Game Theory: Super Mario...BETRAYED!

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Mario is Evil. Bowser is misunderstood. Boo is just a piece of fluffy cotton candy. You've heard me say it all before... okay, well maybe not that last bit. Needless to say, the Mushroom Kingdom isn't always so black and white. The characters representing good and evil aren't always so crystal clear. But there IS one man in the Mushroom Kingdom that is straight up Evil. A man that is so driven by personal greed, there is no mistaking he is pure Evil!

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Mathilde Viken Røe
I got way too excited when you used Norwegian currency at 3:50
So Egad serves both sides of a war for money? That's very American of him.
Carlos Javier Blanco Chuecos
Nice one, Mat! I've been waiting for a while now to see a theory like the ones from the old times
what if similar to hitting the patellar(knee jerk reflex) with a hammer, Yoshi had a reflex arc located on the side of his face which is stimulated by the force of mario's punch which might feel like a tinglefor yoshi since he is quite tough since he can shallow spiny shells and walk on spikes, though he does throws Mario off his back when he steps on them?
dancing hedghogs eating turtles
My life is a lie
Yay we got to 9,000,000 subs!!!
Superwar 3795
It’s just as likely that.. you know.. he’s just an idiot who can’t keep track of who’s who and just tries to sell off his inventions to whoever wants them.
EpicGio12 Productions
Maybe there's a evil E. gadd cause some

Of the inventions have a angery e. Gad on some

So evil. Gadd????
be honest, you got that idea from gundam seed, right?
JD Simpson
Did u watch relaxalax
Rosylovespuppys !
Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss
tbh I'd never heard of this guy before now but now I hate him. Well done game theory, you have easily convinced me to hate a character I've never even seen before.
Eva Sun-Wai
Naglis Zablockis
Ghost-Faced Hindu
Beware not to subscribe to ignorance, that which was done in malice.
Dragonite Dragonborn
Man, Mario is such ajerk
Kiet Le
Theory: Matt is actually paid by devs and given the theory ideas so that their games could get more publicity. #justatheory
Trentier 1000
Matpat is the James John Jameson of the real world . ALWAYS HATING ON MARIO
Adam Zaloum
Watch Nintendo finally makes a game about this now that the Switch is taking off.
Aaron Beasley
10:36 what is the song use at this point
He's not evil but also evil at the same time, not evil cus every business man is greedy and without greed u have no business but also evil because he is helping the hero and betraying them
Hilary Mercer
Game Theory: explaining games in the most confusing way EVER
CookieLord T_T
E.Gadd...Dude you could just steal Luigis money(THEN he would actually be a bad guy lol)
Justin Weinzierl
"Mario" is the alias of the criminal "Jumpman". Back in "New Donk City" (New York City) Mario lived in an apartment with his "slam piece" (as he used to put it) Pauline. He had an illegal pet ape, which he used to whip to get his jollies. The ape escaped and kidnapped Pauline. Mario sent the ape over the side of a building to his apparent death. The Donkey Kong we all know from the modern games is actually DK jr (confirmed). In an attempt to dodge the investigation into several crimes (including animal abuse) and drugs (come on the mushrooms), Jumpman changed his name to "Mario" and relocated to the mushroom kingdom. There he met Princess Peach and was smitten. There was an obstacle by the way of the Mushroom King (who would never allow his daughter to be with a lowly plumber), but "Mario" wasn't good at anything if he wasn't good at disappearing people. The Last big obstacle is Browser, a local warlord who also has his eye on Peach (and the throne). Bowser has proven difficult to "whack" however, and they still battle over Peaches affection to this day.
Torn Tokoroa
Oh my god

Gadd = Alex Jones
thor CoolGuy
Money is the root of all(most) evil
Pudsy Unmasked OFFICIAL
E.gadd could have a evil twin
liv and maddie ftw gofag ftl 1
luigi is the true villain. not e gad. luigi is telling e gad to think about money for his own reasons. luigi profits from war, not e gad. luigi is actually responsible for all the havoc in the mushroom kingdom if you think about what i said
David Voievod
once againg...fill me with cleverness!!!
Fresnel Fringe
Bet his last name is Rothschild too.
The Instrumentalist
Im proud of you matpat. You included tony stark
Cameron Brown
Always knew there was something odd about Egad...
Emma Mae spencer
Hmmmm it's actually 404 vids...... not 200 something
i don't have a theory for goat simulator but i bet u could make up one. Please do a theory video about goat simulator!
Galaxy Gaming
Not that I don't want to know why E. Gadd is bad but witch game does this footage come from? 2:27
sketch gamer
Honestly I was thinking of toad.😒
2 J
well if he is helping the villans in mario party 7, then thats like u said just a perspective thing
He is no more evil then any other businessman
03:50 Norwegians unite!
Game on
That went from 0 to 100 really fast
Frost xLegendzx
Explain the relationship peach bowser and mario cause they were acting like they were best friends . fighting over peach 😂 what if mario didnt make the jump
I just realized something what if princess peach is mario lost sister
cris b
matpat, when egad said that bowser shooted fire at Luigi that was Luigi telling him that, also partners in time is after Luigi's mansion because egad didn't see Mario until the end of Luigi's mansion, also the reason the vacuum orb is only for wario and waluigi is because wario and waluigi are the only people in the mushroom kingdom that try to steal treasure.
So Egad is a Rothschild?
Arthur Melo
But luigi didn't buy the poltergust 5000, E.Gadd just gave to him to solve the problem
I feel like HBO could make a Sopranos/Game of Thrones-like series out of all the disturbing theories Matpat has made about Mario and his ilk.
Mario and Luigi
I knew the professor was evil! He put me and my Bro in trouble! that little bastard!
Harry Farmer
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