Boycott Israel and its illegal occupation of the west bank! Never buy Soda stream, they profit from illegal occupation and oppression!
Erik Bonilla
John Q Adams
Nice agenda you got going there, Sodastream. You think dressing little boys up in pink uniforms is funny, don't you. Well, you're soon going to find out that there's no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as free helicopter rides.

Look at the nose on that chosenite, lol.

The Goyim know!
is that fucking hodor
Mr Elmo
Limey Figdet
How is it fresh just because you put bubbles in it? The water that you have to use to make the soda water might be from a crappy source anyway.
Aaron Theone
there a another glicht go to a park put stairs all a way up to down then go on top get in your skateboard then go down
Ashlea Proffitt
kill gaston
Rich Guglielmo
hell, why not. I've wanted to nail her for years. I'll buy it.. Lol
And go.....
Shannon Lopez
0:04 Oh no, they dragged Hodor into this!
Can you believe people drink water from a convenient, recyclable plastic container? How weird, right?! We are all so much better as people when we drink water with tiny bubbles.
Savage n00b
and I thought the pepsi commercial from months ago was bad..
0:04 Hodor!!
Alfred Jones
Richard Allen
these commercials are the most stupid idiotic goes against the truth only moron atheist Would Believe such bullshit people who think they're so smart what a joke. institutions and universities of ignorant people trapped in the digital hell burn you dumbasses
Those bette midler/strysand/every second geeeooooass, whorse face, slat lookin, whoer, "non goyim" i.e., filthy, depraved, creature from the pits o hel...
well, I said enough. lol.
We the Glorious, Non GeeeeOooze, i.e. THE TRUE MEN, AND WOMEN, are awakening to all the demonic bulshet.
Jimmy Iggy
Do yourself a favor and Don't purchase this
The Engineer
I guess when cash cow stops milking you gotta find another source... hey.. why not peddle propaganda from a company that mistreats it's workers..
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