Devin Sixt
We're all dumber now having watched this.
People copping around or watching some wannabe roasters do not deserve the internet. Internetz is not serious place, all the offensive language and cursing is just nonsense and fun. There is no place for serious people in fun side of internet.
The guy makes me feel irritated as fuck... PUT DOWN THE REDBULL AND SLEEP FOR A WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricky Limones
Bruh that cacked ass face lol
shoop dawhoop
i really dont care...
Mason Acosta
I love his astonished summit looks at points in this video
Mr Cyan
holy shit this gum is just a victim of every thing
The Boss
This dude is high as hell on some shiiiit!
DJ Gizmo
4:12 I legit thought he was hiding in that bush...
Tyler Virtue
just made doctors appointment, pretty sure i have cancer after that...
Alex Dent
Jesus that editing is giving me motion sickness damn
Kill Switch
O no guys big Rice boy is MAD!!!
Lmao iDubbbz’s older videos were hella cring 😂😂😂 but RiceGum is an asshole.
4:40 oh great hes making it more into a joke now lmfao fuck this guy xD
fish cake
Chat's more alive than summit
Salty Supreme
He doesn't even react to it looooool. He just laughed like once
xrapmx 13
While seeing summit scroll through the comments i didn't see 1 bad comment, so does he also approve all of his comments??
Connor Foynes
Im not a ricegum fan at all but gotta respect some of the responses here (not all) he answered some fairly
Ludvig Gustafsson
Chat is so fucking annoying
Hikaze Yattis
uses ghost writer to prove he doesn't have a ghost writer
UndeadBoss 68
Watching a YouTube video of a stream of summit watching a YouTube video of ricegum reacting to idubz watching ricegum’s video... EleGiggle
18:38 Ricegum you dense motherfucker he's not criticizing you for using a high end music studio and cameraman, he's explaining to you that your music only sound's better now because of those things and that you're still a shitty song writer. He's making the point that you as a writer have not improved at all, your equipment improved.
Proxy GMD
I'm sorry but most of summits viewers ride his dick so hard. If he doesn't like something then the whole chat doesn't.. that shit pisses me off
Supreme Buffalo
that 'slaughter gang' stuff is so gay. they should take that shit round Chi-raq and start poppin off bout slaughter gang and see how quick they find a real gang to slaughter em. lol
Shout out to HoliestPasta at 5:32 for that quick reaction.
"FBI OPEN UP" that shit had me dying
alexis trigueros
Ricegums response was weak lol
Jeremiah Brinsko
the girls he fucks with are disgusting
Thimo Luijkx
We are reacting to the reaction of a reaction. Wtf are we doing
Austin McBirnie
This asian guy is fucking stupid. He proved idubbbz was right about everything he said... Asianguys cover up is always "2 years ago"
Cristian Vazquez
I stopped watching the actual thing to come watch summit1g react to it
Wladimir Bljad
this was a really good response and he roasted idubbz hard af in the diss track so he made a really good comeback
Zuzu Zuzu
how can you guys watch 20 minutes of this?!?!?!?!?
Ricegum is such a fake faggot
He got clickbaited 😂
Genji Shimada
Did he say YouTube was dead back then? Then what is it now
Matt Murphy
ricegum started diss tracks.... yeahhhhhhh!
Spoiler Alert
Where's the original video?
His response didn't prove the fact that he's a shitty person wrong. He just made it more clear.
twitch chat so aids
beux resistance
i've been on youtube the most the past 4 fucking years 24/7 it never get's closed out of my browser i can't lie i've been on youtube watching hundreds of videos per week when it was more public and less controlled but now it's k well if ricegum means it in that way how it has been less public i agree with him on the pc version of youtube it's almost impossible to find video's from the original owner from not just from these youtubers but from people who uploads just to make a video or record and upload it on youtube to expose etc all that is blocked from the public even more the past 2 years + in fact seeing how public youtube was 4 years ago it's worse now it's almost dead so maybe that's what rice gum means ya probably not since he just abuses youtube for money and exploits us it's highly possible like he cares to watch videos that shows all types of stuff to corrupt cops or other crazy things wrongful things. i bet all of you won't have a clue what i just typed which is funny cuz your all controlled rofl
beux resistance
wait youtube was dead a year ago? that's a damn lie i would love to beat the hell out of him the arrogant faggot fucker
He didn't even respond to it :/
Snoop Cheesus
Fuckin Ricegum trying to say "Hey look guys, I was poor so I got rich and I'm showing off".
Bitch, you weren't poor, you were well off. Everyone knows this.
Playing the victim card like the pussy he is.
Kid thinks he started diss attacks? Bruhhh
Chandler Stlouis
I don't understand what ricegum is trying to get out of his cringy attempt to counter roast IDubbz. He got called out for being a fucking idiot, for lying, for being just a shitty person. Then in response to being called out for it, after saying he wanted this video about him, he cries about it. He makes himself look like grown up baby that can't handle the truth. Ricegum is in my opinion the absolute worst kind of person on this planet, not over exaggeration, it's just my opinion, not that it's very related to the topic. People who try to boast themselves in ways like he does are just the worst type of people because it works and the little kids look up to that which over time makes everyone shittier because of that. I hate people like ricegum and REALLY wish I could just repeatedly roundhouse kick them in the jaw without any consequence. I get really aggressive when I talk about my hate for those kinds of people lol, I'd go more in depth but I'm trying to stay civil kinda...
Ricegum is mad cringe but idubbz didnt roast him as good as it could of been
Andrew Butler
I just wanna know when reaction Youtubers are going to start posting a...I dunno, actual reaction. I already saw the vid. Now say something about it ffs. Jesus, kill me now.
jay huang
IDubzz <RiceGum
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