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Official "The Babysitter" Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Samara Weaving Movie #Trailer | Release: 13 Oct 2017 | More
Cole is madly in love with his babysitter Bee. She's hot, funny, and popular. One night, in a moment of defiance, Cole secretly stays up his bedtime to discover she's actually a cold-blooded killer who's in league with the Devil. He now must spend his night evading Bee's band of killers who will stop at nothing to prevent Cole from spilling their dark secret. It's up to Cole to survive the night (and blow up a few people along the way).

#Babysitter is the new horror movie by McG, starring Samara Weaving, Judah Lewis and Bella Thorne.

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This movie reminded me of the movie "The Guest."
Blanca Pacheco
, guys its just fake
Ray Atikian
Lol king Bach was the funniest antagonist since pennywise
Trevor Philips
Only reason I watched this was cus of king Bach.
coffee 7
wtf kinda crap is this???!
SPOILER ALERT : Cole dies at the end.
why is king bach on there he's a vloger i was his fan but not anymore bitch
tainted loveeeeee.... lol soft cell song :')
Thomas Jr Britten
I Saw This Already
Genesis Morillo
Already saw the movie
adnan ali
Samara Weaving, hot baby
Karl Marx Depressivo
They show The best scenes on trailer WTF?
warlord gamer
I watched it earlier she might look tempting but she's brutal
Make Sweden Great Again
Weird but Good movie
Sorry but once I heard BLM and 2 Cops were killed within the same scene the movie went off. Not worth the time if you ask me, was sort of entertaining until then. Pretty sad but expected these days.
danna bechara
Movie sucks
This or IT?
the average gamer
How did he miss his dick?
Emily Davies

The best part of the whole film.
Rakhiya Bell
I love this movie so much
The Redbull
Home Alone: Directed by Rob Zombie
Stryker XL
No lie I found this move extremely fucking enjoyable.
Mr. Green
Saw this movie. King Batch was fucking annoying! He talks too much and makes a lot of “white people” jokes/remarks
Trixxy Twix
The movie was gud
Feriane Ella
🔴 The Babysitter Ganzer FiIm' [ ]
Tiani Johnson
i watched this just a min ago
Wow is that Samara weaving? If so her accent rocks
David Cho
Horror Home Alone! :)
Niko Buda
I think there might be a sec one because of the ending...
Cole Pollo
why did my boy king bach have to die tho
White Rose
Der film ist ein blödsinn ehrlich
Jake Weiß Music Creator
Cole: Why is he shirtless...

Bach: Seriously, thats the first question you ask?
1:15 song?
Song? :)
• Skye •
Looks terrible lmao
I liked it. I was cute, funny, not that scary. I recommend it!
I watched this movie high af last night and it was surprisingly awesome 8½/10
Brie Jennar
This movie is hilarious and a little jump scares watch it now
FlamingGemStudios FGS
1:27 deal with the devil?is this copied from cuphead or what?
gabriel perozzogajardo
johnnique tarver
I watched it on the weekend
Chase Itondown
Holy fuck do I love this movie!!!
Haylie Martinez
Does anyone know what the songs called
dacino tysonpac
What a lode of shit this was its shit terrible dog not even bother with it its more like naked gun but a really shit version 1/10 terrible film the person that come up with this story needs shot up a wall
Adam Flores
this movie was so good lmfao
Normaali Ihminen
Alright I'll be honest this movie is not for everyone. However if you
are like horror/comedy and jokes movies and don't take everything what
you see in movies seriously like me then this is really good movie for
you. Movie concept is unsual. Usually in horror movies Teens are chased
by psychopath but in this movie teens are the psychopaths.

Samara Weaving's role as Bee/babysit is excellent she is actually
believable babysitter I think we all would have secret crush towards cool & reallly friendly babysit like Bee when we were 12 year olds, and been equally as brokenhearted to find out she's actually a psychopathic killer. It seems that she is also having ''some'' kinds of
feelings towards Cole (?). 9/10

Judah Lewis's role as Cole is also excellent. It is really easy to
relate to him. He is absent- minded but smart school nerd who falls in
love to his babysit Bee. 9/10

Jokes are fun and edgy just it should be in these types of movies. Plot
is also good. It is understandable and NOT Predictable like some people
claim it to be. Plot's build up is also pretty good and solid.
Character chemistry shows in the movie. 8/10

Emily Alyn's role as Melanie is really superb. She is supportive and
kinda really good friend to Cole and she has secrectly crush on Cole.

Other characters:

- Hana Mae Lee as Sonya 8/10
- Robbie Amell as Max 8/10
- Bella Thorne as Allison 8/10
- Andrew Bachelor (Also known as KingBach from Vines) as John 8/10
- Leslie Bibb as Cole's mom 7/10
- Ken Marino as Cole's dad 7/10

All in all this movie is good for edgy comedic laughs and for horror/gore fans. Only disappointing thing was that otherpeople just cant see really good horror/comedy anymore like I do but
still it is their own opinion and it is understandable. This movie also has 80s classic horror
flick vibe which is good.

Should I recommend this to someone? - Yes! I personally would recommend
this movie for people who likes over stereotypical teens and jokes and

Would I watch it again? - Yes! It became one of my favorite
Comedy/Horror flicks . If there is planned sequel or prequel I would
defiantly be first in line to watch it.

Solid 8/10 for me.

Looking forward to sequel or prequel (if there is planned one)!
marco fierro
this movie was actually bad ass
Big Shaq
Just watched on my Netflix account and I actually enjoyed it
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