Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

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Anne Hathaway chats with Jimmy about adventures in the park with her one-year-old toddler, including the importance of "sticking the landing."

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Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

fahima matin
She's a mom!?!?? But she's Princess Mia!!
Marcela J.
She looks very beautiful. She almost doesn´t age . The womens of Hollywood around thirty, forty today are better looking than the twenty years young girls of Hollywood.
jishwa dunn
I didn't know she had a kid oh
Tahir Ahmed
How cutely she explained all the situation she faced.............and how cute and sexyyyyyy she is ......and her soft and delicate voice..............hmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ankit G
She is damn cute yarr. 😍😍😍😍😘
Grisel Tellez
Jenny and tai lung baby jewel baby erik mala smurfette amy rose
Solo big girl
Naomi OkenTV
"Walk it off walk it off everything's fine."
Naomi OkenTV
Hit Life
she's hot tho
Amarina E.
I madly respect her just from the fact that she named her child normally
Sara Rey
ahahahahahah omg I love them both so much😂
Constance Goldwing
lol is Anne Hathaway not the greatest???
Jensen Prange
Anne Hathaway is lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Jensen Prange
omg amazing <3 <3 <3
maddie Bentley
I've watched this 3 times and only just saw i didn't like it.....WTF also Anne Hathaway is a QUEEN.
Lily Holt
Ive never laughed so much at an interview until she said "i must stick this landing"
Lisa Davidson
UGh I wanted to know the end of all her stories but Jim wouldn't stop interrupting her!
Des Santos
I'm crying. This story is so funny .
flowers top my channel I'll be happy if you join it 💋
She's so Pretty and Beautiful ! She has a awesome Smile
Aurora Myth
this reminds me of Princess Mia haha love Anne Hathaway since Princess Diaries!
David Dacus
That dress does nothing for her
Soledad Saahil
she's so funny and down to earth😂😂
Pat Bell
She kind of acts like she could be a librarian tbh
I wanted her to finish that antique story...
Aileen Lopez
Am I the only one who forgot Anne Hathaway had a child?
HeyIts Sam
Anne Hathaway is one of the most talented and prettiest actresses I've ever seen
ive always thought Anne looked a little like a mix of Mary Tyler Moore and Judy Garland.
I want to know about the unicorn
Luciene Rocha Sá
atriz preferida
Kaiya Peacock
Ferry Sibarani
This is so hilarious..😄
Hudson Hintze
Aw she has always been the best person
Claire Chen
Anne Hathaway is so so pretty
Michaela Munn
I love Anne Hathaway. Ever since The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada, she is my favourite actress <3
Diego Bernard
there general fist nut unable major meal expose period square permit.
Tyler Thorne
I just love Anne Hathaway. She is the perfect blend of beauty and goofy.
Aksangel _
So who's gonna tell this kid he's an heir
Hannah _ Yt
Oh my goodness I love Anne haha
Arnar Máni
haha I laughed out loud, she's awesome
Freddy Thornton
"you know what goes great with babies? dust."
That Landing Though 👌😂
Alice wonderland
Krispone ru
subtitles please!!!
Trần Duy Vinh
she said "a year" instead of "12 months"... LOVE HER!!!
Benj I
want to see her nipples
Amisha Verma
i love her <3
Mishael Mat
not as beautiful as emma watson like if u agree with me
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