iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 edge: More isn't always better

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The question we most commonly get on social media is if one smartphone is better than the other. In this day and age, the similarities between products are quite common, with only a few differentiating factors left to help you choose one device over another. As it stands, 2016 is the year of devices like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Both devices were designed to compete against each other as the phablet variant of the hottest lineup that each company has produced.

To find out which is the better pick, watch our full comparison


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iphone 7 is better for media consumption? Do you have large amounts of autism or what? The iph doesnt have a headphone jack. Most people cannot consume media on it, lol. If you call speakers media consumption, you're probably autistic
cutest bunny
two words: consistency and endurance
xxmike181x x
s7 wins.
Devon Roopnarain
imma iphone fan truth is i bought an s7 edge and it's my baby
Ming A
s7 edge ftw
minzaw one
S7 edge all the way..
Mudassar Sindhu
Hate IPhones....
The S7 Edge is obviously better with quad HD, always on display, waterproofing, SD expansion etc. Apple clearly cut corners with the iPhone 7, from removing the headphone jack to reduce production costs, to the lack of so many features that became standard in 2017, and the fact that they made no effort whatsoever to upgrade the design of the phone from the iPhone 6. It's no wonder that it was Apple's poorest selling flagship phone in years. This guy is obviously an Apple Sheeple, could finish watching this bullshit
RandomPerson Vlogs
S7 Edge is actually way better not being a fan boy but it is actually
Jaiyesimi Kishi
You guys are only talking on what you can afford .......... 7 plus is the. Deal
I don't know what you did to the display setting of the iphone 7 plus to make it so bad. because i have an iphone 7 plus and my brother has galaxy s7 edge and the white color in my phone is more bright and looks amazing.
i think both phones are great, but i'd buy a samsung:>
Jeremy Davis
beyond this point you may encounter nude sunbathers...lmao!!!!!!
Joshiee Saunders
Watching on an iPhone 6S and realising the iPhone 7 sucks
I honestly have some tiny hands and don't really have a problem one handing the plus iPhone. That being said it's still required me to adopt new holding methods that don't necessarily come naturally but it's definitely doable.

The s8 though will hopefully cause a new revolution for the physical design of phones since it really is easy to hold although I actually don't like the curves for the screen per say. Atleast not while app devs don't use it in any meaningful way.
I think you forgot to put video stabilization on on the S7 Edge.
Richard C
Apple wins after 6 months when Samsungs start to stutter and have problems.
Mikee Cortes
what's the name of the plane game?
As the video concludes: Samsung sucks
Non :D
I think comment war is more entertain than the video Lol
Jesse B.
I really like Android phones, and have used them for my last 3 contracts. However, I'm not hypocrite and actually want to see if the simplicity of iOS matches the freedom of Android myself. So this time I will go for the iPhone 7 plus instead of arguing like a bunch of asperger syndrome keyboard warriors trying to convince that their OS is superior.
Rayz Tube
great video and i can agree with all ur opinions which is surpring on my part but i like how unbiased u are
Brendan Bassett
it burns through battery faster. hmm i wonder why. oh wait the screen is literally twice as bright.
Amol Rathod
samsung galaxy s7 edge is piece of art..beauty at its best and a miracle of techinology
Watching this from my new Galaxy S8+... NOT! xD
i want s7 so badly ;-; i really think it is time for me to change my galaxy note 2 bought 5 years ago ;-;
Hugo105 B
LoL people are fucking retards its all the same iphone is better at this samsung is better of that is just the matter of taste i pick iphone cuz i used android phone (samsung) about 10 yr. now i switch to IOS system so what people change buy the one u feel conforble with sry my bad english gg wp both sides
Every time when I watch a video with an iPhone, it makes me think of getting an iPhone.
I'm apple fan and I prefer Samsung! Please apple just upgrade display....and camera
RISHI asija
Can't reach the power button.... press the home button ✅
Well obviously games will perform "smoother" on the iphone because they are in quad Hd on the galaxy. With the game tuner app from samsung you can turn the resolution down for a more consistent 60 fps
Gideon Main
Samsung should scrap that "Galaxy S7 Edge" on the back you know it's obvious there's a curve and the S7 doesn't have
Caira The lovely
in my opinion i think both phones are good
Until android has iMessage it won't be better then iPhone.
Damjan Nancheski
I would think about both of the phones if the prices were matching, but in my country (and in most parts of Europe), the SGS7 edge costs around 500 euro, and the Iphone 7 plus around 850 euro, so there is no point in comparisson, except you are a diehard Apple fanboy, or a badge snob.
Daniel Michael
if you are a samsung fan your gonna say samsung is better and same goes to the iPhone fans
Daniel Michael
The reason why and lets be honest people think the iPhone 7 is better is because its apple but man samsung is getting even better overall
iftikhar afridi
iphone 7 plus is expensive than S7 edge and also no better in battery life time
perseus zeus
dont forget a few thing that apple just so goood and satisfy me with.. one it takes 3 minutes to change the iphone battery.. second 5 minutes to change on my iphone screen.. nahh you see folks , how great is my iphone is.. anyway i am only use my iphone for gaming and also a few apps only. my daily driver was samsung s7 edge because android day rocks on booty os.. offcourse customize phone is more fun than other fix and pay apps phone.. ok folks have a nice day
Guys let's not lie to each other here. Samsung is the winner, apple is running out of ideas so they have started to take ideas from other companies just to keep up :/ apple will die soon, without Steve jobs, apple is nothing
Adam Ally
Do a review of both phones a month later. Watch the Samsung is gonna turn to shit and the iPhone will still be the same.
Fresh Towels
iPhone's charging speed is just pathetic and the phone looks so dated with those huge bezels. I'll take the s7 edge anyday.
Josh G
my s7 edge can't even get 60 fps anymore. :(
Heather V. Crutchley
The Edge is a more aesthetically pleasing device to me, but I love iOS. 64GB Space Gray 6s Plus user.
Sea Green
Bullshit paid review
The iPhone gives me a boner when i take selfies.
The Beast
samsung is by a mile the better phone
LED Indicator
2x Touch Sensitive Buttons
Wireless Charging
Heart Rate Sensor
IR Blaster
Fast Charging
1440p Screen
Harrison Raimondi
I have a iPhone 7 plus and I can reach the buttons eve the power button but I do have decent sized hands ( I can palm a basketball)
someone is trying hard to fit in.
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