Undercover Lyft with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Catch New York Giants all star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. get behind the wheel in the latest episode of Undercover Lyft. Even after a few sweet dance moves, some hair styling tips, and an awkward call from his mom, these passengers never saw it coming.

Kevin Sj
I'm not gay but Odell dam
Emily Foskey
What if someone didn't know who the famous person was... Awkward lol
Adan Sandoval
Odell is life
that is a good prank
Wow!!! Steve Urkel with the Gronk!
lynn b
"Did you poo-poo today"
"Did she just ask you if you pooped today?"
I lost it LMFAOOOO
bruh if i got into the car i wouldve been like "wow u look a lot like obj."
1:19 he looks like james harden
"I'm trying to get to Atlanta in February " Super Bowl joke😂
Fatimah Conteh
how is this undercover he just put a hat and glasses on
inter gamer
how did they not realize it's Odell
Daryl Dixon
I need to drive in one of these to meet and famous person
Antonio Rodgers
Fat bitch almost caught a heart attack😂😂
G Winoker
they stupid asf... I hate Odell with a passion and I even could've known that that was him lol
Jasmine Hopkins
He's so freakin fine!!! 😘😘
This shit is so fake.
Vaughn Ryan Shinkus
As an Eagles fan I've gotta say, how can you not like this guy.
treyton Bailey
what if vin dealer was on lyft
Moises Lobo Lobo
Awesone! I Just love it Schedule pickups that is amazing idea.. I'm a Lift Driver of Miami
Jmere Cash
how did people not notice him the first time
This guy's smile though, like damn! So beautiful.
Seems legitimately like a chill guy
Lizzi Anne
i love how sweet he was to that girl that was freaking out
"Did she just ask if you poo pooed today?"
Barbecue BoB
1:24 james harden with a small beard
george mikal
He's not a bad actor
mona alabas
Why can't celebrities undercover when I lyft?
Nicole Perry
How can't they tell it's Odell?? 😂 I'd be able to tell as soon as I saw him
Diego Rivera
sooo does he take them to their destination? i always see them on the same lot. do the passengers go on a different lyft???
Kayla Esprit
I'm gonna start taking lyft now 😂
Do these people only recognize and see hair??? I mean if they are such fans how can't they recognize his face from the start? ffs? If someone I'm a fan of put a bag over his head I'd still recognize him...
The Andersons Got Tickets to The Game?
That black dude look like Kanye west and john wall if they came together as one.
Deli God
I ain't Gay but this nigga Odell sexy asl 🤔😛😛 no homo 🤤
1:19 you been to houston. Boy he look like james harden
Amario Miner
when she ask him about one hand drive she was talking about one hand catching
Stephane Orantes
I would love that to happen to me I love to meet him he's like my future husband
Demetruis Brown
shut up Sarah
Javier Able
2chainz next pls
I Did 9/11
they should do undercover lyft with Barack Obama
In the glasses of Beckham u can see the cameras the people dont say nothing about???? rare???
Jesus Fan
Dude at 1:20 really looks like kanya
I need to see Bruno Mars on here
What if it was Justin Bieber and he reveals, then nobody recognize him... WHAT IF
OneofAKind 13
That was pretty cool Odell. Funny thing is I just got an email from Lyft.
Zane Tashjian
did i really just wittness my iss teacher meet the LEGAND OBJ
βιυԻԻվ բαςε
how tf do u not notice who someone is wearing just fucking glasses.
Lauren Johnson
i don't understand how one human being can be so beautiful
Aj dc
fake good actors
AthanBeatz React
that nigga looks like kanye west a blink of an eye
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