Undercover Lyft with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Catch New York Giants all star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. get behind the wheel in the latest episode of Undercover Lyft. Even after a few sweet dance moves, some hair styling tips, and an awkward call from his mom, these passengers never saw it coming.

the girl that started screaming is me
Haha stupid fruity giants odell beckham jr fans that are still jealous of lebron and check his hairline out. Have a nice winter summer vacation! This sec loud mouth has no heart, no class, and focus for the game. How dare he go out and have fun on his day off.

This season get a haircut and lose the blonde streaks. he is the reason the giants lost. Haha get over your jealousy of lebron.

Lebron james 3 rings
odell beckham 0 rings
obj is always so chill
Andrea Ben Brahim
Destiny bb
Ooommfffgg Odell so dang on fine 😘😩😩😩😘😘❤️
Chris Jones
Odell is my favorite football player,he is a beast on the field.
Dag norfolk va
That to cool☺I hope Romo surprised me
Anjola Odunuga
My Heart.My Heart.My Heart. ❤😂😃
Issa Prosper
my boy odell
They should do LYFT driving with Aaron Rodgers.
Nicolas Gelinek
Does anyone know wat kind of beanie he wear ??
homie hotsauce7
do ezekiol elliot or cam newton
Cadence Mitchum
MeMe Flower
I love this MAN know matter what 2017 until, I love people that is not defined by society and what people says. I love his energy, smile, and his overall personality, He's young and still have a lot to learn as a player, and person, as ALL of US, but He's a good person. I love her response, it was magical even though I feel that he is recognizable even with what he had on. Love ya ODB.
Wolfson what
my daughter loves Enzo and Cass
Carly Clark
Ugh im so jealous wish I could meet him, seems like an absolute sweetheart
23 Savage Fresh
I was using Lyft but this never happened to me, why? why?
Hava Borisovna
Speaking of Lyft . Get $50 free rides . Use the code https://lyft.com/igi/HAVABORISO689123
Red RAIDER Gamez
What if he picked up a jets fan
Ned Gold
The other guys face when he asks about his mom's question is classic
Ned Gold
The other guys face when he asks about his mom's question is classic
Faith Williams
The black girl with the hat and glasses New it was him u could see it in the way she was acting 😂😂😂
Hey, We Have Finally Reached 77,014 Family Members! So I Have A Small Surprise For You
Jesus Gastelum1
1:52 his face tho
Michael Weathers
this is acting
LeGoat James
Get LeGoat on this
Bria Murphy
I don't know how people do not know that is Odell lol
Nathaniel Ottery
TBH I had no idea who Odell was when I watched this video but slightly homo yet at the same time no homo this nigga handsome asf.
xXDominique Xx
That first girl would be me asf😂
Should've watched film.
How about working on catching passes instead of doing stupid commercials.
D greene
Plenty of time to do his side hustle now that they WASHED OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS 1 AND DONE! They might even have time to take a vacation after making all that UUUUUUUUUUUUUUBER money, say down in Miami, maybe on a yacht. I hear the weather is nice, shirt off in the sun. Forest Gump was heard saying "I heard you needed a hand Odell but, ODELL YOU'VE GOT NO HANDS!"
Ryan Coffey
This is fake as shit pretty sure they'd be able to tell who he was from the start 😂
Gerald Lane
odell. your. my. number. 1.
Gerald Lane
I. wish. to meet. odell. backham. jr
cynthia ayala
Do a Josh Norman one
Paladin 1
Dominic Scutaro
Please put josh Norman in as a passenger so he can beat odels ass again
Damn James Harden and OBJ in one commercial
Dan Josef
Houston in February? Too Soon LMFAO.
Xavier David
New Jersey referrals get $500 after giving 150 rides in their first 30 days
Xavier David
Danny Rosado
Marry Celeste
De Tour
What if every time a person came up to OBJ's car, Josh Norman comes in an Uber and blocks the door with his car?
Grayson Holloway
Odell is trash. lol
Daja Hardt
they are on that shit they know dam well thats him . if that happen to me i would notice i remember faces
I don't even think he is old enough to be a lyft driver?
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