brian champney
Just a dickhead. Lets just take the word of the russian lawyer. LOL
brain dead haters and their russian conspiracy theories. hahahahahahahaha
Lets see, By liberal news. Trump election team is working in collusion with Russians. So, here comes someone with information that could help Trump from the Russian's. They, Russian lawyer has to make a secret meeting with Trump Jr. to pass information. WHY? Russian's, as liberals say, are already in contact with Trump election team. Let them pass info. Why does this person have to sneak this info to Trump Jr.? If collusion is REAL, Trump team would get if from Russian's contact directly, not through the back door of Trump Jr. And how does this prove collusion anyway? Parallel story, Jr. tries to buy drugs, that means his dad is guilty of drug use?
Darrell Belk
Whaaa, Whaa. Wha....
Mike Myr
true America is ripe for the picking for the Hitlers of our world the is way the constitution is so important so not one man can rule america or one political group ,as long as we hold our leaders to the rule of the Constitution groups like CNN MSNBC AND DEMOCRATS THE PRESSURE OF WORLD Government can be held at bay and really i think Trump is taking the bridle of a horse that has had no rule but that of the swamp and and the desire of a few who want it all for them self i still trust Trump ,not seen one bad move from him yet YOU GO TRUMP!!!!!
Mike Myr
true America is well was ripe for the picking for the Hitlers of our world the is way the constitution is so important so not one man can rule america or one political group ,as long as we hold our leaders to the rule of the Constitution groups like CNN MSNBC AND DEMOCRATS THE PRESSURE OF WORLD Government can be held at bay and really i think Trump is taking the bridle of a horse that has had no rule but that of the swamp and and the desire of a few who want it all for them self i still trust Trump ,not seen one bad move from him yet YOU GO TRUMP!!!!!
Why are people mocking Sean? He is an expert when it comes to having Zero Credibility.
Where is Juan Williams? Everytime I turn on Fox news, There's Juan! We better wait until we hear from Juan before we can understand how the left feels about this.
Yeah, the guy who relentlessly lies after night totally crushed the media for pointing out Jr. broke the law by jumping to get information from the Russian government to help his father I'm the campaign.

Hannity is a shameless sycophant and enabler to these criminals to the nation. Jr lied repeatedly, both for months about the campaign's involvement with the Russia government and changes his story on the meeting - going from "it was about adoption!" then "It was to get info on Clinton but ended up about adoption, Jared and Manafort didn't even know why they came!" to now "had to check it out, yeah the emails state this is an effort by the Russian government to help dad, and yeah it says I CCed the emails to Manafort and Kushner the day before the meeting they attended meaning they KNEW EXACTLY why they were there, but it's fine because we didn't get anything despite attempted to collude with the Russian Gov."

Hannity and Jr are the only two without credibility, because again jr is being billed as a victim of the media for DOING EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID HE DID. Fucking morons.
Chip IS POWDER COATING charles brann
Stuart Walker
Y'ALL better find GOD and Fast, right there in the center of your chest and you better be honest with your Self because you're no where at this point of your being. LOVE is the only thing built to last so stop half assing your existence and trashing our life.
It's so entertaining watching U dumbasses getting fucked by criminals in Washington and loving it! Finally, U will feel on your own skin just how stupid U are. And remember, Hillary and Trump are the best U people got! :-)
James King
Thanks for the facts!!!!!!!
Tony Neal
President Bush I pray that you would repent I pray that the Lord have mercy on your soul
Jared Sterling
He is a GOON asshole. He is a schmuck asshole. With your $29 mill net worth for nothing u have contributed to society, get your pasty white old ass into a NYC Salon and get a makeover with that moronic hairstyle u arrogant fuck blowhard. Please, someone....if u pass Hannity in Manhattan on the street, kick him in the balls so he ends up in a wheelchair? Somebody? I beg u.
Jared Sterling
America's Worst haircut on America's Most Heinous Human Being. *Pray for a Heart Attack in due course. Evil under the Sun.
Foghorn Leghorn
I take it he was talking about Trump, or was it Trump jr, or was it Jared Kushner, or was it...
so much bs,Trump jr jumped at the opportunity of getting the info that's enough to show the kind of lowlives the Trump's are.
John Lakis
Oh my God are you all so brainwashed so blind the whole Trump team are traitors destroying the US democratic system there is facts now there is a fire not just smoke and mirrors... I can't believe the ignorance the totally denial of the truth. There are criminal acts beyond collusion. They are traitors to the US colluding with are worst adversaries the Russians .... please wake the hell up.
shadowhead masked bandit
you mad
shadowhead masked bandit
what a spin 😅😅😅
__ katsuhiro__
don't understand how a real journalist could ever call other journalists "members of corrupt media", and speak about credibility...
especially coming from a guy of fox news, who shouldn't be call "journalist" in front of newspapers like the N.Y.Times (that everyone should read instead of getting news from any tv show)
that being said, hannity gives no evidence of that story about ukrainian interference, something that a real journalist would try to find before talking.
besides, that doesn't make donald jr innocent so, criticizing the press and those who give facts, instead of questioning trump is a very dishonest position.
finally,: the NYTimes was right about these emails of trump jr, so...who is fake news?
Tired of Fools
Hannity is the king of LIES.... FAKE NEWS
S Cooper
Bob Stanley
Trump could take a dump on the front lawn of the White House and Hanity would defend it and use it to show he is making America great again. Such a shill. This whole "news" publication is nothing more than reporting an opinion by showing biasing facts by pulling them out of context, just like he is saying other "news" organizations are doing. Yes there are shills on both sides of the media all major news sources are biased to their message including Fox "News". The hypocrisy in this is just hilarious!
Michael Shapiro
8,607 views, but 300 Thumbs, TOTAL? HORSESHIT!
Michael Shapiro
SET-UP! It reeks. HOWEVER: His name IS SETH RICH. Rhymes with HANG ROB'EM, THE BITCH. Bill Clinton is a Rapist. Podesta Pederasta. Barry Soetoro is a Kenyan Foreign Exchange Student - Exchanging AMERICA for the Islamic Caliphate. Coma for Comey. LYNCH LORETTA. DECLARE SC Judge GINSBERG, UNFIT. BUILD THAT WALL. MAGA! (Tomorrow, my real opinion.)
Spin mode engaged!
Donald Trump Jr. releases all of his e-mails to be transparent and gets raked over the coals with more false accusations by the left. But Hil-liar-y, released no e-mails, kept classified info on a private server, erased official documents from her hard drive and on and on (real crimes), and you hear crickets. The blatant hypocrisy by the left stream media is cowardly!
Jmo Bello
Sean Hannity has less than zero credibility.
Runar Bolstad
IF this meeting was the ONLY meeting and only connection with Russia I could hear you out.

BUT the fact is that Trump IS president, and not Hillary Clinton. And the fact that Hillary probably are as crooked as hell, does not make Trump less crooked.

Calling the rest of media fake when they have been working on this story for months because they KNOW that there is a story here is insane. BECOUSE There are a story here, collusion or not, this email prove that someone try to hook Trump campaign. and boy did they bite the bate.

The only reason president Trump has all this madness in the news is his own Twitter account...
and of cource also the top level of his campaign staff and wh staff entangled in different Russia ties.
if things happen once it unique, twice not so unique, three time... four times probably not a coincident anymore.
Is the real psyop here to get us to like Russia more than the American media? That's what's going to happen. Face it RT is better news than the MSM other than Hannity.
A Hot Carl For You
Hannity telling other people they have no credibility? He has to know how stupid he looks right ?
divine angelvoice
Hannity you are a great reporter, a dignified human, who dare fight for the truth and and have the gift of the gab to tell people about the truth, which the other pathetic so called news media do not want the ordinary people to know. God bless you Hannity and Gods spirit gives you the fire of truth.
советская родина
Goldstone a Russian lawyer? sounds like a Jew to me and to you too.
Franco Valente
Spawners of fake news are at it again, no, I'm not referring to the MSM....
Fast Eddie 95
Why is Hannity allowed to breathe...what a fucking waste of skin...
Steven Bryant
More smoke and mirrors from The Donald and Fox " news ".
Deee S
Hannity is such a joke, not a journalist, not an American. Take that American Flag pin off your jacket you fucking traitor.
Evan C
God, it's all about INTENT. It's so bizarre that Hannity and Trump supporters can't even acknowledge this. Clinton is not president. Trump is and that's why he deserves to be targeted!
HANNITY , You are a liar and you have ZERO credibility.
Hannity a LIAR. Hannity a LIAR. Hannity a LIAR. Hannity a LIAR. Hannity a LIAR.
Korey Yearwood
yes I learned a lot Sean. I found out that u have no objectivity . I also found out that u are a professional liar and spin doctor. u would support trump if he shot a man on t.v . u and fix have a pro trump agenda and ignores anything that is not flattering. anyone with sense knows that the emails were only released because the times had them . if he wanted to be transparent we would have found out over a year ago. Hannity literally sucks trumps Dick on TV everynight . yall are insane. anything for a racist that wants to build a wall. yall will defend anything to keep ur guns. Something is wrong with hannity and the rest of yall right wing nuts. u dont know what balanced is.
Scott Adams
some people just can't accept the truth if it is not their beliefs then it doesn't exist SO SAD nah just pathetic
Woodbine Twineth
Your spin is wound to the right That is the only difference You r MSM also just different bias People need to fact check & read a variety of sources Stop with the high horse stand
MD Proulx
I worked for a Russian company in Africa who traded on the London stock exchange does that mean I'm a spy and that the London exchange abetted in Russian affairs. The whole thing about Donald junior meeting with a Russian lawyer is actually so ridiculous. The Liberal democrats just won't let up they are sore looser and they have the brainwashing media in their back pockets. Shame on them. Russia is not the enemy, those who try to make something of this other than what it is are the real enemy of America folks.
Professor Liberal Avenger
Sean insanity agreed to be waterboarded for charity. But like other weak, doughy KKKonservacultists, he was lying.

Time to get rid of Red Don. LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP, LOCK THEM UP.

Silly, dirty goobers.
Hannity is only concerned with making his millions. He profits from controversy. No controversy, no profit. Those that listen to Rush, Hannity, Bill Maher, Morning Joe, Alex Jone, Rachel Maddow Mike Savage, and all the others are simply practicing confirmation bias... that is, listening not for actual information but to just to feel good because they're going to say what we each like for them to hear, and then get a little dopamine reward for it in our brains. It's mutual masturbation, both audience and entertainer getting off on each other, every day, day in and day out.
Trump's validation of people's xenophobic beliefs, blinds people to the truth, this man doesn't give two shits about none of you clowns!!! His great plan was to have you "dying on the streets" with no healthcare and he hires the banking elite to run his government while telling you he's "draining the swamp" hahaha bunch of inbred retards!!!
Carlos Pastrana
is sad how you mislead your audience is really sad . there is other great white people that can run this great nation dushbag and you settle for another dushbag like you. it make sense you idiot
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