Brock Lesnar wreaks havoc on "Miz TV": Raw, Aug. 7, 2017

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The Beast Incarnate takes exception with The A-Lister's line of questioning on "Miz TV."


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Jay Jarvis
Miz is annoying.
Yeah.. yeah..
You're gonna leave WWE then join UFC, wrestle for sometime.. come back again in WWE..
Case Closed
Lilin Robielos
Guys all of peopole hate miz like me
3 F5,Damn I love that speed
Hey Miz you and your mister age aren't famous because you SUCK!!!!!!
Taha94800 Blr
3 2 1 0 prs debout hhhhhhhhhhhhh i m à best
Ghhjhbb Vhjjhjj
I'm sorry it's good
Savage Monkey
My dream match is shinske nakumura vs Brock lesnar
Savage Monkey
brutality sean
did i hear ecw in 0:01
ricardo Bain
hahaha i love it when Booker T does that GRUNT hmmmmmm!!!!
Eddie Eddie
Miz is very funny on mic
Borak Laser
Matt Leach
Brock's always maintained his speed, strength and intensity. Every wrestler should have this! But nobody will ever match Lesnar, he's just unique in every aspect. I still remember when he did the Shooting Star Press before the WM match with Angle :D
LOUIE 285 Thailand

deon adonis
How dare Brock do that to the miz
Abαng Am
hi all..i want tell you smething...this is brock lesnar know..his not most strongest but his like a steel..his have super2 stamina..I love BROCK LESNARRRRRRRRRR..
Venom 1221
Shout out to the guy with the "Im your Papi" shirt #eddieguerrero
What kind of clown shoes is Curtis Axel wearing
Troy Mejares
The beast incarnate!!!!!!!
Spiffs Malone
Roman pins Strowman
Dimetrius Fisher
from the looks of this Brock will destroy everybody
ablo show
What happened to Bo 😞😥
When Heyman designated Axel as Strowman, he should have attacked Miz while screaming: I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!
Megafist 515
Why is wwe making shinkue the star of the show I mean I love shinkue wrestling but I think Finn balor should be the star who agrees
Ghazala Farooq
tejas sodha i remember
Ghazala Farooq
who likes brock lesnar ?????
Three - Eyed Ninja
I predict what will happen..

Lesnar will lose..
He will leave actually WWE..
He fights in UFC..
After some time.. comes back again..
Madhav Jaat
Waa mare sher
Unlimited Gamerz
😁😁😁😁😍😍😍 i am love lesnar f5
arun kaushik
shutup bcz Brock is here😁
Miz - seth rollins. Dallas and axel - jj securities. Maryse - stephanie mcmahon. As seth rollins had triple h pedigree. Miz has daniel bryon yes kicks
Matheus GamesTV
The misspelled wrecks
Amilcar Aliaga
awesome brock lesnar ¡Suplex City!
Kiara Jean
Thats what they get
Is this Miz fella some kind of cheap Jericho rip off?
Tiffany White
Omg, did anybody else cringe a little. Brock be too rough sometimes man, I feel like Bo Dallas didn't feel his lungs after this lol! And another thing....the crowd was so hype Brock was demolishing these dudes...and sad to say it, but I was very close to cheering and getting hyped myself because the crowd was so contagious though I'm not a fan of Brocks mean character. I did, however laugh.
Platform Strange
No one does it better.
David Lopez
Bo's second field trip to Suplex City.
Spades DePass
You guys get this once every 3 months, and y'all love this???
"When my hands go up your mouths go shut"😂😂😂
Experiment Eight
Note; if you want to be a quiet figure of pure domination, hire a manager called Paul.
beast mode on :D
Stealing your idea
Broken Brock Lesnar anyone??...
Samman Pushpat
Big fan of brock lesnar
Yohannes Desta
Who is going to face the miz for intercontinental championship at summerslam
I knew that in the beginning brock welcome the miztourage to suplex cityyyyyyyyy
Top Notch
Paul Pery
That first line by Miz. Wow. Powerful.
any else notice miz's hand shaking, cuz i did.
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