When "Closer" By The Chainsmokers Comes on

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When "Closer" comes on haha! lil sis really is crazy over trending songs! give this video a share and a like for more!

my sisters channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nianaguerrero

Penguin and me
I love this video
Merrisa Thomas
my brother is a youtuber
btsjimin lover
all my sister like you Kyle, hahaha niana your brother should stop making everyone fall in love with him, my mom also like your youtuber, ahhaha I can't believe that they love your youtuber
He crazy..
Thành Bùi
So cute
panda cool marija dudareviciute
geetanjali kotia
i like you niana + ranz
geetanjali kotia
geetanjali kotia
how fo you hit ranz on his head
GirlGamer013 / Mabel Wong
4 years no balls?
from your roommate back in dunno?

Im sorry but this is not suppose to be dirty stuff its just 'mistakes' ?
Loujie Francisco
Niana is so cute when she says I dont Know
Alissa Goh
omg that was sooo funny
Nicole Lee
so crazy...
windy ayu
มนัสจกร ทองสุข
Jennifer Gomez
Niana she is the best
Cecile Nazareno
The girl is ugly
Dog Kind Of Girl
lol when ever i hear that i am like that in the car too❤❤
PrinceBoy GT
in 0:29 she say doolan
PrinceBoy GT
in 0:21 she say no ball
Omar Javed
hi its my birthday day today and i would really like to get 20 likes .....plz
H Factor
I love your little sister
Sweeny Colaco
Zaza da best you don't make sense
Zaza da best
whats with her screaming 'WOOOH'
tu veux un chamaloww ?
öz lem
she is so pretty
Harls quinnzel Harle
nice moves i love you videos
Jc Guox
what's the name of this song
Jc Guox
you look so cute when you dance
ღplueyღ ღღ
This happens to me😂
cobalion24 mb
humaisa asif
Amaan Choudhury
She on drugs.......
samira rose
Esther Garbujo
It's so cute and fun. I wish I was my sister.😃
Love ชอบเมนูที16น่ากินเหมื่อนเค้ก
Eizazee Marzuki
lol you're totally like meyh niana
Harneet k
Omg 😂😂
Nasir Hussain
I am just this
Olcia XD
Only i heard "4 years no balls"? lol
Thalita Dzakira
your sister soo beautiful
For LifeZ MusicZ
That girl need help
Tường Vy Đặng Phạm
Yousef alhashmi vlogs And Mohammed alyassi
XxMidnightxX -
0:28 - 0:29 She say back in Lulu I think XD
Dayra Secundino
I like your videos
Matthew Pherigo
Titas and Pretty Tv
Bio I always do that thumb up if you o this

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