Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise

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Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise Jimmy faces off with Tom Cruise in an intense lip sync-off to songs like The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" and the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling."

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Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise

Stephanie Caracciolo
Tom is so orgasmic!!! I looooove him!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Caracciolo
I loooove him!!! He's so hot!!!!!
shrey B
Jimmy looked like an epileptic chicken
6:30 Jimmy seriously considering his sexual orientation
Sarai Giron
Omg I can't believe how he lip sings.
Furious Sherman
Tom Cruise should have gone with the guaranteed win by lip-syncing Old Time Rock and Roll.
Justin biebe
at age 16 Tom wanted to be a priest. at that time If you had told him that he would be one of the greatest actor in the world . he would have laughed at you . but now ....
Alex Livingstone
When not Top Gun III then maybe not Top Gun 3
Badass Bassist
Sheza Firoz
Tom Cruise just slid onto the stage and I'm like, "Jimmy's a goner, 'cause hot damn."
Beatriz Coelho
Só queria ser essa menina e já poderia morrer em paz
Cookie Monster
i tought he would propose to that girl X3
Beatriz Coelho
Ece Arslan
Whats the name of the song jimmy fallon didnt let tom to do
Daisy Shahrk
Raka Banerjee
What song is that music from at 4:30? Someone pls answer.. I'm dying here.. figuratively
Jamie Montgomery
you finger
4:28 ... when it all started ... and should finish...
paused video and Read's the comment
this comment section is so gay..😕

*shit tom is handsome*😂😝
Gotta love Jimmy Fallon and that Show!
Joseph Pabellon
When Tom did the Risky Buisness slide I almost got a bonner😂😂😂
asma farooqi
he can be sexy pop star .
powerfull creation
give u'r self a chance and see my videos im getting underestimated on youtube
Toms second song was awesome....Totally awesome
Fritzie Ryland
Crazy for Tom! ❤
Roblox Gamer
I wonder if they pay to these famous people to come into their show?
President Polo
THIS is what America needs RN, we lost that loving feeling!
becky martin
say what u wil about tom but he is good looking,, and a awesome actor,, may be weird with the other shit but wow-wee,,,hot hot
He looks hotter when he's jumping off buildings and shooting ppl
Ricki Parker
I love both of these guys! You just know Tom Cruise is going to sing his ass off in some future musical, I mean actual singing. You can tell by the way his moves those lips! And that ass! All is Love, Ricki.
Aditya Makwana
That lucky girl.
rhoads' girl
If they did this when Johnny Carson was on lol !
Tere Guzman
The thing most beautiful on earth: Tom Cruise!!!
Ain't Tom the most attractive action star for his age!?
Be here now
In the end, Tom even waved to the third person in the first row. He seems like a genuinely nice person :)
Gina Greenlee
Love Jimmy. No matter what he lip syncs to, he's got the same manic vibe. A caffeinated jelly bean on Red Bull.
Ксения Нестерова
Kurt Hectic
Tom is stupidly beautiful hahahah all time man crush
Damn Tom Cruise looks good.. Does this man age? He's such an amazing talent..
Stephanie Mendiola
Tom's last song is the song that won Nationals for the New Directions.
Jacob TheCritic
I thought tom was going to sing the Scientology theme song entitled CULT
Marcia Khing
Can't believe I'm going to call a 50y old a "cutie"
marie paradiso
My god love tom i wouldve freaked out if that was me he was singing too wow ❤
josh is my dun shine my only dun shine
which lip sync battle did Jimmy do Mr.brightside? I remember he did it,and I can't find it and it's my absoulute favourite song!
ElRubius #30
The Weeknd 🔥❤🔥
Ardra KM
His smile is something to die for...😍😍😙😙😘😗😙😘😚😚
Laura Mroz
He's a scientolagist who abuses people and is only after their $
The KangaFoxes
The last part, the guy with the blue shirt and glasses singing along XD
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