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This collection starts off with 3 great videos. Learn about parts of the body vocabulary with “The Bath Song.” Get creative with “Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1” in this twist on the classic game. Practice circle, diamond, square, and heart with “The Shape Song #1,” followed by more of your favorite Super Simple Songs videos. 

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Song List: 
The Bath Song - 0:00
Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1 - 2:02
The Shape Song #1 - 3:47
Put On Your Shoes - 7:54
Let’s Go To The Zoo - 10:49
Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) - 14:30
Good Morning, Mr. Rooster - 17:23
One Potato, Two Potatoes - 18:14
One Little Finger - 19:35
What Do You Hear? - 21:48
Mary Had A Kangaroo - 24:51
Open Shut Them - 27:34
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? - 29:58
Yes, I Can! - 32:24
The Months Chant - 35:45
How’s The Weather? - 38:01
I See Something Blue - 39:51
The Animals On The Farm - 42:40
Skidamarink (Animated Version) - 45:44
Walking In The Jungle - 48:00
If You’re Happy - 51:26
Five Little Monkeys - 53:18

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Gilie S
J. B.
عبدالله الشمراني
سذ ا
Juliana Lopes
Muito lindo
edward williams
Yasmin Rosales
did anyone notice hes bathing in bubble wrap
kaptan 06
super singer song
Ebony Meighan
What is this stuff?
Rafa Toys and Fun
Very good! :)
Just doit SejasonEeee3
tractor tec
yassmine chekarmani
that s so nice but i dont now why i m watching
Juliefraz Jamie
It's a puppet in bubble rap
Ivan Sanduleev
I'm Russian man and my brother liked this cartoon, thanks for channel "SUPER SIMPLE SONGS"
Joelio Costa Fernandes
tem que ser banho de 5 minuto
Ayna Makhtieva
why is his mum pink?
Jose A Dominguez
My feet need washed, it's just that way
kavre phalante
Benjamin Cleary
this puppet can lay a sick beat
joko wahyu
Nichole Ortiz
de li
my sister and me like it.
Robella Patanao
it,s beautiful
Amir 63
Jamie D
Just played this for my daughter taking a bath.....She followed the song and washed her feet then her face. Thanks anyway lol.
OkxyVivi IDon'tWantToEnterALastName
I love how they put bubble wraps as the bubbles in the bathtub.
Chelsey Kirkland
Kimlin Hercules
My baby sister loves these songs
this is for babys
Mia Bathgate
its to long
Maribeth Bartolaba
Spicy Croissant
Kids and Fun Pandita's channel
we love your videos! they're so cute!
Ali Zaragoza
I like it
Salim Net
It is a rhombus not dimond
Mannat Bhardwaj
super poem
Kelly Gonzalez
this is amazing!!!!!!!!
Simon T.S.M
Abc song
Mohamed Alfatlawi
my nephew loves this cartoon
Vely Fanny
This channel is the most goodest, the betterest channel for childrens of all! I'm glad I learned English and I can to communicate with you and say that I love you! My English theacher is awesome, didn't she? Saludos from Brasil! Love you!
Hi super simple songs! by 2 year old loves these songs. he'll stop what he is doing and just watch it sing it then dance! thank you super simple!!
Prasna Sharma
those 4 voids were fantastic 🤗😱 I am saying my god those voids are good as well🙂😍
walter marin gutierrez montes
Endija Vītola
How can this have 107k dislikes???
Mahadi Tasin
Hà Nguyễn Thúy
fabian anzules
Mehiwsh Khan
love it
Mehiwsh Khan
my daughter 1 year, loves it alot
morangos com mel 6a
my brother loves song
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