Samantha Welch
ha marck fuck away from youtoob
BottleFlipper9785 // BF9785
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Kelly Connell
Mark I'm 9
BottleFlipper9785 // BF9785
NEW EMOJI ยฐ[]ยฐ
Garrett Buckallew
The doctor who episode is called gridlock and it was on new earth in new New York which is really new new new new new new new new new new new new new New York
Zombie killer 12579
My is aiden pratt
Zombie killer 12579
My brother is not one years old he's actually three years old sorry
Zombie killer 12579
๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜ƒand my brother is 1 years old
Zombie killer 12579
hi Mark you're awesome and please say hi to me and also say hi to my brother name Alex and your videos are awesome. can you play half-life two episode two It just came out
lord_shenanigans 16
hey bubber nutter ur game is phenomanal and i luv it
Courtney Freeman
hi mark im your big fan and my name is sebastin
Elite Gamer
it said ceiling its a typo i rewinded it 9 times
Nightcore_ Kawaii
22.10 nice pliez...... You mean splits
Renata Matic
mark jou murderer
Captain RAD
1. Woke up.
2. Won the lottery.
3. Met markiplier.
Sadly it goes 3 2 1.
Yay!!! Huggles and does a happy dance
Christy fowler
hi Mark I'm Emma hi
angel torres
i subscribed a year ago bro
Dj Sizzel
Hi Markimoo can you say hi to my friend Kylan he is sick he hasn't been feeling ok to go to places with me I'm sad for him.
Alexander Weaver
Hi mark i like your shows so much there so funny
Donovan Hopkins
Hey mark, play Night in the Woods please
Gabriella Gonzales
Is this used to be live??
hi Mark
Perla Santos
fbi motherfucker in the fucking ground
Thasmal MM
Mark... They dont use Euro in Sweden...
Ray Darkmain
marks high af
Eric Whiteley
i have a.d.d too and i am not eric i am his daughter Sophia
Tawney Lindley
Get Crafty!
His voice is everything goodโค๏ธLOVE YA MARK
Inky Life!
Mark u should play a game called gta(if u like really really graphic gameplay) OR u can play minecraft(and world with cubes and survival)
Ethan Williams
i miss subnautica
Ethan Williams
i want to say hi to Mark and Ethan they are funny and i want him to do 3:00 challenge with Ethan and Tyler
Michael Martin
I saw the title of this video and instantly thought it was going to be him telling us he had a 50 shades of grey style kinky fun time room ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Unl34shed B34st
you get money from there insurance probably XD
Issei Hyodou
Hi mark you are the greatest youtuber know to man and I hope you never stop making videos because you make them funny and you have gotten me through depression and you stopped me from trying to commit suicide by watching your videos p.s. jacksepticeye also helped
Jaxon Schwarzwalter
Be enthusiastic
nerdywizard12 gaming
interactive buddy
Glen-Ryan Hood
you should be jacksepticeye for a day and jacksepticeye should be you
Felicia Valerie
Maaaaaaaaarki i've always wanted to suggest you this one RPG horror game!! It's called Hide and Seek Dorothy (if im not mistaken..)
Please play it! Its an amazing horror game!
Btw, im a huge fan of yours from Indonesia!
The Brothers
AHAHA I'm joking but grab a gun
Parker Rogers
Planetside Two Markimoo! You be commander and direct the initial pathetic spray and pray that is the United Mark Army
Savannah Burns
I love you mark your the BEST youtuber EVER
Israel Thomas
๐Ÿ˜บ cat!
Travis Plumbtree
mark your vids are funny and tickle my funny bone
when you start a round on happy room you can fastforwor.
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