Bruce Lee VS Wong Jack Man FIGHT: What Really Happened

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The Bruce Lee Battle with Wong Jack Man has become the stuff of legends. No one knows what really happened in this legendary fight. Here is the battle story based on different archives by supposed witness.

Clearly Bruce won since Bruce kept teaching non-asians clearly WINNER: Bruce Lee
Gregory S. Gill
This video makes a lot of sense over against the Bruce Lee's camp account.
Nada Sira
i thought you were gonna tell us what really
James Anagnos
Bruce Lee the Great Pretender lol
James Anagnos
whats with the computer voice.
G. Valverde
When have you ever hear of a real, no rules fight last 20 min!? Lol. That is so laughable.
Truth is, Bruce Lee fucked him up and made him say "I give up". Point, blank, period.
The only reason it took 3 long minutes is because Wong was running like a little bitch while Bruce was throwing straight punches to the head.
Instead of of maybe tripping him, making him fall wrapping his arm around his neck and submitting him to sleep.
I think Bruce knew his limitations in his style at that moment and knew he could of finished him earlier so he created JKD.
James Anagnos
bruce lee was a punk ,enough said
Shaolin Shoshoni
Just so you know, that picture in the lower right corner at the start. Is not wong jack man. I originally thought it was too, because when you do a search, that pic comes up. I would have to look up again who it is, but it actually says in the writing on the pic, who it is. I am writing this at 0:14 into the video, so maybe you already know.
Julian Parker
the truth is wong jack man lost. If wong jack man didn't lose then why is it that bruce lee was able to go on teaching martial arts to non chinese?
Drew Norton
you don't know what you are talking about! all witnesses agree that wong jack man lost! the movie 'birth of a dragon' is a fake idiotic movie! the truth is you don't know anything about martial arts and you should not make videos about nonsense!
Jeet Kune
Bruce Lee defeated Won after a wild goose chase. After this duel, he RETAINED and kept his RIGHT to keep on teaching others. This is as close to the TRUTH as you could get. If WONG beat LEE, Lee would stopped teaching.
It's a FACT BRUCE LEE BEAT HIM and continued to teach other ethnic groups. You cannot dismiss this TRUE FACT that was very clear. WONG ran a lot and it took a bit of chasing to finally down WONG.
Might Is Right
Wong Jack man weighed 107 pounds. He gave Lee a good long match. Lee couldn't carry the average mma fighters cock. A 140 pound amateur fighter with three real fights under his belt would kill Lee easy.
Hung Sing Kuen 佛山鴻勝蔡李佛拳
@Kim yes there is someone who knows everything about the fight. I'm talking about wong jack man. HE is still alive. but will not talk about the fight. i wish he would tell his side of the story.
Hung Sing Kuen 佛山鴻勝蔡李佛拳
In this video at the 10 sec mark, the pic on the left is of Professor Lau Bun, the first person to open up a kung fu school on american soil. Hung Sing Choy Lee Fut is in the house.!!!
The Chinese Kung Fu community allowed Bruce to teach non Chinese after
the fight against Jack man wong. So who won? Bruce did, the Chinese
community would had force Bruce to close down his school and stop
teaching non chinese people...Of course one side would say the fight lasted 3 mins and the other would say it lasted 20 mins. One side is giving credit how fast Bruce was to get the rights to teach non chinese and the other is giving credit taht Wong jack man gave a good fight to Bruce even though he lost.
James Anagnos
eunuch pussy boy with half a testicle thought he could beat Wong Jack Man ? hahahahahahaha thats what happenes when you have the personality of my dick hahahahaha
Arnold Cuello
In all honesty people would only change their style if they discover their limitations once discovered you will have a different outlook in everything and become humble in all honesty I think the fight gave him enlightenment causing him to go beyond critical thinking and self cultivation of himself
Izzy Torres
One huge thing that many don't take into account..
Bruce didn't start training martial arts til between 14-16yrs of age by an understudies of Ip Man, not Ip Man himself.. same reason for this fight is why Ip man refused to keep teaching him.. once they found out his mother was part German American Bruce was labeled and treated as an outsider.. Ipman wasn't dumb tho. He knew having a child movie star around was good for business.. the old man was an opium smoker..
Back to my main Jack was born into Kung Fu and dedicated his whole life to it..
Bruce was born into the cinema playing a row as a 6month of baby, than really getting into acting at the age of 6.. his whole life he wanted more than anything to be a huge Hollywood movie star..
He didn't seek martial arts out like Jack did.
His parents put him in wing Chun classes so he could defend himself against the other kids that were bullying him..
Ok, Let say he started training at 14yrs old.. his parents sent him off the the U.S. at the age of 18..
That's a Maximum of 4yrs of learning Wing Chun!!!!!!!!
4yrs experience vs a grand master who dedicated his life to Kung Fu..
I've always been a huge Bruce Lee fan, but as I grew up I questioned alot of the myths we grew up believing..
Even when I go back and watch his movies today I look at alot of the techniques he used and scratch my head thinking to myself damn I thought his kicks and other moves were cleaner and better than that..
He was definitely a dirty fighter tho, cause in his movies he was great at punching and kicking
Traditionally in fighting u fought with a set of rules based on honoring ur opponent which Bruce was never taught.. trying to eye pokes an opponent whos trying to shake or touch gloves before a fight even in combats sports today it is frawned upon and looked at as cowardly for trying to sucker punch a person..
I'm still a huge fan of Bruce Lee but as an action film star like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, not some Kung Fu grand master..
James Anagnos
Bruce was a punk and a bitch with one half a testicle hahahahahaha
James Anagnos
for anyone that thinks Bruce lee was a fighter you are a bigger clown then Bruce was lol he was a fucking movie actor he was not even the best in his wing chun school lol
James Anagnos
for all the Bruce Lee Nut Huggers out there , Bruce got his ass handed to him by Jack Man, one was an actor making movies the other was a Kung Fu Master who do you think would win hahahahah
Michael Wong
There are errors in the "facts" here. For example, the photo of the older man wearing the wide leather belt is Master Lau Bun, not Wong Jack Man. Lau Bun was not involved in the Bruce Lee / Wong Jack Man fight in any way. To read a well-researched, carefully documented book on Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man, I recommend "Striking Distance: Bruce Lee and the Dawn of Martial Arts in America," by Charles Russo.
jason harvote
Wong jak man is an idiot i could kill him and any of his students like nothing my kung fu is better. I can beat him with boxing and wrestling if i use bruces style and technique ill kick his his face in and then proceed to kick it off like bruce did to han in enter the dragon.
Take Out
I mean, it's been reported that a close friend of Bruce Lee and Jack Man saw Jack Man the next day and said he didn't seem to be hurt badly at all, so I would guess that the true story lies in between the two accounts.
Thomas T if the fight was so controversial then why didn't wong fight bruce again...because it happened exactly as what was told by bruce lee's followerer who was at the fight...wong knew he was beat and would never be able to beat bruce that is why there was never a follow up fight if the fight was so controversial...don't be naive folks...chinese society is quite tribal also and if they had a fighter who could of beat bruce then they would of came forth...but really bruce had the backing of all his sifu's back in china for known of you foreingers would ever guess about how ip man in china would transcend to bruce in america...because ip man was respected in hong kong and bruce proved his mettle than they just let him be in america..
black ken
This video is misleading and isn't about "What Really Happened" I have sources that have debunked the old claims of the fight being 20 minutes, and then I have even recent research studies that has debunked a lot of the negativity trash talkin in the "Showdown in Oakland" book by some dude name rick Wing.

anyone who want to find the real truth need to read these extensive articles that were extensively researched.

everyone should be aware that back in the day, in order for ANY chinese to open a school, it had to be "verified" by a shadow organization and be accepted. think about the ip man 2 movie but instead of martial arts masters approving it, it would actually be triads and their "protection fees" and it was a common practice for asian gangsters to extort shady businesses. even vietnamese gangs practice this by monitoring small restaurants and other businesses for "protection money" when really it's a load of crap. bruce lee had to go through this too and the triads used jack man as a pawn to fight bl.... jack man NEVER wanted to fight bl but he was thrown into the feud for his behalf of the traditional arts community to stop bruce from teaching foreigners

if y'all don't believe me read the articles below and learn some real information regarding the subject and so you can educate y'all and put it to rest
The SN
There is no problem in running in a fight to get some advantage... It's a fucking FIGHT, not Taekwondo at the olympics, there is no rules... Whats next? Ask people to not dodge or block? Lmao
Felix De La Cruz
Easy to publish this after most of the people have passed away to use words like 'Supposed' and 'what is the truth' due to the fact that the witnesses are dying out and it is 53 years or more than half a century later. But during the immediate time afterward what were the accounts? Here you have a synopsis of the accounts that is made to cast doubt. Maybe because of the up in coming movie or whatever. I trained with Hartsell for about a week and at the end of the training day he would tell 'war stories' about Bruce. I understand that most will tell stories about a dear friend and make them more than they were but Hartsell seemed not to do that. He talked about the incredible strength, conditioning, and skill Bruce had and would equate it to the 1964 fight. The lesson learned by that fight taught him that knowledge was not enough because if you vessel (body) was not conditioned to fight it would be the first to fail you and not your knowledge. I believe the truth of the matter is that Bruce won the fight but however way it did I will believe his wife's account. If you have fought you know that 20 minutes is long and someone would be on the ground. So maybe 3 to 5 minutes at the pace described with someone legs giving out and someone on the ground. They were the same age but Bruce died in 1973 and Man is still alive. He can say whatever he wants and call everyone on a liar, because Bruce is dead. I would bet to the day that the story from Man changed greatly after Bruce's death and continued to change as witnesses started to die. It is nature of men to do so.
It was a Mexican stand off and the episode of Batman were Kato fights Robin was based on the fight!
dèl Păntión
2 things this video refuses to acknowledge: Wong Jack man has a Flawless tactic and strategy. So you must do as he say and not as he does. For instance, don't be racist. This video lied and said that Wong Jack man Teach white people before this incident occurred. Historians say that that is simply not true and this is a lie.

NUMBER 2: the only eyewitness accounts that say the fight DID NOT end with Bruce Lee mounted on top of Wong Jack man, where is students of Wong Jack man. Once again, history tells us that this is the case.

Please do as much research as you possibly can on these two facts!!!!for this is the truth
Well of course Wong and hs "Men" say that! LOL. WHo wants to admit they got their ass kicked? It was 3 minutes of Wong jack man running and flailing and sidekicking while on the run as Bruce Lee punched the back of his head and chased him down, and punched him. And said, "Do you give up?" and W.J.M said yes." And Bruce felt he as very winded so decided he should train more cardio like boxers, and running and skipping rope etc. Period! Stop trying to to resurrect a true warrior, philosopher and Martial Artist for your financial benefit. We know Bruce was a badass, his legacy speaks for itself, through his daughter and wife, and former students like Dan Inosanto.
Adriyan Slavchev
and the truth is Bruce lee beat this guy so band that the guy never showed up again in his entire life and Bruce lee did a hell of a life so simple as that !!!
Bowery Baker
for teaching white people, it was non chinese not just white people. jesse glover was an early student of his who was black. Dan Inosanto was filipino, he wasn't even supposed to know kung fu. It was non chinese not just white people. In the words of Linda Lee Caldwell
Linda Lee's account is the most accurate. My cousin was at this fight also and described exactly what Linda had described. I was 15 in '64, but my 20 year old cousin was still close to him following with him to Oakland from the school in Seattle. At this fight, Bruce had discovered that he must do more pulmonary exercises as he was totally out of breath from chasing Wong began jogging.

At this fight too, he decided to start by.. "doing away with the classical mess" and leaped in the air with his straight right fist thrust. .striking Wong in the face. Wong had been in a classical toe type (Tai-chi Crane) stance arm up, one arm down. When the fist struck his face, right through his guard: He (Wong) was shocked,..then turned and ran. Bruce caught up with him and kicked him in the groin..of which he was wearing a cup..and it made a loud "pop". When Wong went down, Bruce held his fist over him and asked him if he wanted to give up; which he acknowledged...yes.
Jeff Sol
I read that while Wong was backing up to avoid Bruce's flurries Wong happened to trip over some furniture and fell, and that was when Bruce capitalized and pounded on him.
Martial Artist
That sounds like Bruce Lee, he constantly talked about eye pokes and groin kicks. Even his self-defense book describes them. I would say this is legit. Linda Lee lied. They did not say Wong won, they said it was a draw. I say the men of Wong was the truth speakers.
smile now cry later
I believe bruce lee won
Gee Dawgg
Bruce Lee will and still is the Greatest ever Gung Fu Martial artist , philosopher, teacher, and actor to this day...
Ron Breton
I remember reading Bruce Lee's account of the fight. Bruce wrote that when the fight was arranged it was decided that for the first round of three minutes Wong would attack and Bruce would ONLY be able to defend. The second and final round would find Bruce attacking and Wong ONLY defending. Bruce wrote that when he defended he became exhausted and realized Wing Chun Kung Fu had to many holes in the style. When he attacked however he totally dominated and Wong began to run away and finally gave up. Bruce admitted that when he defended for three minutes he almost gave up also. He realized at this point he needed to go back to the drawing board. Drawing on all fighting styles he began his quest to find the best from all styles and relied heavily on conditioning, strength and endurance. I wish I could remember the source of the article but it was to long ago when I was very young and just starting Martial Arts.
Jorge Estevez
Bruce Lee said "Modified Wing Chun can beat 90% of all other fighting styles, but we are training for the other 10%". That sentence is loaded with many meanings. Basically Wing Chun, just like any fighting system has its pluses and minuses. The footwork in Wing chun is good for close range fighting, but not good for long range for example. Thus he "Modified" his Wing Chun by adding boxing and fencing footwork/. The Wong Jack Man fight is the example where his Wing Chun worked beautifully against a very traditional system, but just cause it work did not make it successful, at least not in the eyes of a perfectionist like Bruce Lee. I for one am convinced he beat wong jack man rather easily, as I have sparred with Shaolin fighters and have beaten them easy. But I am certain that Wong Jack Man suffered from the same condition that many of the old TMA suffered, NO TRAINING IN REALISTIC SITUATIONS. Its like a boxer hitting the bags and hitting pads, all beautiful, but that does not prepare you for a real fight, only sparring does. Bruce learned in this fight that he was out of shape (he gassed out) and that he needed to close the distance quicker. The fight should have ended in seconds not minutes.
chris krueger
There was alreading teaching of non chinese going on before this fight. Wong Jack Man himself was teaching non chinese. As Bruce Lees friend and Student Leo Fong said. " This fight was not because of who Bruce was teaching,but because of his attitude". Bruce gave a demonstration in 1964 and the demonstration was bot going as well as a he hoped. Bruce had a bed temper and said he coulld beat any Kung Fu man in San Francisco. Bruce had bad mouthed the traditional arts and was making many enemies. Wong Jack Man was fairly new to San Francisco and was sent to fight Bruce. The whole teaching non chinese is a story that sounds great for Hollywood,but in all actuallity it was Bruces mouth and disrespect for his elders that caused the fight.
Martial Art
Bruce Lee was teaching kung to White and Black people...Get it Right!!!!
Meo S
The truth is Bruce kicked his ass
The Indian Boy
Well they needed to record that but i know how fast bruce lee is, he is really fast.
But i can't compare them as i haven't seen Wong's speed so i can't judge this.
Everardo Estarda
Who do you think won! Bruce Lee Taught who he wanted to that should prove who won!
G-Body Loc
Jimmy Woo kicked both their asses after this fight. How come no one speaks of this?
Fuck this robot voice.
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