Kathy Petersen
it does not roll off the tounge to say president (I just cringed again) he is just trump. oh will it be that he just goes back to the tower? fantasize he is rolled back there in a dolly
most CEOs are democrats though, so this makes sense.
Anita Ericksonhak
I give him an F too
Anita Ericksonhak
trump is not a respectful president.
Debra Williams
Debra Williams

sue barker
The person that titled this video is nothing more than a shithead/piss brain.
How long did it take these CEO's to come up with that fact? The American people that did NOT vote for Trump, knew that he was going to be a failure long before he won the 2016 presidential election.
Ben Laureano
These multinational CEO's better give him a failing grade, or else their ass would be in the sling from the Rothschilds.
Anti Hypocrite
F+ for Trump .
I'm just sayin'
How did such an ugly guy convince himself he is so pretty? Doesn't he have any mirrors in the house?
Trump is on a permanent vacation and always has been
Atheneum Monkey.
Always going to fail. No scam or fathers money for this loser to fall back on.
James Brown
Susana Falconi
The old Cuban Republicans...they love this man!
Biggwill NYC
It's time to repeal the electoral college. One citizen , one vote for president. Then paper vote. We have to forgo the use of computers. The Russians and Republicans will steal the vote.
Biggwill NYC
It's time to repeal the electoral college. One citizen , one vote for president. Then paper vote. We have to forgo the use of computers. The Russians and Republicans will steal the vote.
Skipping Stones
Couldn't we give Trumpty Dumpty an "E" for effort?
he wasn't a great businessman either...
Allgood Asgold
Your lier... You don't even make any sense libtard
Allgood Asgold
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit chose Trump to be President and all you mouthing mouthpieces for satanic forces are an irrelevant joke combined.

He beat all the "odds" because God is with him and he has been and always will be a winner unlike all you screwball delusion irrelevant immature nutjobs who will always be losers as you hide out on cyberspace irrelevant, hate filled and going nowhere in your lives.

God laughs at all your piddling pathetically useless little mockeries!!!

"The Lord laughs at the wicked for He sees his day is coming."

"He who sits in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall hold them in mocking deriding derision."

It doesn't matter whether any of you "don't believe" it or not!

President Trump will never be "impeached" "assassinated" or "resign."

He will have a 2 Term Office as Ptesident and there is not one of you or all of you liberals COMBINED that can stop what The Father, Son and Holy Spirit will do through President Trump for these 2 upcoming terms!!!

But go ahead!!! Give it your "best" shot liberals and do all you can to get him out of Office!!!

C'mon wackos!! Let's see whatcha got!!!

You will utterly FAIL just like you did when you "predicted" that there was absolutely "no way" Trump would be elected!!!

It's all TRUE regardless!!!

Hallelujah Lord Jesus Christ!!!

I am neither a liberal or conservative.
Another #FakeNews producer! Did he also predict that Dems would win the special elections in GA and SC? Call yourselves Ring of Losers and Whiners
Still mad about losing? Too bad you will get over it . It does no good to make up lies , TRUMP will be around for a long time get use to it.
This is Fake news generated by some crack pot in his basement.
Mental retards can vote too. Inclusion, you know?
Brad Jennings
Trump is for the working man, that's why CEO' are crying like little babies.
Miriam trapp
Really? Tell that to working class America. Trump train rolling choo choo
John Segriff
He was elected by his supporters and the electoral college chose him; you are anti Trump,your NWO and I find you anti American; no I would not support you for dog catcher.
Stefan Hai
THe whole world thinks he is awful, really
John Copse
What is sadder, is that these "business leaders" didn't see Trump's lack of qualifications for the job.
David S.
CEOs have recognized Trump as being a failure? And that's news? If they didn't know already that he is not only a failure but the biggest piece of shit on the planet then they don't deserve any mention in the first place. And for those who gave Trump an "A", I would like to know which companies they are associated with so that I can boycott their products. Friggin' fools.
A Patriot
Most CEO s are failures anyway. Don't confuse founders with CEO s
Josh Weicht
this video is bullshit
Yoogle Plus - Video Marketing Camberley
How many stars for Hillary
Edgar C
The only way to get rid of the corrupted republican administration, is to cut of the head of the venomous snake. Donald Turd uses this tactic.
+ Toddler Trump:::: great list
Hoochie Mama
Who the fuck are you? Get the fuck off youtube with your smug smile.
stop pumping the propaganda. Funny you werent pumping it back in 2008 with the melt down and that is 1000 times worse than anything trump has done. by the way
what has he done that is so horrible. and to call trumps presidency a failure so soon is suspicious on your part. But thats your job to control what people think to get what
you want.
Dj158 Dj158
faliure. is a understatement.
dj johnson
bullshit we love trump we support trump
you losers suck fake news!!!!
Americans are tired of your lies and we voted for him cuz he wasnt a career politician and couldn't be bought.
trump tweets to Americans and he donated his salary and works 4 weeks a month unlike Obama's one work week schedule out of every month he was in office
this prick is gonna shoot a Republican one day
people seen to be getting retarded every day by looking at these comments. in starting to think ww3 isn't a bad idea under hillary
Trump is pretty clearly stupid; and most definitely lacks class, sophistication, depth of knowledge, and know-how. Sad.
Joseph Voyles
Yes we all know to put our trust in the CEO's, those fat lazy sucks who would be nothing without hard working people would never do us harm. You go CEO baron robbers along with your suck-ups. There , I said it twice.
Joseph Voyles
Yes we all know to put our trust in the CEO's, those fat lazy sucks who would be nothing without hard working people would never do us harm. You go CEO baron robbers along with your suck-ups.
Bikini Fun
High Onlife
Trump Succeses
Bans abortion
Donates 5million to veterans
Deportation of illegals
Securing the border
Pressuring Kim jung un
Takes out Syria Missle launch airbase
Brings jobs back
Builds trump towers and give people more jobs
Becomes rich and powerful
The list never goes on
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