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Today We got all our work done and took the family on a little trip up north for a fun little getaway. The hotel had a pretty sweet pool too. Thanks for watching and don't forget to Smile More :) 


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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. 

I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Stoney Molina
keep em
Henry A
Nice controller
Valerie Rivera
Can kane swim
Hotshot Gaming
I miss Zeus
Elie G
I ❤️ you romen you inspire me
Rod Songelani
give it to me pleaseeeeeeeee
Khloe G
plz I want it so bad because I LOVE💜💜❤❤💜💜💜❤❤❤you guys and videos games
snowball molesky
who misses Zeus 😫😒😖😫
Jeffery Craig Nolen
north port 301 59 stret
Manuel dizon
Eugenio Cortes
I want a hat
Barry Torello
Roman I am so sorry about your doggy
Mason Jones
I can cross one eye
yo guys are sking
Erik Hidalgo
You love roman at wood like this
Timothy Roberts
you should make smilemore dirt bikes
Luke Coetzee
1 hour and 15 minutes isn't a road trip
Crayoung boy streaming DIY
I miss zeus
Dom Silvers
you should get married
Dom Silvers
you should get married
khockey1014 kaylBauldic
I love romanatwood
Stephanie Hernandez
the Xbox
Stephanie Hernandez
can you give me it
Brand Howard
Noah is cute
the madden boss
who else is watching after zeus
Shawn Zelee4life
I got him the controllers
iiGhostly Last
Wow kanes not that bad at filming
Callum White
Epic controllers
Andrew Mc Monagle
Those couturers are amazing
kittyqueen 7268
APut the contollers on Instagram
GTR lover GTR OP
can you give me a shirt i live texas at 4116 portland st 75062
Joe Brown
I love you guys so much 😂
Heather Manley
Kane is a pretty good filmer
farmer Luke and family cloutiers
I miss zues
Hio Yu
Smile morrrrrrre
Daniel Bird
Get some Xbox one smile more controller stickers pleaseeeeee
Kaye Orrica
I made up my mind, I'll be getting a smile more tattoo ❤
Tom ward
just saying but the xbox controller looks mutch better then ps4 controller
Dylan Mercurio
get a taro of smile more
Muhammad Abukar
i am from the futer and zous died in 2017
Sherman Sreeshankar
What's that sound at 12:01
Pugicorn Troyer
If you are watching in 2017 it's sad to see zues back and Alive
Pugicorn Troyer
Roman looks sick at 0:37
Ashley Barreras
i subscribed
Ashley Barreras
thats funny☺
Mason Hudson
Cane is so cute and you'll are so awesome
Diego Quintero
emmanuel ramiro
Walter Carroll
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