Bruce Lee VS Wong Jack Man FIGHT: What Really Happened

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The Bruce Lee Battle with Wong Jack Man has become the stuff of legends. No one knows what really happened in this legendary fight. Here is the battle story based on different archives by supposed witness.

Alex Munoz
What are Wong and his people supposed to say? That he got beat by a street fighter in 3 minutes? No, apparently Wong was a grandmaster, so he had to protect his reputation. But Bruce Lee definetly won
GoodESP Justice
Wong Jack Man took Bruce's head three times - he could have killed Bruce three times... nobody won on that day and no one told the complete truth.
Jerry b
"Pride goeth before destruction." Bruce died, and Wong lives on, now tell who won?
Robert Hipolito

Read this article, greatly explains a lot about the fight, mostly background history and debunks common myths.
jeri mendez
Wong Jack Man is not telling the truth... If he won the fight why bruce lee continue teaching Kung Fu? Bruce cant speak out from the grave thats why jack man telling it as if he won the fight.
bruce lee lost the fight
Kristofer Muskiz
The truth is that the fight took too long, and Lee changed his ideology, philosophy and style; Jeet Kune Do was developed. The fight made him reinvent Wing Chun, “to be like water.” It was a form, yet without form; adaptable. It became the forerunner of MMA.
Casey Bullington
Wong in mid fight ran off.
Nelson Munoz
Shao-lin is a complex art with so many variations of styles.
Hh Hh
Maybe the fight never happened.
Trino Ponce
Truth is, we really dont know what really happened. This fight was never recorded on film. I hear stories from both sides. Some say, Bruce won, others say Wong won.
Because it was never recorded, therefore you can choose either side. I choose to believe Wong won. But again, this is just my opinion. Everyone has their opinion. This is my opinion.
John Yang
Let Wong Jack Man tell the story! Why is everyone telling his story and not himself?
Wong Jack Man has never said nor has anyone heard from Wong himself that he won or loss. Only people say it's a Tie or Wong won. I think Bruce Won because Wong Jack won't show his face and say the truth instead he stay clear away from Cameras and has ppl speaking lies for him. Wong Jack Man still alive today.
I believe Linda Lee’s account, enough said...long live Bruce Lee!!
What a bunch of crap, handashake is not a traditional gesture in china to begin a fight thar occidental way.
johnny clay
I believe Linda Lee...........she was there
Daniel Paul Debs
The truth is if Lee didn't win he wouldn't have been allowed to keep his school open. That simple. Nobody ever challenged him to close his school after that fight, and even Long Jack started teaching westerners Gung-Fu. That answers the question. The person to listen to is in the accounts given by his wife Linda. Everything else is imagination. See in the dark.
iRO Chakri
Knowing how useless Kung fu was or is. I think Bruce lee who actually learned real martial arts such as Karate, Boxing, Muay thai, etc beat the shit out of this Kung fu martial artist. I also know that in 19th Century, three Wing chun masters came to fight with Muay thai fighters in Thailand in 19th century and they all got knocked out in first round (few minutes). Traditional Wing chin is very inefficient and weak.

Pretty sure Jack man lost and they just wanted to save their pride. It's most likely they lied. We all know Bruce lee was very straight forward. He never cared about win or lose either. If he lost, he would of admitted he lost lol
Walter Lam
This bitch said both man's was exhausted. Bruce was tire from chasing Jackass Wong around. If Jackass would fight like a real man, Bruce Lee would have finished him in less than 3 minutes.
Bruce Lee was teaching non Chinese I don't understand the error of them just saying white people you people always trying to include yourself only when it comes to things of Providence but you hide from true events get it correctly they had a problem with teaching on Chinese blacks whites Mexicans Japanese whoever non-chinese get it correct it's always about white people which that is a lie especially in this case!!
i trust Linda and think the Man side are trying to save face (given no fame came to Man in Chinatown after the fight *because he lost*). I always thought that Bruces speed overwhelmed Man but Bruce couldn't get a 'finishing' blow in (due to Man ducking down+away and so avoiding direct contact). After the fight Bruce apparently got more into boxing (to give himself tools in a standup that can end a fight quickly - like an uppercut; for if someone is bending down) as opposed to the current strikes he used which turned out not to have the effect he expected (didn't cause knockouts)
James Anagnos
We actually have real kung fu legends in China that are real, but Bruce Lee is not only not one of them but does not meet that qualifications to even come close , quite frackly in the martial arts history world he was a nobody,the mythology comes from his nutt hugging fans lol
James Anagnos
Bruce Lee had no balls how could he win any fight
Whatever the rules were, Jackman got his ass handed to him.
I would summise sifu Bruce won as he continued to teach after this fight
James King
if bruce lee was in the better shape then anyone who ever lived, why was both so tired they couldn't finish, it's because neither where real fighters, bruce was a action movie star not a fighter.
Duke Palk
The truth is from linda lee, jack got beat, he could've died he's fortunate he tapped out.
pradeep kumar
No one was there to win bruce lee and no one is there to replace the bruce lee. He is the greatst of all time.
you all here are stupid fools bare knuckle boxing goes on for 30min all the time so why the fuck are ppl talking street fight it was not a street fight. a street fight is when u fight some one instantly in the street. his match was sit up. they had sit it up to meet and to fight its a dual.
might be1205
When they said Bruce bowed before starting the fight, I knew straight away their accounts were lies. Bruce never bowed to anyone he did not respect.. hahahaha
Perfectgossip 23
Result : Bruce won but he think he take too long to finish Wong Jack Man, and it was unexpected for him so he change his style that's the quality of good martial artist.
R Lee
Adding my two cent. I agree 99% with the written account on this video. I talked to one of the eye witnesses who was a Wing Chun practitioner, went with Bruce but not Bruce Lee's student. He was one Chinese David Toy(Choy) who said that Bruce was an A-hole. Wong smiled politely and slowly extended his right hand forward toward Lee's right hand. Bruce pretended to shake hands but quickly use a left "fup sao" to cover Wong's right hand and punched Wong's chest with his right hand, causing Wong to jerk back and quickly retreated, and Bruce said in Cantonese, "shake your mother, you represent the old Chinese devils to destroy me." He then started the fight. Bruce kicked hard time and again but never got Wong as Wong retreated in a circle and blocked all his kicks. They did punch each other squarely a few times, but Wong hands were not as heavy and he suffered more. Bruce's kicks were fast, powerful and good as ever.
Bruce afterward admitted to reporters that he had a endurance problem. Wong went back to work next day at Jackson restaurant as usual as a waiter without any obvious bruises on his face, and declared no winning or losing, both stopped after minutes for being tired out. Chinese newspapers had a good account that Bruce lee did not win and not as good as boasted that traditional Chinatown Kung Fu was useless. They were old folks on Wong's side. This is second hand information from me.
Lee went into more endurance training. Wong began learning TaiChi. BTW at 2:47 one was old Choy Lee Fut Liu Bin(?) and young one was Southern Siu Lum Wong Tin Yuen. Liu long died and T. Y. Wong was 60+ on the day of the fight. Why are they here? They were the best fighters in their prime and the leaders of the Kung Fu community in the old days.
Adam Blanton
It prolly never happened
It's obvious Bruce won the fight. Otherwise he would've been shut down and would've never been able to open his school to teach JKD. JKD as we know it today would've been non-existent.
yes actually the fight only 3minutes not 20minutes , this is disrespect
Clearly Bruce won since Bruce kept teaching non-asians clearly WINNER: Bruce Lee
Gregory S. Gill
This video makes a lot of sense over against the Bruce Lee's camp account.
Nada Sira
i thought you were gonna tell us what really
James Anagnos
Bruce Lee the Great Pretender lol
James Anagnos
whats with the computer voice.
G. Valverde
When have you ever heard of a real, no rules fight last 20 min!? Lol. That is so laughable.
Truth is, Bruce Lee fucked him up and made him say "I give up". Point, blank, period.
The only reason it took 3 long minutes is because Wong was running like a little bitch while Bruce was throwing straight punches to the head.
Instead of maybe tripping him, making him fall wrapping his arm around his neck and submitting him to sleep.
I think Bruce knew his limitations in his style at that moment and knew he could of finished him earlier so he created JKD.
James Anagnos
bruce lee was a punk ,enough said
Shaolin Shoshoni
Just so you know, that picture in the lower right corner at the start. Is not wong jack man. I originally thought it was too, because when you do a search, that pic comes up. I would have to look up again who it is, but it actually says in the writing on the pic, who it is. I am writing this at 0:14 into the video, so maybe you already know.
Julian Parker
the truth is wong jack man lost. If wong jack man didn't lose then why is it that bruce lee was able to go on teaching martial arts to non chinese?
Drew Norton
you don't know what you are talking about! all witnesses agree that wong jack man lost! the movie 'birth of a dragon' is a fake idiotic movie! the truth is you don't know anything about martial arts and you should not make videos about nonsense!
Tina Vang
Bruce Lee defeated Won after a wild goose chase. After this duel, he RETAINED and kept his RIGHT to keep on teaching others. This is as close to the TRUTH as you could get. If WONG beat LEE, Lee would stopped teaching.
It's a FACT BRUCE LEE BEAT HIM and continued to teach other ethnic groups. You cannot dismiss this TRUE FACT that was very clear. WONG ran a lot and it took a bit of chasing to finally down WONG.
Might Is Right
Wong Jack man weighed 107 pounds. He gave Lee a good long match. Lee couldn't carry the average mma fighters cock. A 140 pound amateur fighter with three real fights under his belt would kill Lee easy.
Hung Sing Kuen 佛山鴻勝蔡李佛拳
@Kim yes there is someone who knows everything about the fight. I'm talking about wong jack man. HE is still alive. but will not talk about the fight. i wish he would tell his side of the story.
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