3 AWESOME Life Hacks!

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3 AWESOME Life Hacks!
Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science!
My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!

Toaster I'mNormal
1. you know what would be much easier and cheaper? use One knive to cut.. that construction is so ugly, dangerous and useless.. i dont know how you yourself consider is at useful in any perpective.
2. don't have to say antything about that cause you already destroyed it after like 5 minutes... and you wasted nutella. like.. why? from the beginning everything about that looked disgusting.
3. oh god why.. im giving up on life
Maha Khader
dannggg you make dangerous vids so kids can copy....shameeee
Desmond Twe
this guy is retarded, hes wasting nuttella to make gay ass stress balls when he could replace it with like tooth paste or some shit
Sou o único que fala portugues
John m
brb gonna go pickup 3 knives so i can make an apple slicer that cuts it into thirds
you gay
RevyFam 2256
I found the cure to cancer delete this channel 👍
Елена Гульцева
С нутелой вообще какой то понос
my unicorn pis
Good luck
Yee Yub
I'm uncomfortable when the melon and Nutella mix :c
Tzitzi Gonzales
what a stupid idiot
Foivos Tube
Andrea Sierra
OMG..are u serious w/the 1st one re: apple cutter.. That's way dangerous And being that this on you tube videos...(Almost all kids, watch daily!!) you have no warning precaution,etc outlined in some alert way at the start of that video...I say that because of the serious risk of cutting yourself or worse. ( I mean no harm in your hack or offend, I am just surprised at the moment I was watching and being a mom, it Truely bothered me of the danger that could possible happen.)
How to put out an eye and lose a couple of fingers with a DIY apple slicer, then cover the rest of the fingers with Nutella.
this is such an awesome videos
1 watermelon for half cup of juice.....wow!!
CwanyBartek Xd
Watermelon and nutella juice 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Kasia Daniluk
Mamą to Tato i Laląo
Kasia Daniluk
Mamą i Tato i Lalą
Gayathri Chandran
Idiottic fellow
Mustafa Ali
2:47 haha
Méli Baba
Tu es une chiasse.
2:15 condom full of poo

oops, it broke... 2:42 dad is going to kill me it was his last condom
Cool and please like to me coment
Darius M51
when your mom comes back, you have to sleep on the street for a while
starship trooper
argh nutella is full of palm oil from the Borneo Rain Forest where the poor Urangutangs live! Besides pal oil is known as the worst artery blocker ever!! There are lots of different healthier alternatives to Nutella nowadays!
Stratos Bakirtzoglou
useless bullshit wtf am I doing here???
gail manliguez
wasted nutella 😒👊
Joe Balcolm
You know, not everything goes with Nutella. It's not the Fresh Prince theme song, goddamnit!
Sabana Firdosh
I love chocolate
So hot I need a fan
roses are read
violets are blue
i came for the thumbnail
and so did you
Cacuci Mario
R.I.P nutela!😢😢😢
If you think about suicide, the applecutter is the right tool.
This thing is more dangerous than useful.
this guy should be banned from making any more videos. Im embarrassed i watched this whole video. ill never get that 4:00 minutes back.
Connor Kruithof
when he said 'oh woooow Natural'... He said Nature all
Connor Kruithof
buying 3 knives and that tube is way more expensive than just getting a cutter like that...
Sadok Nadia
Pline de ildes
Eric Dao
3:35 did he just drink liquid shit
Harley T
A waste of nutella...Gross with the watermelon makes you want to throw up. So stupid
I want to block your videos from the humanity!
Princess Angelique
He's so wasteful
This nigga just took Nutella and spread it on watermelon
Silver Surfer
Why u r wasting nutella in this things give me
anna bakas
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Who watch the thumbnail
Like me to?
2:00 Nutella loser life hack!
Jani Tania
Nambah ribet
Maddi B
This guy sure does loves nutella.
Aaron Sutton
This is so stupid 👎 how do he gave any subscribers
Yassine Azeroual
This is shit
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