Undercover Lyft with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Catch New York Giants all star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. get behind the wheel in the latest episode of Undercover Lyft. Even after a few sweet dance moves, some hair styling tips, and an awkward call from his mom, these passengers never saw it coming.

What if it was Justin Bieber and he reveals, then nobody recognize him... WHAT IF
OneofAKind 13
That was pretty cool Odell. Funny thing is I just got an email from Lyft.
Zane Tashjian
did i really just wittness my iss teacher meet the LEGAND OBJ
βιυԻԻվ բαςε
how tf do u not notice who someone is wearing just fucking glasses.
Lauren Johnson
i don't understand how one human being can be so beautiful
Aj dc
fake good actors
AthanBeatz React
that nigga looks like kanye west a blink of an eye
AthanBeatz React
over acting bitch
Victor OlaDeepThroat
Odell admitted he wants to play for the Texans
Basher Dragon
I don't know who you are but I like your ideas
Rebecca Lubitsky
lol at all the people from Jersey being like "I was at the game yesterday" lmfaooo so true its a ritual
Heather Brown
Taha Ismaeel
I want Adam saleh to do this😍😍
white lady straight told him how it was and his hair looked like ramen noodles
Tensa Zangetsu
so no body gonna comment on the Kanye west look alike??
Jazzy Giles
and he know hes fine
Nathan Luimba
1:22 we got Kanye west's look alike
They got some stupid mfs
should do more of those
Ariel Antigua
do perfect Dude Perfect
Derp Derp
Lol he said he trying to get to Houston for sb51 but he failed
Sneaker Cam
they should do the times people don't recognise them
So I thought you FINALLY fixed Express Pay..... Guess not...... I don't know how many effing times I've had to WAIT to get my measly $50 while being DEAD TIRED.... It sucks fucking donkey balls!!!!!! 80-90 percent of Lyft and Uber drivers are perpetually broke!!!!! You obviously don't give a shit about it or understand either.... Because over a week ago you dropped Express Pay (in my market) down to a threshold of a $5 payout (from the bullshit $50 you've had all along).... I thought you've FINALLY started giving a flying shit what us slave-wage drivers go through to make a just a little extra "side hustle pesos..." So what's this fucking rant all about anyways??? You just sent a text saying that the new LOWERED $5 EXPRESS PAY is for a LIMITED TIME!!! Three words..FUCK YOU LYFT!!!!! Are you effing morons running this shitsho? Uber doesn't even have a payout threshold.... So what the fuck gives??? WHY NOT KEEP THIS LOW PAYOUT THRESHOLD PERMANENT!!!! You NorCal Millennial Dipshits!!!!!!
shoxrux abdullayev
Fist of all fuck you all people who use lyft, they pay bad so double fuck you, I dont even understand why I am working with lyft, I hate when you drive good and motherfuckers report you for nothing. keep your reports for breezing stop sign for yoursels. Motherfuckers for the trash money u paying you can get in the car and give a driver blowjob , instead of our trash complains after the trip.
Nany M
But on the serious note he is fine 😍😍😍
ThreeTwoOne 3
3:21 Odell and James harden
Game of Jones
Do Julio Jones
1:20 that guy looks like James Harden
Chris Abreu
seems scripted
Chris Abreu
seems scripted
Did you poo poo today xD
James Michael Edwards
FRAUD I found that
the fee charged the Lyft rider was different than the fee shown to the
driver. The last ride I did for LYFT was
$31 charged to the customer, but LYFT reported $23 to me and then took another
25% of that $23. From $31 LYFT took a
total of $13.75, I was left with
$17.75. In other words LYFT isn’t making
25%, they are making 44% while the driver has all the cost. This is FRAUD folks.
Aaron Berman
he is such a good guy
Ivalina Passe
Ivalina Passe
Vik Rubies
2:33 I thought his mom said show off that one handed driving. He's driving with no hands
OMG Isdabomb
I love you and I love your hairstyle
Jeremy Camelo
If this people are real Giants fans they should notice how Odell Beckham looks
mariah smith
He cannot fool me.
Danielle White
One guy kinda looked like Kanye West
The Finesse Goat
childish gambino @ 3:20 - 3:25
Troll Nicole
I'm switching to Lyft
Orange tiger
did you just poo poo today
GoPackGo #AR12#DA17#TM88#JN87#HCD21#CM32 #MB80#NP53
How do they not know it's him
This nigga TOO fine!!
Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain
Guy at 1:21 looks like Kanye with a James Harden beard
Rishi Parmar
I've never watched a game of American football in my life, but this guy looks cool af
Coby Guillory
At the end obj is going to take the glass
KK Malik
How did you not notice him?
That beard is a giveaway.
Jay-Q Jones
Y'all stfu people don't think it's Odell because what's the fucking chances of Odell driving ur lyft 😂💀
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