Nintendo Switch painful launch

issuedefectiveflawproblemglitchbrokennot workingsyncscratch

Switch users experiencing a wide range of different issues from day one. Reports are submitted everyday with new pictures and videos. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.
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Videos that aren't included.
Technical issues thread with reports
Raiju Zilla
The Nintendo Switch sucks ass anyways
Briel Layman
man its just the third month of the year and switch made sure to make it shit already
Why these things only happends with youtubers?
// Unknown Abyss //
Nintendo is a evil product. Don't buy it.
I bet 50% of this was fake
Galie Razen
Welp,My switch has literally not had a single problem in the slightest.
y tho
why is it called the comfort grip if it's uncomfortable?

I have big hands so it sucks. Use the Joycons alone or just buy the pro controller.
Edgelord McNippleTwist
I'm just waiting a bit to buy one, this is why you shouldn't buy at first launch
Zoella Awm
game crashes
Vortex_Plasma :D
Good to know this product is absolutely shit
Blue 556
"This is the new world of Zelda."
Ryan Phan
Corrupted glitch omg
Ryan Phan
Kill me way to loud
I dont want to protect the switch since its mostly its own fault. but what retard puts those things on backwards
Jodi Cii
There was an update to sort all of this out a day after it came out. I got it a day after the release and it was fine.

Don't go by this to say the Switch is a really bad console, updates are constantly being released to stop this happening. Some of this isn't even Nintendo's fault. The fault is of the shipping companies for a lot of this. The joycons aren't flimsy at all.
Dewi Kingdon
6:23 the sound of raw hell
dj Simon WXM
A tech company that does not have issues please stand up 😬
gatorator the beast
buy one still
gatorator the beast
housefly ma
Hey, did you hear about the genocide in Syria. And America has elected its first openly racist president? STFU!!!! THE NINTENDO SWITCH IS A PIECE OF SHIT!!! Yea thats the world for ya.
Timelord Dreemur
I do not want to waste me money on that stuff.1 it's not sturdy 2 the particals3 loud scream
0:00 this is photoshoped
davi master1234
fake its fake
I Am Who I Am
My Gameboy SD used to do that a lot lmao.. Just freeze out of no where.
Danish James
Emulator for Switch coming soon for the glorious PC Master Race.
vsnake68 xxxx
jajajajajajajajaja FAKEEEEEEEE
And this is why I never buy Nintendo again. Why are they attempting to emulate a tablet? Just leave PC gaming to the pros.
Adrian Garcia
I use my for target practice
Sedidan Danazu
5:20 Are you retardet? You are pulling it out in the wrong way!
Jibiyan The cat
they attached the straps the wrong way
Snaketuber 2nd
The durability test I saw was quite good with the switch. It won't break to common bends. But the joy cons with enough deliberate force will snap off. That is more force than a standard drop.
Snaketuber 2nd
I was amazed for a second on how people put the straps on backwards then I tried it myself about halfway and I can see how.
Dean Botton
Not Nintendo's fault. Stop being an idiot.
Trev DoubleU
8,816,069 views you should be able to buy a new one now
Arnold Sneider
Thanks this video, make me save quite a lot of money:)
Tatiana Fomina
The switch was put togther by real people. That explains everything.
Mangi Rabaul
shit! seriously!?
The switch for the discoloration is turning off the device and turning it back on. Just saying, it happened to me this morning.

User error.
2:01 R2D2 is in the house
I just got mine yesterday and I hardly had any problems, because it was AFTER LAUNCH

Okay, this just looks pretty cool for a bit, until it got eye-bleeding x-x
Jeanette Magana
this is why you don't buy games when they just come out
I hate how this video frames the problems as if everyone has them. The Switch isn't bad, some units of all consoles will have problems. In fact, every Xbox 360 White version would red ring of death after a couple years.
Nintendo: "It's a feature!"
Zackiapplesauce HD
Everyone is not using it well
Zackiapplesauce HD
I have no problems with my switch
Maximus Rex
I was planning to get one
this things are so great the best feature it has is the one were the screen changes to different colors and textures (just me being sarcastic btw)
Panda Plays Terraria
Don't by a letendo switch
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