Undercover Lyft with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Catch New York Giants all star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. get behind the wheel in the latest episode of Undercover Lyft. Even after a few sweet dance moves, some hair styling tips, and an awkward call from his mom, these passengers never saw it coming.

Get Rihanna to do this!😭😭😭
Mikey Roberts
There's Odell, with his burnt ramen noodle hair.
David Le
Antonio Brown
Maryah Deitz
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Bree Love
Faith Williams
"Football" "jr" " driving for 3yrs" "love driving in ny" "one handed driving" "be a giant in my life " the beard , accent , style , thoes were all hints how could they not have at least thought it was him lol
I just took a gentleman and his wife on a ride for Lyft. He showed me his charges which were $6.50. When I looked at my app it showed me that Lyft only collected $4. Then Lyft charged me a $1 fee. So I collected $3 for the ride while Lyft collected $6.50.
Ethan Chen
ha" Honey before you go did you poo poo today?"
Ndudi Enwereuzor
Do Peyton Manning, it'd be easy to recognize him with his 6-inch forehead
Bryan O Connor
The chances of these people seeing him in person, already knowing is just amazing....

How they must feel 🤤
Matthew Whary
Here's your L
Women are just amazed by everything. When guys meet their celeb crushes or idols we keep cool or might get a bit antsy. Whereas women basically have a orgasm on the spot
cameron clark
That jacket is 🔥🔥🔥
Hammad Kadafia
So theres an under cover odell and an under cover kanye at 2:26
Demetrius Hicks
Owen Carroll
what is lyft? can you get paid?
Peyton Mulan
Im not even going to lie... This was the only ad that led me to find the actual video
1:06 When she said that she follows him on Instagram he should of gave it a few minutes and took a quick picture with the girl then posted it, I can see her checking it and being like, r u shitting me.
AAAAAYYYYYE frog back!! lol #TBT for real!
Dhruv Mehta
anyone else notice that guy looked like james harden
Steelerman 43786
do Antonio Brown in New Jersey
You guys need to get Big Papi on one of these!
i don't give a fuck if he's wearing glasses and a hat. You can still tell that is Odell Beckham Jr.
Kingston Henry
What Odell phone number
Bogdan Shumenko
I have no idea who that guy is
Bogdan Shumenko
I like how they don't give a fuck about the guy and when they find out they are like Nice To Meet You! Lol
Whats with the wig dude?
Lauren Fortner
How do you not realize that's odell
use code LETSLYFT4LYFE for $20 OFF your first ride!
Taz Moss
I am a giants fan
Maria Pagiazitis
aren't the cameras noticeable tho?
Darius Hendley
When Odell says he trynna get to Houston in February he was talking about the Super Bowl because it's in Houston
Man Boy
When he smile his smile is wide as fuck
MeMe Flower
OMG, I would have been all over this MAN, I love UUUUUU. Gorgeous Man, I am a fan I don't care who U play for LOl !! I love it when He said just breath hahah. I would have been glued to him. Love him 2017.
Surrrrrre lyft cuz these people aren't paid actors
Kyrie Irving
Kanye and OBJ in the same car 😅1:25
Yamileth Martínez
Why can't this happen to me...
She said "it kinda looks like Raemen noodles" lmao
This is so much like super man😂
Kyla Carney
Everyone loves him
Jackson Moul
I live in Houston
luke lyles
luke lyles
obj is the best
Oliver del Toro
these passengers the type who can't tell clark kent from superman
queen wolf
its eazy
to find out what kind of car that is
James McKay
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