Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

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Anne Hathaway chats with Jimmy about adventures in the park with her one-year-old toddler, including the importance of "sticking the landing."

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Anne Hathaway Almost Killed Her Kid on a Jungle Gym Slide

Kk MacGoo
I Didn't know she had baby. Soooo Bride Wars was a documentary? Who knew.......
Fernando Matías
Off topic but what's with red bottoms being expensive af but the red chips off after 1 night out???
brielle malloy
she loves to talk . but she is an amazing actor and her kid is cute 🔥🌼🎈🌙❤
Catherine Bell
I love her so much! She is so stunning but down to earth too <3
clea hailley
shes so funny
Her hair is brighter than my future
Bro Guy
what's wrong with him he seems dead inside
Wow. Fallon sucks.
Its Xxgrandproxx
am I the only one who likes to search celebrity names just to check how rich they are??
luke t
One word "hot"😍
K Ahmad
You had one job Anne!
A.M Lash
She said 1 year instead of 12 months - very satisfying
Vân Trần
please, can you make sub English, I like this show, and want to hear everything you talk while learn more English.
You can tell Anne was annoyed with Jim mys interruptions.
国瑞 Yan
Fluffy Unicorn
For some reason I'm imagining this whole slide experience with her in those big high heels.
The Idea Vault
she's so awesome
you mean to tell ME my baby mama got a kid without my knowing..
Imagine if someone recorded her landing and made a shooting star meme from it
Stop interrupting your guests goddammit
Marcos Imken
I always thought Anne Hathaway was British
Mandy Smith
Let her finish the fecking story!GAHH
Rosemary Hegenauer
Tahir Ahmed
Anne, you look gorgeous, in this black satin dress n your black n red sandals..............
I wished she was the one that played Belle, instead of Emma Watson
Hahaha OMG she is so sweet and such a cute mom :P
Cesar A Vargas
Emily Stark
So love her for saying a year and not 13 months and a week or something.
muadh taghdi
Anna turned out to be not so smart! acceleration due to gravity is the same regardless of mass.
Hermione Poirot
I must stick this landing~ Anne Hathaway
Chloe Webber
I couldn't stop myself from cry-laughing
Lucy Matters
Mushu Fitzburg
Any physicists in the comments section? I wanna know if that really happens XD
Mr Awesome
Kids walk and run by 8, 9 months.
I love Anne Hathaway. She is this generations Audrey Hepburn.
Ram Jam
i guess that was insightful, slides are scary simetimes
oh my god you know what goes great with babies ? dust
ladies and gentle meet the real Belle for beauty and the beast 👏👏👏👏
i love her so much
Jessica Stohr
Great story!
samo alshehri
I laughed so hard .. God I love her!
Laura Peck
I love her best mum and I have little cousins and I can say I'm very protective of them. When I use to babysit my second youngest cousin I would take him on the slide. the curvey ones only made us go faster.
I don't like her. She's a snob. And I was surprised how she made fun of Katie Holmes. So mean-spirited.
Anne is SO FREAKING AWESOME and cute ;)
Jimmy just won't let her fucking SPEAK. You can do better than this Jimmy!
<(T^T)> God damnit.
First Name Last Name
One of the most beautiful looking faces in Hollywood. She's lovely.
Omg she just had a baby...she still looks perfect, loveee her
Meddeb Khadija
Jimmy could you please stop that fake laughter?
Nick Yambao
why is Jimmy so awkward
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