Nintendo Switch painful launch

issuedefectiveflawproblemglitchbrokennot workingsyncscratch

Switch users experiencing a wide range of different issues from day one. New reports are submitted everyday. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.
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Technical issues thread with reports
Some videos that aren't included:
BairaTube Gamer
just buy a 3ds or a 2ds
The JoyCon problem can be fixed easily... Although I understand it shouldn't be a problem you have to google.
6:22 Are there hamsters in your Nintendo Switch?
Jaramaico Callos
I know every consoles has defectives and glitches at early lauches. I watched this because i want to see what are the glitches that could possibly happened on switch.
Pray For The World
i have got all of this problems but nintendo didnt help me.
Now i am selling it dont wanna waste my time with this cunnnnts
All consoles have game crashes, it's not a big deal, all of these issues are not widespread or they are caused by retards
kill la kill fanboy
Boy: this is really fun

Switch: I'm going to glitch yo ass up

Boy: what the hell just happen
King the Gamer
The first one is edited
Dylan B
Nintendo: ... uh oh
Just A Pancake
Most people are just going on about "I'm lucky my switch is fine" well if your switch was defective you would be pissed too, usually there are always problems with a new console at launch and not everyone is as lucky as you.
time to play zelda breath of the wild on wii u and PC only :D
watches people get there Nintendo Switch controllers broken

Me: There is something called Google muthafackers
Itz NaNo
jesus christ the straps are so easy to fix! all you need is to the the two little tabs in the joycon with a skrew driver
Truth VS The Agenda
Anyone who bought this stupid piece of shit deserves it. What would you expect.
sam bickle
Big Nate on A Sheikah slate
1:40 Language tall headed one.
Bass Boy
Fake news
Your BaconHairedBuddyYT
probably when you put the Nintendo switch in the dock, it might have nicked up the screen.
Rafy Koby
what a piece of shit :D
LeGaCy ShY
Still better than Xbox 1 and PS4 launches .. DAMN systems weren't even functioning at launch
waltdisney444 - Roblox And More
maybe the Nintendo switch will get very few sells by this video
Mick Kenny
so wait, it's a heap of shite?
Esto es un chiste?. Menuda mierda
10:30 Nintendo Switch fails live on Portugal TV.
LOL face
Nintendo BROKEN

Sorry for being mean
1 million
So if it doesn't work Nintendo will make a console 1 year later called the Nintendo Switch 2.0
At 3:04 the reason the console is not working is because it's suppose to be fucking on
At 2:20 how did the dock scratch the screen because the scratches are horizontal and not vertical
the ones who put on the wrist thing the wrong way, or/and managed to scratch the screen are actuaally fucking mentally retarded
PokeNathan Kawaii
compraste una falsa
Brent Sommers
The wrist bands are quit easy to get off if you put them on upside down just make shore it's not locked and u the button on the ather side of the joy con the pull it of
Ali Rind
What is that loud high frequency sound, im really curios
Ultimate Snowball
The new Nintendo Glitch!
fix all for probles throw out windon
Hyrule Radio
Aww he broke a nail!
Mega Marz
btw alot of these are fake
JuanCarlos Mangoni
Holy shit is scary good I don't have one
xGoDieX _
1st. Its on the first day of launch.
2nd. Blow on it.
3rd. Pull the white part on the controller to pull it out.
4th. If you want to complain, keep the fucking receipts and then return it.
5th. Some of you are just going to settings and Trying to get it to fuck up just to get Nintendo to not make any other games from having not enough time to even make any.

So how about this. Quit complaining. And get some common sense.
maverick kidwell
People struggling to get it off look like the jam animations from Far Cry 2
Shadowignis 13379
it bad that I feel lucky my switch doesn't do that?
Jamie Smith
this makes me so happy that i didnt go and throw my money on this console straight away as i first planned. because even though some of the things going wrong were the own peoples fault, its still supposed to be a console for the entire family. including kids, who dont always think about what way the joypads go on. furthermore, wtf is going on with those glitches and shit?
I might wait a few months and see if they patch all this crap and wait for the price drop before i consider.
Angelo Miller
My works fine
i hate when games freezes on you and get triggered
Kaziak Ch
did you guys even try to blow the game and if you guys like me to 10 i will tell you how to fix the strap
dragon gaming
if the straped the wrong a you need a screw driver
gabriel chavez
Now kids, this is why you never buy something on the first launch release
I honestly don't get this system... It's literally junk being sold for 400$ +. The system was rushed to market, and that was painfully obvious. Game performance is terrible. The only people buying this system are the idiots who got screwed over by the Wii U and didn't learn their lesson. 3rd party support? Their won't be any because companies are testing how games will sell by releasing old gen games that have already been bought and played on the Ps4 and Xbox1. This system is selling well now, because it is new. Give it 2 years and no one will be buying it anymore.
Josh Dun
6:15 sounds nice
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