Bullet Ant Adventure!

AntsAnt Attackant colonyant hillant insectstingingbullet antantant moundant stingant bitepainfulpaininsectanimalsbreaking trailcoyotecoyote petersonpetersontrailwildattackbitesouchcrazy ant bitegiant antbullet ant challengebullet ant stingbullet ant attackroleplayworst stingmost painful stinginsect stingstingstungthe bullet antbullet ant glovefire ant attackbullet ant adventurevenombig antstinging ant

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Bullet Ant Challenge…12.20.2016 

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HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for hosting the crew at this location and making the Bullet Ant Adventure possible! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details - http://bit.ly/crfrogs

Youssef Berry
4:08 stop that scary song!
Random Adventures
And in this episode we get to watch coyote Peterson walk around the jungle for 20 min lol
Sahil Rassool
Me like the intro ha ha bullet ant 2 stings
Ronaldo Ammar
I thug hit you would never talk
Michael O'Malley
My friend showed me your channel and I love it
Aiden Kirchmeyer-Baez
Chloe JJ
The Bullet Ant Challenge as if anyone's gonna be brave enough
Wow Indiana Jones is here
Asgaya Tsisqua
I was so confused Coyote! Why you do dis to me?!πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚
Muffin Tuffin
What... All that just confused me what's special about December 20 did he start his channel then or something. Someone help me out here πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ŸπŸ€”
Taryn Venditti
this guy should have a show on he discovery channel or animal planet
Coyote hey girl wanna go out
Girl lets just be friends
Coyote I'm coyote Peterson and we just entered the friend zone
Melanie Lord
Venice Alzola
I subscribe it love your video
Arjun Evolutionizer
skip till 5:30 to see that goddamn ant.....
Or you will be watching 5min 30sec of a guy walking.....
Ann-Rose Mongan
how about you try to how bad is a boy from a grizzly bear
Rebecca Davis
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Little Molly
Tax Olson
that gave me chills
Dion Luis
Axel Ezzey
My dirthday is on becember 21
Jeremiah Dilts
2 million kids probably watched this
Adrian Torres
I learned how to walk!

everytime the music gets more dramatic i keep thinking he found one ;-;
Logan Wegner
Mya B
So honoured I got to watch you walk around for 6 minutes
what are the long boots you wear for adventures?
ashlynn SCH
Nyan Ninja
Coyote bullet ant challenge is after my birthday at December 19 that's tomorrow.
Sounds like a Michael bay transformers music.
Sam Phoenix
okay, but have y'all SEEN that amazing camera work???
le tiggo
Why did I just watch the whole video? lol
The Joker
Other clickbait YouTubers should do this challenge -.-
Taylor Boucher
waste of time
Eme Rose
Why all the dislikes?! This was the most epic walk ever. πŸ˜‚
Roses are red
Violets are blue
The part you've been waiting for
Is on the lose 5:30
jake Bro
Hey cayote once I found a centerpede looking creature in my garden can you tell me what it is?
With this music, you'd think he's in the Hunger Games or something.
Daniel S
Bullet ant VS Coyote the trailer!
BTS Yoongi
I actually like the walking looks like uncharted or something πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Gaming Opps
skip to 5:21 to skip the walking
SSJ3 Dragnir
Krish Suman
Way to go for dramatic.
Skye Marie
Tune in next time on: six full minutes of this guy walking in the forest
Chad Pace
so... this is about walking through the forest? lolol
Mrs. Morgan
This is billy >🐳
Billy can't swim πŸ˜₯
Don't let billy drown in the sea of comments
Wylker GT
Best Uncharted 5 Trailer
Mario Barbaro
Still better than the walking dead..
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