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Run Cody Run!!
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Evan Blackwelder
my score is 31 in endless ducker
Kashan Kashan
Cameron Ouellette
Sandra Antunez
Gabriel Cascante
I got 30 points
GR Gamer
Ahsan Faridi
my score is 32
50:0 Only His Head
Ariel Haas
Go Ty
Adrian Rulez
I see only garretts head cuz of his shirt
jan sell
Yohan Sanchitha
my high score is 86
Ethan Law
Sesame Playz
Nancy Wulf
When I play endless Ducker my high score 22
Thegamer 679
My score 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
pratima maske
Samool Buddhacharya
My record is 24 only
A n E w W o R l D?!!??!
Wil Casey Herrera
Hey ty my score is 30
Anh Đức Playtime
Is it awesome ? It is so easy
Anh Đức Playtime
385 points
Taylor Chan
no TEAM CORY !!!!!
andrew pedraza
I played the game and got 25
Bo Galloway
My god have u Tried the game it's horrible I'm not a dp hater but that game is HORRIBLE
Cami W
TEAM COBY ALL THE WAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my best skour is 112368
Kerrie Sullivan
Nicholas Davis
my high score is 73
Adrian Kim
Mateusz Skoczyński
So funny! :D But why Garrett has a invisible torso? xD
samuel da fiat toro
MçĐJ.0 Za
My sword was 1000 soooo ooooooo ooooo hard you know
The Derpy Dragon
Guys my high score is 54 HAHAHA!
Next-generation Skills
Beena Babu
i got 320
Matty H
How did cory win omg!!!!!!!
Matty H
Lucian Christiansen
I find this game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) very amusing! It`s enjoyable and amazing to play with a buddy. My son likes this game, and secretly i do too. I really feel like I am a young boy again. I don’t in fact like focusing on a video game but I believe this one is worth the effort.
Johnathan Scandaliato
My highest score is 54
chetana sathish
Daniel Lorenzo Busacay
Paula Stewart
500!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!📵⚽🏈🏀🎎⚾🎲🎲♠♥♦♣🎽🃏🃏🃏🃏🎮🌀⚡⛱☔💧🕚🌕🕘🍛🍡🍣🍢
Justice Debro
I got 22
Nate and elden Gaming
Shohzad Dhillon
i got 37
Will Campot
Naif Al-harbi
Outstanding B
Cory I beat your score by 5
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