Giant Mouse Trap [Smashes Everything]

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Ive got a bit of a Raccoon problem at my house… I built something to fix the problem. It breaks multiple local ordinances and a few international treaties, but I give you THE GIANT MOUSETRAP! It took over 3 weeks to build and cost around $360 to build, with the main expenses being the winch, and the multiple pipe fittings to adapt the springs to the bar.

Marks Video:

Twitter: @ChemicalKevy

Every time I wound it up, something broke. Originally i built it to use garage door springs, but they were not strong enough. Once I switched to coil springs stuff started breaking.

First it was the bar, which bent, and needed corner enforcement's welded on. 

Then the 'axel' running down the center of the springs bent, so I needed to add hardware to counteract the winch pulling on it.

Next, the springs themselves broke. I learned something about trying to weld tempered steel.. It just creates stresses and the weld was much more brittle (harder) than the spring steel. I had to re-weld it and    heat up the spring up to about 3  inches from the weld, this created a more gradual slope of hardness, so the spring bent where i welded instead of snapping.

Then the bar bent in the middle, so I had to weld a 4' long 1" corner to it. 

Finally, the arms of the bar are flexing when I tighten the springs too much, but I think this is okay, for now!

why is your wife so against killing coons
3:54 party foul: when the oobleck balloon gets broken.
That a crazy awesome giant mouse trap. Would love to see more things be crushed.
Arez Koyi
you can still smash your'e girl
Its almost a catapult
Ya know, if you really wanted to show what it would do to someone's arm (or similar body part), you should get a bone and some ballistics gel. It might not be 100% accurate, but it would be neat to see :D
firedr1 games
I want to see racoons get smashed.
You should test a ZGB Ivan Head on that thing
Internet Expl
isis should try this on one of their prisoners
Arthur Vanparijs
4:31 Cracking open a cold one.
Mr GhostFreak
"Sandra said I'm not allowed to smash" Thats what Becky told me
Malcom0704 K.
You and your damn watermelons
Thebackyardscientist:Let's figure out put fast it's going
Me: uhhuh uhh
Tbs:*Does math*
i cant smash my raccoon xdddd
Nomadic Cheese
The all new human trap! Money works as a great bait!
Tricky Trex
Use stretch arm strong
SPARK Music - Random Stuff
you smashed alot today ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jeff always takes the abuse for now reason
Enimel ebjuse
austin wisler
yay the trash panda lives
david Reynolds
I would.of sent money to see you send the raccoon across the sky
Majestic Troll
This trap would definitely work.... If you want to kill a full-grown grizzly bear, that is.
Including Becky?
Andrew Tornadoboy
ALMOST big enough for New York rats
Frauke Schmidt
Idk why he is trying to capture master splinter From Ninja turtles he's a good rat
unknown unknown
smash a raccoon
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that PETA got excessively triggered.
José Contreras
" nooooooo!!!!"
The Hacking Narwhal
Buy diet soda
perhaps the dumbest video ever on youtube
dude ask the slingshot channel for advice for your raccoon problem
Crimson Wolf
Kevin your a lucky man. Your girlfriend is beautiful. Nice job Kevin 👍. Make sure to please her though.
It'd be quite morbid but it would be interesting to see this tested on a spine/neck section from a dead pig or cow to see if it could actually function as a trap
jaiden chapman
Mouse trap for a deer that thing is huge
Imagine your head in that trap
rylee mcfadyen
That is the best video in the world
Ze Cursed Gamer
damnit, I wanted to see a raccoon fly 50 feet in the air
Dan Unboxing
Can I play smash or pass with this??
Saaketh Balusu
You got the travel distance wrong!!. Semi circle circumference is 3.14/2 = 1.57. Hope you learned some math.
Ethan Baker
That raccoon is so cute
You look like modri'c
Hindi Entertainment
y don't u put ur bal**s at the corner n see what happens??
Pdot The Deterimed Pines
edd is crying
Anyone Yup
You're retarted 4:00 😂😂😂😂
Hellblast Gaming
Epic Hot Wheels Stunt Race, anyone?
Kyle Boss
I can't shot a coon so I threw a gernaid
Ethan Ramo
great valcanoe
Mikolaj Polatajko
1:40 ... 3.14m radius..... 3.14: science intestifies
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