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Check out our newst Conor McGregor video:
Kenny Quinby
Fix your Intro it's so fucking cringey
Brendon Boois
Pick me
Lennox McFarlene
Pick me
Phelim Hogan
Pick me
Smoke Bassett
Looks like just another violent sociopath.
TheBertMan Rox
Chris Zn Pd Did Dj
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Cody Vlogs
Plz give it to me
barry dunn
Wish he would die
Avram Ruben
Conor McGregor 🍹🍷🍺🍸
Conor McGregor 😡😡😡😷
pick me!
stab wound187
& some if the moron comments people leave its just shows how humanity is going down the drain!!! thank god 4 pioneers like conor! All u h8rs in the comments u obviously dont have a clue what ur talkin about! So if u dont have anythin worth saying, dont say it, just keep ya sheeple mouths shut!!!lol
stab wound187
Y put a picture of conor & a young kid with his face all busted up??????? Y do things like that whats wrong with u?!?!?! What a little bitch move!!!!
Dawson Shea
bruh this into kill me
Keya Morton
Pick me
Hassan Tariq
One day this pussy ass bitch is gonna get beat really bad!!
Felix Liz
lol that cool
Donald J. Trump
You are a faggot wannabe Youtubers
- Seckold's - 4x4
Pick me
Tyron Woolley would fucking SMASH McGregor!!
Noah Driver
Pick me!!!!
Del Otte
your intro is horrible. stop saying "video" like a fuck boy
Betty Gray
i love connor McGregor
Liam Eaton
all of these arguments and disputes are all staged lol
Arely Gonzalez
what a bitch the girl that pushed him taking advantage of the situation.... 0:53
Honza Oracko
pick me !!!
Piter M
los irlandeses son como los argentinosbtenemos mucha sangre y corazon
blazej kop
1:25 BEST!!!!!!!!!hahahahahah
I understand that he's a phenomenal fighter, but how can you like him on personal level, he's an utter dipshit with no sportsmanship at all, Floyd all the way, they are both amazing but at least floyd is much better as a person, talking shit and picking fights outside of the ring doesn't make you "the shit" it makes you a fuckin retard and nothing more than a bully or a thug.
that guy at 0:50 got some balls ;d
Mr.Awesome 23
why do people think they can beat connor mcgreggors ass when they cant
It be me
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Kenny Harling
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Ryhmes video with video, what a faggot lol
afendi ujud
if mac grergor can fight in noxing may weather must fight MMA
BOBCAT katzumi
I like Connor go Connor my man?
that thumbnail wtf bro? report hard!
Anthony Lambert
pick me!
Sher's Boy
Connor McGregor, the only person capable of making me cheer for Floyd Mayweather Jr.! I can't wait to see Floyd FUCK HIM UP, while toying with his bitch ass!!! The best part will most likely be the bevy of excuses from him/his stupid as fuck fans, after he's beat beyond recognition! Yes, the amount of money he will pocket is going to be unreal, but no amount of money will give him back his pride. He's the type of egomaniacal ass clown whom let's that kind of shit consume his everything, during the years that follow.
amanpreet singh
pick me!!
Leave a dislike for telling me what to do. I will like it if i like it, not coz you tell me to.
this man is my idol
Ngantuak Sob
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Ashdin Tuuta
pick me
Nick M
You guys realize you get so many dislikes cause you ask for likes as soon as the vid starts which is retarded because were not gonna like a video we haven't even watched yet so how about you change it...
roger dumaboc
so maot
Mustaffa Hashemi
pick me
Carlos Duran
pic me
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