Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Here’s what you need to know.

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FBI Director James Comey was investigating the Trump campaign's possible collusion with Russia. Then Trump fired him. 

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Esme Smith
rock Anyone identify worse than this vertitn
PLEASE VOX! Do a video on Trump's deal with Saudi Arabia! I want to understand the deal, and what it may mean.
Daniel Rodriguez
bro that hair, it looks goofy at get a haircut
Indika Gunaratne
'Deep throat'
So Comey was bribed or blackmailed into reopening the emails. Then he's fired by trump later. What House of Cards shenanigans is going on in the white house?
This channel is overwhelmingly bias, and makes unsubstantiated claims like most mainstream media. I am an independent, who voted for neither DT or HC. Yet I can see through their obvious deceptive narrative.
Trum will destroy America, USA citizens have to decided between trump and democracy. OHh They able to choose thanks to democracy. TAKE ACTION CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE. AND SENATOR
Notice this guy uses the word "seems to be investigating". You base your entire video on speculation. Not one fact. Therefore your video is worthless.
Davi trindade
now what ? comey was lying right ? everything is valid for the liberal lunatics to demoralize trump right ?
Aaron Ryan
Dems wanted Comey fired just before the election, and now they are freaking out that Trump fired him. LOL
Michael Chaz
all the lefts wanted him fired 8 months ago but are mad when trump finally does lol
I strongly dislike Trump. But our nation was never meant to be fully democratic. It is designed to be a Representative Republic.
Alex Toussieh
I hate it when anyone titles anything "here's what you need to know". We are they and what authority do they claim to tell me that? It's actually offensive!
Dillon Blair
didn't he say in his dismissal letter that he wasn't under investigation?

like watch stefan molyneux's video on it
Genevieve Dubreuil
I suggest adding the date in the news clips. It's always interesting to have and I find it missing here. Thanks
Elisa Renard
modest girl giant pile comment mood warm shadow
It's not a democracy, this is a republic. We blindly elect people to make decisions for us. That has been our broken system for years...
Jedi Revan
Please do a video about Trump giving the Russians classified intelligence. In particular a response to something my dad said yesterday when I told him about all of this which is that Trump is allowed to change the classification and could decide to reveal whatever he wants.
Honestly everyone makes a big deal out of nothing!
Adoge Hitler
Why does this vox reporter looks like Luke Skywalker?
diego bonilla
wish Ezra did this piece
Sagnik Nath
Sagnik Nath
The presenter of this video looks like an android from a 1970's sci fi film
anthony lopez
I like how they didn't mention Bill Clinton ..
Sarabella Gignac
House Republicans call for a special prosecutor
Sarabella Gignac
Sarabella Gignac
Busted > Russian Hacker Says > What He Has For Trump > Will Bring Down > The Democratic Party >>> Nikulin is now being held in a Czech prison > He says that Comey’s FBI offered him citizenship and a free apartment >

on the condition that he take the fall for hacking Mrs. Clinton’s campaign >
Brendan Odell
Gotta love all the propaganda. Hope ya all feel good in your echo chambers of empty claims. You all dont know what to think until the news makes the talking point for you. When Steven Colbert mentions comey's firing, before you know what to think (from watching cnn.) you had the wrong reaction....cheers...oops. No one can name one piece of "collusion". Im shure with leaks left and right out of washington someone could specify something. Nope. Articles full of "unnamed sources" full of dung. Just keep on flinging hoping something sticks. I have an idea. They are holding this story out to build a story because they know they have nothing and credibility is on the line. I understand though. When every source google, youtube, every newspaper, magazine, late night comedy, hollywood and mtv artist pumps out this propaganda it becomes hard not to jump on the bandwagon. I guarantee 1 thing. There is a bigger cover up happening and its not Donald trumps. He will not be charged with anything. Laugh now but in the end the joke will be on anyone who believes and supports this crap. Ooh its gonna make you lefties furious. Remember this when your all proven wrong.
xDddddd deepthroat
Hermann Fegelein
> Implying that the FBI existed before the 1920s
The Real Bologna
I'm sorry, their most famous source in the Watergate scandal was... "Deep Throat"?

I'm 12
plot twist
James Comey is blackmailing both Clinton and Trump and obviously Trump could pay him during the election but not now.
this is amazing propaganda channel!
im not even american or russian.
99% of this channels content is bullshit!
Siopao Espiritu
Trump is like a child he doesn't do strategy
the alienated earthling
"Russia is fake news." - Donald Trump
You need to include more evidence when you present false fallacies. Such as the Donald trump did not like Hillary Clinton case but then he did. You have no right to talk about someone's conscious. Also, no evidence was presented, so, you said a fake statement.
Wyatt Berckenhoff
i cant stand his voice.
Tyler Ash
i think vox is getting to be like cnn, fake news
Andrew antoniolli
This is so ignorant! You can't compare the firing of him to the firing of the attorney general ! The entire FBI is investigating Trump not just him!!! Liberals have been saying for months he needs to be gone!
Alex Moore
When they mentioned Deep Throat DAE think of Frank Yager?
Vox can you find someone that doesn't have asthma to read your cue cards?
i have feeling something fishy is going on here...
William Hermanson
Really James Comey was non partisan? Could have fooled me! Comey deserved to get fired after he did that Hillary Clinton press conference. If the FBI investigates someone they have no right to act in the way he did. The FBI spied on a Trump Tower computer and found NO EVIDENCE of Russian links. Tell the truth dummys!
Angry Skeleton Corn Man 782746
pumping out the hardcore leftist propaganda again are we vox?
The cheese doodle of a president wanted the job so he could mug for the camera and help his POS children get a little wealthier. His desire to see Russia prosper is an insurance policy on his family's wealth. He is leading the economy "back" to the high-school drop out white-trash section of the American public, at the cost of college graduates. He is compromising US competitiveness in technology and STEM by trying to de-fund the R&D sectors supported by government funding (NASA, NSF, CDC, NIH, even PBS). He is demoralizing US law enforcement who are increasingly seen by the public as their enemy rather than a group that "serves and protects." He is compromising our allies, our security, and our integrity by favoring America's cold war ENEMY over anyone else.

It would be nice if the only Americans who felt the consequences of this implosion were those stupid enough to vote for the inherited-wealth white trash commander in chief.
Csgo Tutorials/Guides/Gameplay
This narrator looks like one big fruit
And let's not forget comey leaking everything anyone know of Snowden?
Who is this small child hosting this shindig?
Calvin Johnson
2:33 anyone see the Russian flag
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