Giant Mouse Trap [Smashes Everything]

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Ive got a bit of a Raccoon problem at my house… I built something to fix the problem. It breaks multiple local ordinances and a few international treaties, but I give you THE GIANT MOUSETRAP! It took over 3 weeks to build and cost around $360 to build, with the main expenses being the winch, and the multiple pipe fittings to adapt the springs to the bar.

Marks Video:

Twitter: @ChemicalKevy

Every time I wound it up, something broke. Originally i built it to use garage door springs, but they were not strong enough. Once I switched to coil springs stuff started breaking.

First it was the bar, which bent, and needed corner enforcement's welded on. 

Then the 'axel' running down the center of the springs bent, so I needed to add hardware to counteract the winch pulling on it.

Next, the springs themselves broke. I learned something about trying to weld tempered steel.. It just creates stresses and the weld was much more brittle (harder) than the spring steel. I had to re-weld it and    heat up the spring up to about 3  inches from the weld, this created a more gradual slope of hardness, so the spring bent where i welded instead of snapping.

Then the bar bent in the middle, so I had to weld a 4' long 1" corner to it. 

Finally, the arms of the bar are flexing when I tighten the springs too much, but I think this is okay, for now!

Make it a trebuchet
Kaden Wilson
#jeffiscrushed now he definitely will not be talking poop
Kim Jung-un approves this device for future executions.
Launch me out of work. I wanna go home.
Launch me back to Mexico. Wait, I'm not even from Mexico...(edit)
That's a dinosaur trap.
Luffy got caught in one of those!
Isaac Villaruel
3:15 i just felt my head throbbing
Marco Henning
awesome video
[^_^] - Good
alex tworkowski
Cute racoon. I've had opossums and racoons and other babies in my area. Some people like 'em and some don't. Granny said if you don't like what's on this good earth than go find some other place to live. I'm with you granny. I like it just fine.
Shepherd // TeamTDM
shiYT gaming
ballon lol//:))
Hayden Cseve
you can smash liquid n in cans
SuperTN A
Is this a giant rat trap.
Ah Sheng
4:00 LOL
jersters 123
poor thing would have died if it go launched
Ray Ray
I love racoon hucking
wyatt walker
omg how did jeff get here from adhds world?
Thumbs up for the implication
The head hits were great.
1 hit for death , 1 hit to the strategically placed garbage can.
Joseph Abraham
smashes ooblek ballon
Girlfriend: your retarted
William Marks III
OooooOooOo, she said the R wordddd.
Anu tegsh
poor raccoons 😢😢
Magdan Salbanov
Wow... Wasting stuff children could've eaten... That mouse trap could've fed a whole family
When the clowns from last year are still roaming the streets.
Sorry but this is an execution machine that is too friggin dangerous, basically swing an iron bar on any person at that speed and he will die... or lose a limb or two.
Mitch Ray
5:13 Riley
A steel bar slamming down, breaks stuff. Who would have thought?
Warseptica Gaming
4:12 well that was a epic
Julian H
You can put a lock on your trash can.. ;p
Louis Suguitan
Try a car wheel
Purple Iguana
2017 and he's still hot 🌞
Saito Hiraga
he is ok, too cute 2 smush tho, still a bad boy, stay out of my trash
Hacking Boss
what about smash or pass...?
kill the fuck'n racoon!
Jeremy Tu
Smash or pass?
angelo weeling
6:00 little bad cutie
Kelly Green
OMG I gotta borrow your trap lol
Tracy Robinson Kote
really like
Rebecca Hurst
Put spikes on the bar
4:01 you're retarde
he's making easily 6 figures off youtube
Cambodia Paul's Organic Farming
First video of yours that I've viewed. Funny as hell man! Subscribed.
Billanater 1
Is. it a coincidence that the distance for the bar to travel is 3.14M? Anything sound Familiar? No? Its Pi!
TokenChineseGuy's Rare Music!
Finally, after 12 years, a solution to deal with the giant mouse easter egg in FEAR.
Plantador De Balas
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