick!! WHERE ARE YOU? I KNOW YOU'RE TRYING TO SCARE ME!" I looked around all the hiding places, the whole house, outside, and even called his friends. But they said they hadn't seen him.. I was starting to get scared when I saw his phone on the bed. He had some new texts tempted, I looked through them.

'You there?'
'Okay that's good! I heard you got a Mega New Furby?'
'That is very specific...but yeah..'
'Well it's cursed!'
'What? no it's not!'
'If you want suicide try being mean to it!'
'Okay, I will!'
'Jeez! You sound like you're serious! XD you already gave me a challenge, imma do it!'
'NO! NICK?!'

The texts stopped there, I found myself shaking. But j calmed myself down, it's just some stupid joke right? it's not like it was real! After all! He could've MADE his friend text this! I told my mom I couldn't find my brother. "Oh really? I thought I saw him outside, but it's too dark out. Just call him in!" Outside? it's already looked there but I called his name eventually. Then I remembered that I forgot the small door under the stairs. When I went to it, I saw Nick's Furby in front of it. "No, don't! I felt too neglected, you're so kind! Help me?" the Furby talked to me in a clear human voice. My eyes went wide, "He's in there isn't he?!" the Furby paused, them did some sorry if not with it's ears. I gasped.
"If I can get my brother back...what can I do to help?"
"Get rid of the one who made this foul beast."
"You only spent a minute with him!"
"And already HE was spitting insults at me, do YOU want to suffer?" I shook my head no.
"But I can't kill mom! She's the only family left!" the Furby looked straight into my eyes, "you've been stalling for too long. The job hasn't been done yet either, one last chance before YOUR guts are spread out like spaghetti!" I ran up to the door, trying my hardest to open it. Screaming, calling for my mother. But the door wouldn't open, mom never came down. And the Furby was right behind me. "Fine, you'll do it the hard way.." and I woke up in my bed.
I ran out my door, looking around. It was fine, I went into my brothers room to find his corpse mangled and torn. Mother's right behind him, behind me the voice rang out clear as if in my head. "Welcome to my hell, where you will stay here for an eternity. Because it's not nice to refuse a good bargain.."
Ginny Dawson
ur so good at dieing son 😁
I actually remember when I had a furby and when I accidentally my foot TAPPED the toy box it was in SO EVER LIGHTLY and it woke up. The second time I didn't even TOUCH it. It creeped my and my little sister out SUPREMELY. 😥😥😥
Olivia Paulk
Matt Addy
the tattletail that said give me a treat is so cute
Newfoundlanddawg Boi
Markiplier's glow in the dark cheeks
did the tattletail just said "fuck you" after the "give me a threat"
you little shit i love it
Heidi Sager
Emmery Rousselle
This is his best animation yet!!!!
FNaF Plush Productions
Mark turned into a baby at 1:18
Ruth Richardson
"You're gonna starve and be dirty till the end of your days!"
World's best babysitter ;)
Are we gona break it? Fffffffuck lolol
you broke a vase with....
Manuel Lopez
0:28 Scene of the year
Jarnokoopa Caiazza
play a game
Plushmaster 15
1:09 Tattletail: Fuk You
Cleide Rodrigo
ashley elkins
tattletail: give me a Treet
mark: NO!!!
Junes and Elevens
"Momma's looking after you."
I heard Momma's fucking after you
It's Me! Emmy!
ok im gonna stop being a big baby *lights go out* OH $%^&^%$ IT #$%^& $%^&
Nyan The Gamer
1:09 Tattletail:Fuck You!
Draw Tutorials Aka Chara
Tattletail should be a creepypasta:(
Prince Ghast
Mark, play Tattletail again!
Waygetter added a DLC: Kaleidoscope
Something's wrong with Tattletail and you need to know why!
rajkolois serrano
what is tattletale ?
Skylee Pettit
For those that are wondering what the remix was at the end it is called back that a$$ up. (Sorry for cussing)
Funtime Tattletail
"Give Me A Treat" x10000)
Plasmatic Turtle
"You're gonna starve and be dirty for the rest of your days, ya little shit"
Give me a treat!
sean gamer
Spiky the pichu
do the kaleidoscope
masked creeper
I LOL so hard
Lisa Lemon
1:10 are they summoning bendy?
Adem Gamer
Hi I subscribed
Erin Reid 64 (STUDENT)
Eeveemangle diamond pink rose
the little tattletail is so cute and kawaii
i was little bit scared (+_+)
Angela Reeves
The real game is to much Sacredness
How to watch markiplier tattletail before going to school
Brieanna Garcia
Tattletail: Let's play a game!
Markiplier: Oh okay. Alright let's play a game!
Playing...uh r we gonna break it?
Markiplier: FFFFFFFFUCK!!!!!
Leah Bility
you're awesome first time watching
Isis quintanilla
I love when he says a shut the fuck you gonna starve me you little shit
iMiatheDinosaur •-•
1:18 - 1:21 HE SOUNDS SO CUTE! :3
Funtime Freddy
Wait, he didn't touch the vase. That means... v+notouch÷square= OMG TELEKINESIS!!! Why didnt you tell us?
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