Dragon Ball Super Final Episode Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Mira vs SSJ God Goku Final Fight!!

Dragon Ball

Rosana Van Beik
Ben q dava para traduzir para o português
birdsflying high
Total trash. I 'm glad youtube is demonetizing pages like this. It's clowns like you who ruin the game. Go F yourself.
Steven Cabreta
D ouglass
it's Dragon ball xenoverse 2
Rana G
i like it

Fue Yong
Although its a really cool video game story line with unbelievable grapgics. I must say the false advertiseing click bait is almost like a spit the face for dbz fans who cleary came here expecting a really cool episode were goku layeth tge smaketh downeth uponeth his not so worthyeth apponeteth....."damn those click baites".
alex gonzalez
Come on the next video put it in English please
Yamile Segovia
: o
Luis Alejandri Fabian
Debieran seguirla esta el final me gusta
Royalero xD
Eres gilipollas
Flora Jieta
Goku is cool
How do you get that ending
daniel jhon bazar
so Wonderfull
betousky Borja
What was that💩💩💩💩💩🖕🖕🖕
Joao Surubim
Será ser esse eo final msm kkk
Bg X111
those boobs😍😍😍😍
Alberto Harrejon
Why does Goku learn how to turn Legendary Super Saiyan 4 what did
Alberto Harrejon
Goku is a pussy cuz he learns all the Super Saiyans
Alberto Harrejon
Vegeta and Goku cannot beat up Broly Broly will beat the crap out of them with someone fuse.? Answer
Alberto Harrejon
Goku copy Broly
felix belen
Waooooooo no mmg
Benjamin Gerez
eso es del dragón ball xenoberse
How tf does this have 6M+ Views ??!? Do people actually belive this wtf ???!!?
Iyan Adriyanto
kapudeo leem no koribi
kinder batteuse
And this person have 109 000 followers... OMG !
Diego Olvera
Eso es de dragón ball xenoverse.
Ghøst.TMThiago CF
x9 kkkk
Caiogames Vitor
Canal lixo
karol rooobaerto
que costras
Son Goku Snπp
Animação 👌🏻👈🏻
Boss Hogg
Wat the hell is its saying!
Muhammad Wahid Hamdi
Aah.. trolled.. 😂
Muhammad Wahid Hamdi
Aah.. trolled.. 😂
Omni Goku
Did anyone else notice that Mira's voice in Japan is so much darker at the beginning of all of this
Quter Kumar Pandit
Kame hame haaaa.,.
930 Animation
Hey guys I just created my new channel I will put all the seasons and all the episodes of Dragon Ball Super full in a few hours subscribe to my channel to receive them
ExE_Ion // ExileOfTheBest
This is DBX 2 You dumbass I really don’t support this vid
Dragon ball Super
Dragon ball super??? Escreva -se no meu canal obrigado
Kevin Huynh
Malik khameen Gran Mashar
Isn’t this xenoverse 2?
Pretty Girl
That's heroes xenovers 1 or 2
12:53 Frieza and Frost
Armored Pig
This is dragon ball xenoverse 2
You suck
Shotgun shadow
Oh clickbate, anything for youtube revenue.
Goku Ultra instinct
SSJ Gogeta
This is Xenoverse nice click bait I fell for it
CTX official
hãy đăng kí kênh cho nhau nhé
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