Nintendo Switch painful launch

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Switch users experiencing a wide range of different issues from day one. Obviously that doesn't mean all switches are defective, this is a "painful launch" for those consumers featured in the video only. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.
Technical issues thread with reports:
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Jesus some of these guys sound autistic as fuck tbh
Laser Sword master
This is how you fix go back to the store were you bought and get a refund
Jeff Bauhaus
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

And yes im unoriginal
M36 Games
These people are dumb, I mean the ones who can't get off the joycon grips. lol
Barro 45 is greater than 44
It was screaming, you scared it. You should have tried blowing in it, they usually like that. Usually.
Stuff and things
Well I’m glad I don’t like Zelda
Brandon Maxon
welp, guess i'll stick to my 3ds for now
Birdygamer012 // Osvaldo Flores
When you remember the restart button. 7:32
atlasgamer GD
Video games are trashh
Nice they were lazy making the Nintendo switch.thats why i don’t have one
A Chair
Nintendo switches suck lol
My Wii u is very faithful to me... this is just sad 😂
7:56 You probably just went to system settings, went to the "System" section, went to "Change Color Display" option and picked "invert colors" and went into the game, did nothing and say it is broken.
1:39 Maybe you should try flicking the "LOCK" switch, then it will slide off easily.
Dave Games
i think it might be because people lick the cards might be wrong so :p
Yopo Beep
Some Zelda ones look like the game was corrupted somehow? I dont think those were the switch
wolfieplatgamer 17
They did that because they just came out and its very very new and all systems glitch after they come out even the ps4 used to glitch
sky venger
3:07 no wonder why his screen has marks on it ! Look at how he takes it out of the dock ! Can people stop being retarded ?
This is why you never buy consoles on launch.

I love how people say the Switch was bad even though it's sold 7 million copies in less than it's first year.
aiden smith
It sucks that they don't know how to put the strap on right
Rangarajan Kesavan
Why don you put a video of the millions of switch users not experiencing any problems and enjoying the switch. ??? except just take a few negatives and project as if all consoles are problematic. Your channel has only negative videos, clearly shows the type of person you are
Giacomo Wilson
Go back to play xbox live!
Some Person
Oh pff...

These are just problems with individual people.
I loved Zelda games in the past. I'm not willing to buy this crap.
king ikz
I saw just going to buy the switch 😫😲😭
Tippleader 830
Did you pour water down the back?
Why the fuck is everyone asking me that
Look how well it's doing now kid.
did this man jsut say that was 6 feet away
Scorpio 1001
Of course I get loose joycon😖
Dr Money65
6:32 clean your game card dummy
Miguel Bermudez
Bruh 10:26 is not a painful launch you need to do it with both controller's not with one you stupid fucking idiot
Cartridge Cat
This Video Is A Little Outdated
Andrzej Wielechowski
Judy Park
one thing to get the side wristband JoyCon add is to get a small screwdriver and if you see those two metal pieces and one of the ends of the Wristband attachment, get your small screwdriver and gently put those on the Two metal pieces and WHAM! OYU GOT IT!!
Mr Finnish
Try turning it on and off again.
the switch had 60 games at launch people forget that its not region locked and almost all games that were released in other countries had options to be played in english, if you wanted more games at launch you had you were just to lazy to find them
This is the worst crowb cat video over half of the clips are misuse and 90% of the rest are just missed quality control problems that happen with every product. 3.05 that light doesn't stay on if your t.v is off... Crow did you even do research on this shit before you uploaded it? I didn't buy a switch until last week cos of this dumb ass video i have had none of these problems the console is fucking great.
Nintendo just need to die, But like a phenix i hope they get their shit staright.
gamer boy
My switch is death Aug 23th - Nov 16th
Nico 2.0
3:31 Oh, I know that screen. Nights of Azure shows it to me on a regular basis, it brought me to the point that I save the game after every single dialogue I had. Anyway, still finished the boobs... game, I meant game.
Why are all of them in Legend of Zelda maybe its the game
Chandler Dimitriadis
Those cunts around 1:50 don't deserve a switch if they can't even look after it properly,sure they made a mistake and put it in the wrong way but then pulling with all their might is honestly so retarded,literally just get a pen and push down a button and boom it's fixed.
HighTech Gaming
I love how just about half these videos are because people don’t know how to use the switch. It’s not even the switch, it’s the people. I’m laughing at how stupid they are xD.
John Cheung
Is very painful...
John Cheung
Obviously,is errored
Jose_loves _dogs
During the glitches, have you ever tried to put the switch in sleep mode or taking the game card out?
Panagiotis Konstantinides
if you are careless this wil happen its not nintendo's fault
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