Baahubali பாகுபலி‬ - Official Trailer (Tamil) - SS Rajamouli - Prabhas, Rana Dagubatti

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Studio Green - K.E. Gnanavel Raja proudly presents Baahubali #பாகுபலி a SS Rajamouli Film
Releasing in Tamil soon!

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sujeesh nair
varun nakkeran is correct
Subasri Subasri
3 part
Muru Theivasegamani
Yap Pei Wen
can i know what is the story about?
Mashhood Chaudhary
Tamil dubbing ia not so good..... no emotions were there. especially prabhas's voice.
Dhaarini Karunamoorthy Anandkumar
Did prabhas dubbed for tamil or any other dubbing artist. please share genuine answer.
Padma Kumar
hit like anyone who watching this in 2017
jamal mohamed
who all came here after watching part 2 trailer??
ismail kılınçer
süper. .
takash gon
does anybody know who dubbed for prabhas? sounds like arjun
Chandra Kishor Reddy
best of luck to both bb2 robo2
hitler killer
hope he works with Surya
killer Session subs.
Andie HI
what the title the movie is?
prakash Gugloth
We proud to 4 stets mean south Indian film bahubali world famous thanks to shankar sir making a enthiran ss rajamouli proud to be Indian
Prasanna Prasad
"Imsai Arasan 23 M Pulikesi" better than baahubali .... Vadivelu rockes !!
Just wait until they make a Mahbharata movie.... It BETTER be claimed by the South Indian production (Tamil, please) if they want to outdo Telugu. No way is Bollywood going to keep quiet, now, after the release of Baahubali. The class of Mahabharata is on par with or greater than the lore of the Lord of the Rings. They better not fuck it up.
Epic Movie!! Like Enthiran/Robot..
Hope Enthiran 2 will surpass this movie!
Alam Kanm
star vijay
bahubali vs enthiran
bahubali:- vfx is best, costumes are best, story is worst
enthiran:- vfx is best, costumes are best, story is best
Хитрый Дед
ухахахаа забавно
shahban choudhary
Mehmet G
bune lan adam battal gaziyi geçmiş
Sony Mmm
Sony Mmm
Cristala Robert
sellapandiyan pandiyan
Pls I need tamil I cant find
Rithik S
my fav movie
Antonio Rodriguez
Whats the last song (when the battle begins) called?
Selvaraj Suresh
Raj Nadar
I watched this movie twice because of how good it is...haven't done that for an Indian movie in a long time. Definitely the best Indian movie I've seen in a long time...looking forward to the conclusion in the new year :)
bahubali is osum
Big Uh
super movie loved it.
ThalaThalapathy Da!
dear Telugu brothers!plz stop criticising Tamil people coz we got 8k likes and dislikes less than 500.. we south Indians must be united! Best of luck for bahubali and puli... they are two eyes of Indian cinema!
Extreme Drazeros
dei mayiraandigala.....a few years ago a tamil movie came out named Irandaam Ulagam Directed By Selvaraghavan..y'all did'nt appreciate that movie and that movie was a flop eventhough it had great VFX same equality with this someone from telugu industry came out a film like this y'all celebrating..? Fuck Y'all
Lalitkumar Balasubramanian
a perfect competitor for 300
Amir Sony
Tarun Kaushik
Is it surya's voice In tamil dub?
shan su Supa
Normally I dont comment in you tube . Being a Tamilan now I feel like I should say something about Tamil vs Telugu fuss few people are trying to create. This is a direct Tamil film by Telugu film industry(along with Telugu). People should understand it first. Both Tamil and Telugu versions are Original and other language ones are dubbed.

We normally dont go for dubbed films because we dont like the movies. Its nothing racist or etc its may be our cultural tastes are different. And normally other language movies dont sinc in here. But now you can see for your self this is running so much successful in Tamil areas as well.

Thank you for SSR for making a milestone movie in Tamil aswell otherwise we might have missed a great movie like this. He along with shankar now pillars of southern Cinema which is now the power house of Indian cinema I would say. We are now eagerly waiting for part 2
ararfat hossain
ha tot
Riyajath 'M
Naveen Maney
We are Indian first ,pls pls pls..Don't fight like Muslim countries.
Kalai Arasan
Attitude,patience,sincerity,hardworking and creative that's created " BAHUBALI" hats off to the director sir SS.Rajamouli and the team........proud to be a film maker
Viswaiyapan Viswa
Jency Rani
ஐ! திரைப்படத்துக்காக விக்ரமுக்கு தேசிய விருது கிடைக்குமென எதிர்பார்த்தேன். இப்பொழுது சந்தேகம்..............
Cholan Raje
3 hours ponadhe theriyala...superb film
Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan
I wanna watch this movie, tamil or telugu don't care. ! Full credits to Prabhas and Rajamouli ! Its time we start going above and beyond the benchmarks !
syedabbas muhammedabbas
wowed super
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