Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

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Anne Hathaway chats with Jimmy about adventures in the park with her one-year-old toddler, including the importance of "sticking the landing."

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Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

Stella Bella
Fucks same Jimmy! Let her finish the damn story. No one is here to listen to what you want do.
Brandon Brooks
She had me at “chiffon-laden.”
Shreya Patil
I don't think that's how physics works,
A heavier body doesn't fall faster.
Qiuyin Liu
She has a kid already!? She looks gorgeous!
Roman Exile
Why do I fn hate people talking about their dam babies ?
robinhood lml
Omg shes ugly!!
Lisa Kuehl
She's so likeable :)
Anne Hathaway looks like those moms who’ll yell at other people’s kids if her kid doesn’t get their way.
Fatma Rajab
She looks stunning she looks like she’s not a dog older than 26😍
bo kealohanui
Inside my mind I wished she played bell in beauty and the beast she fit her character so well 😭
360_ editing
its anne hathaway birthday today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday anne a many many happy returns, we all love u, a big hug from my side.
guys if u like anne hit 4 likes and i will make a collab of MMV on anne.❤❤❤❤
Samyuktha Vijayakrishnan
i don't understand how she jumped and landed in those heels
Keke Scott
Kata Dragovič
I spit my food out, omg.
Nina Cal
I can’t stand this puta.
Sia Sia
i knew she is dumb
Jamelia Samara
Everywhere minority killer relieve economy stock forth tight plan widespread.
jishwa dunn
First of all , since when does she has a child
Spencer Belcher
He either cut her off on the sled and pony story or it was edited outg
Spencer Belcher
Shes funny
Immanuel K.
#holein1 ;)
Szeverényi Orsolya
Why do they hate her? I just don't understand.
crixus smith19
Sanath Varma
Almost killed her kid?
Oh what a cute story...:)
Frankie Maier
Jimmy, you sir are the man
Jusara Correa
5592991844846 learn English need practice
Akhilraj Shah
Fallon makes me sick.
Valentina Zujur
Those Louboutin heels tho😍
cute girl
Anne Hathaway and George Cooney wuth look alike.
CJayin TV
She has this vibe to her that doesn’t sit with me. Like kinda serial killer-ish
Spooky Mumbles
She hasn't changed since Ella Enchanted...she was 22. How does someone look the same for 12 years, especially with such fair skin lol amazing.
Alice Lalhrietzing
I don’t understand why people hate her because she is ADORABLE!
Phil Gibson
i like fallen but will he sometimes just stfu and let the guest finish their story. jesus
Fabio Silveira
She´s so forced to talk and be funny, boring as hell
The internet will never know Anne Hathaway's unicorn story.
Lucy White
I love Anne Hathaway, shes funny, witty, beautiful, and smart.
She's so witty
Lucy Joan
Omg her story wasn’t finished jimmy learn to listen
I love her so much oh my gosh
Aja Hill
She still looks so young. I don’t know why people “dislike” her.
Buse Aşık
She is brilliant!!!! I just like her acting all the time <33
Anne Hathaway is the best!!!
Fly with me
The only problem that I have with Jimmy is that he laughs at everything and butts in too much.
Walk it off, walk it off.. me everytime I embarrass myself 😂😂
nynke molenaar
she looks like a godess in that dress
Diana Shaula
Ben Day
She’s purely hot,and that’s it
Zoe Johnson
All he does is interrupt
Nancy McFee
she has a cat smile
Chenxi Li
She is impolite, enjoying her own story, not interacting with jimmy and letting him talk.
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