Undercover Lyft with Odell Beckham Jr.

UndercoverLyftridesharenew jerseygiantsodellbeckhamjr

Catch New York Giants all star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. get behind the wheel in the latest episode of Undercover Lyft. Even after a few sweet dance moves, some hair styling tips, and an awkward call from his mom, these passengers never saw it coming.

Christopher Taylor
How u not gonna know dued off the top?!?
Dina Roman
My friend obs odell Beckham senior not actually tho
Cameron Thomas
Your telling me you didn’t know it was Odell when you got in 😤
The cod troll
I want an uber now...
Zach Lopes
How the hell did they not know
Crazy Kid
TheAdventurer 98
1:22 James harden joins Odell
Ally's ChillSpot TM
Man said Frog back 😂😂 that’s so old dude
Arturo Sanchez
2:00 that guy looks like James harden!!
Stack Inup
1k dis like
James Timko
How do they not notice it’s hinges only wearing glasses and a beanie
James Timko
How do they not notice it’s him if he’s only wearing glasses
Bueh Snake
The guy at 1:19 look like James harden
chimneys best
Was That a secret trade rumour when he said he goin Houston on February??????
This is sooooo juicy!! JUICE😂😂😂
Ben Dova
There is no way these people can’t tell that isn’t Odell. There is no way this isn’t fake.
Greendolladolla 21
Come to my channel post every day
Louie Douie
The mom calling😂😂”Did you show off your one hand driving”
Rohan Jani
shanice wyd in the back tho
Caroline Chen
2:14 yeah, the Toyota logo is so inappropriate....
Giants are still 0-5
Ronald Zeigler
Z Studios
Its licking guy!
Leopard Plays
I would die if i seen OBJ
Sy'Maurion Westfield
I w you can come to pick me up
Landon Lite
Right when I would've walked into that car I would've been like, yo it's Odell because it obvious
Too bad he broke his vagina yesterday. Oh wait, no it's not. That dude is the biggest bitch-made faggot in the world
I ain’t ever seen a man so good looking
Mlgpizzaninja18 J
Who’s here when obj broke his ankle 😭
MTV gamer pro boy
I met his sis NJ in NC in my babysitter house and her account is on my phone on her schools web
Noel Bravo
how can u not tell
Brice Dunn
Steph Curry
Eliot Fuller
it would be awkward if he took of his hat and glasses and the person didn't know who he was😂
Savage Yanir
1:20 Odell and James harden LOL
Will Roden
His laugh sounds so fake lmao
I was looking at the background and I just realized that I live in that town... lol
Odell made the girl at the start wet lol
Got a little dirt on my boots Vlogs
Am green
Lawren Mitchell
I low key flamed himself
Slurpy Ace
Why does that one man at 2:29 look like Kanye West and James Harden
Marin Simunovic
This is fake as f***,if its real how dont they see the 3 gopros
Pit Bike Nationals
2:33 if James harden and kanye west had a child..... dead
McKenna Stinnett
And then go to curry night at my church after
McKenna Stinnett
If I met him I would def poop in my pants
femi adebayo
He look so skinny for reason i imagine nfl players to be huge...
Jessica Sullivan
Odell Beckham jr is cool
Minin Artyom
хуя там бабы огромные
My brother would literally cry
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