Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise

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Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise Jimmy faces off with Tom Cruise in an intense lip sync-off to songs like The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" and the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling."

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Lip Sync Battle with Tom Cruise

I have to do a confession now: I would do Tom Cruise immediatly.
travis arvidson
the dude in the green shirt does not have a chance now.
Donald Gillies
Fallon's Mick Jagger is THE BEST LIP SYNC OF ALL TIME !!!
aniruddh agrawal
So they have one thing in common,
Nicole Kidman dumped both..
Winter Bradshaw
he's so hot
Kenia Romero
I love Risky Business
I thinik it would be more perfect if Tom cruise don't mention about high school (cause I suffered the sexual harassment in my high school) so prefer he just sang it without mentioned his high school, but if it's ji hwa high school that's absolutely ok ) in the second round !
Wow, you both did a good job, and this is the most fantastic, excited performance that I've never seen before, thank you, hope to see you soon in the America, my families are all there !
** khaled
he fucking destroyed him with the first song!!
Arnab Ghosh
Why didn't he perform old time rock and roll?
Siena Mars
Cruise..What a nutter. A creepy narcissistic loon. His deranged smile and look in his eyes make my skin crawl.
Rnl Gtr
Buddy Guy!!!!!
jeremy van marle
Bob Seger Old time Rock and Roll would be really unfair lol Jimmy's face when he heard that, that right there is the face of epic defeat.
Kris Dedsec
And thats how you fry jimmy...
cow anims
cringe factory
is that Buddy guy sitting with band?
Todd Simpson
The bands faces are beautiful😂
sebastien richard
well one of the best!
Brita Cashman-Tarrant
How can this possibly get a thumbs down? Great song choices, Tom! Lots of fun and laughs and genuinely entertaining.
Minima lista
Minima lista
Emelli Duarte
toms lipsynk is good but he could have moved around or danced shooo.
LOVE Jimmy Fallon!
Gloria Camarillo
James Cordon against Jimmy Fallon
Paul Glover
old mate in the green shirt has some trust issues there. but his girlfriend was squirming a bit
Liam Tunnu
What is the song in the outros
H. Xinwei Chen
i wish he'd done it
Albert TR
7:26 it was in that moment, jimmy knew, he fucked up
akash arc
we love u tom
Shivanshu Bansal
Hopeless Wanderer
When you remember this nigga did rock of ages
sillent thief
the whole show i was worried about him, i didn't want him 2 get a heart attack
Dylan Coletrain
that was fun
First time I have ever seen this............................ omg the cringe.
Bárbara Fonseca
tom f*ckind killed this!!! hell yeahhhh
Ian Davis
Tom Cruise is the KING
Hannah Rovente
Tom Cruise may be crazy but he's my kinda crazy!! And he's still hot as hell!!!
The .CrystalBoat
Jimmys lip sync battles are boring
Shivam Chari
can anyone tell me which song is played at 4:35
Haitam chouiekh
50 years old and still godd looking AF. Damn tom.
Kesso Man
not even funny,fallon is Fake
Kesso Man
both are ridiculous and to old for this shit
Lil Xpert
what song was it I CANT think
diana aguirre
Love Tom Cruise
Lilah Egan
I love Tom Cruise. I now feel ashamed that I made a video shipping him from Interview with a vampire and him from mission impossible (yes together) [on my channel if you wanna see it]
Sumit Gupta
Jimmy fallon is so oooooooooooooo talented
Diana C. Peñaloza
Diosss mio que bueno estás TOM!!! <3 hahahahah
Geez Tom is more handsome than ever!!!! What a shame he is involved in that weird Scientology ideology.
csenge varkonyi
He looks like a young Steve Jobs
Tom's mic was on, the songs weren't playing in the background, he was really songing
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