Nintendo Switch painful launch

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Switch users experiencing a wide range of different issues from day one. Obviously that doesn't mean all switches are defective, this is a "painful launch" for those consumers featured in the video only. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.
Technical issues thread with reports:
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WhereHaveIbeen WhereHaveibeen
2:00 R2d2 voice appears
Julio Quintero
do never buy is fukeing crap buy a psvita
Obviously for all the people having graphical glitches it was just errors in the mass production. Besides that, probably shipping errors.
zakaria Abdullah
Fuck you
Braulio Marin
Its funny how a kid is smarter than the two not cute couple
Emmanuel Amoh
I hope you all got your refunds :)
Super Star Gio
People keep putting the game card the wrong way
Spark Mod
i just think of vinesauce joel everytime one comes XD
Rocio Raña
Oh my no switch logo save it
6:56 he's just impatient
Error de fabrica
I dont know what GPU they've implemented on this device, but its a piece of shit, Intel HD Graphics are more stable.
Squidward Tennisballs
The Nintendo apologists are in full force holy cow
Doge Gamer
Omg those straps are so easy to get off and im only 11
Doge Gamer
Me on mondays
Amparo Gallegos
..I am a Boy, y el equipo de recetas de pes de cocinar y que se le ha podido ser xcurson de cocinar caldo de 🐔 meridianamente claras que me valla caminando y en este contexto se
mrkiller 2913
do they test everything about the consle intill they release it
SuperMarioLogan Bro
Seems like Microsoft really improved that Blue Screen
The Gamers United
the 2nd video all you had to do is turn it off
Michael Alfonso
Its better to play game&watch
Shane Kassis
If the guy at 8:02 chose the inverted color option that is one the switch now what would happen
the gaming koopa
6:26 Donald Duck!!!!!!!
Homeless pc Guy2
I have had zero problems with the switch.
Vitor Henrique
Nintendo in Windows bsod
Antorias Of The Abyss
Fucking retards.
classic Sonic
Alonso Aguirre
2:04 when you are fighting mewtwo
Nazo Harmonia
I look at this video and still wonder what the heck made those noises in the switch?
Aphotic Shades
cheap mass production crap. It was kind of rushed, and these are the repercussions
Am I the only one who only watches this because i do not have a switch?
Raven Gone
I am just going to stick the controller at the sides
YouTube NOOB
6:15 I thought that was the sound of running water in a fish tank. But then I read the title to the video one more time... and then it hit me.
Cesar Rosas
How the fuck do you manage to fuck up a easy as thing plus go with plus minus go with minus ok?
This is why I got breath of the wild for wii u :)
Daniel Munn
Some people are honestly idiots. To do some of the things you need to do to break the switch is to put a large neodium magnet right beside the switch. This makes the screen break.
fucking idiots buying the switch just to be the first to have it...
Ink Bendy
TheMineBlox Dave
My nintendo switch is broken is like its black but the controoler make some noice when i click it plz help
Нью Йорк хотод үйлдвэрлэсэн
Can't wait for the Xbox one x edition
The Lucky Guy
number three always happens to me exept on pc
Mango Yolk
Glad I got lucky and mine didn’t come fucked up at all
Hey are these issues resolved in the new batch of switches?
Ebefren Revo
7 months later, the Switch had the most successfull console launch of all the time, outselling the ps4 on monthly sells, outstanding exclusives and a solid third party support. like i say, haters gonna hate.Ill be back in a year for more ass kicks.
Skully Tux
I want a switch :(
Ted Massalsky
I know right just wait dummies
Tyler Plays
People put the strips on backwards because they are idiots
Spethman Jones
Julieta Monge T.
I'm scared😱😨😩😥😧
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