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From an man attempting to kidnap a young girl to an attempted kidnapping of a baby at a grocery store, here are 5 Attempted Kidnappings Caught On Tape

Music: "Day of Chaos" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Qais Din
Number 3 u hsve to wacth the whole vd search it
Lucie And the family
I'm only 10 this scared me
Tync Morgan
so whats with the jackass bystanders in t e second one who didn't do shit?
Woodland Wolf
#5 man tries to kidnap girl. no shit.
Katie X
Fucking creeps . Kill them all. I just wanna hug my siblings and watch them 24/7 now. We are never safe :(
Lovleyroze/SMOL dream
The girl who bit and kicked the kidnapper is my cousin I’m not lieing
David Cruz
If somebody attempted to kidnap me I they would grab my arm and stuff but not my legs so I would kick him in the balls I'll pop them😂
Super Plush Dude
its like boys when they were young never gotten abducted by women before lmao
Pretty Little Psycho
This is why I carry a pocket knife in my bra. It's sickening how women are just seen as sex toys to men. Just because your feeling horny doesn't mean you can just use us. Go masturbate or something.
Learning as I go
About 3 weeks ago (PA) I parked the car as my normal routine getting the toddler out then the baby. He was standing next to me and I would look over to make sure he's still there. I had a gut feeling something was wrong and a man was standing there. He told me he didn't know the child was mine. About 15min later in the Dollar Store my toddler had to go potty. A lady was standing there saying she is going first. She started to walk out so I held the door. (it's a toilet and sink, not multiple) Then she turned around to wash her hands and said my son can go potty. I told him to wait. She kept insisting he goes. Then she looked at my son and said "your just shy why you won't go with me in here".
Teddie Phend
Justin XD
The first one is the parents fault cause her parents didn't take care of the girl
The Penis is evil and leads to perversion and this kind of sh!t . sorry but its true
Team Bulldog 55
This is why I have skills I can kick really Really REALLY HARD NOT JOKING
I was once walking to the store with my three year old bro (this was 4 months ago) and this old man walked near me with a creepy ass smile. I took my brothers hand and walked to the side to let him past. He grabbed me and kicked him slapped him bit him and scratched him. He was in pain, I said "You fucking let me go my dad is a police officer" he was about to throw me into the car, but my brother was playing with my rlly sharp forget slimmer. He threw it at the man and Ig got him right in the eye. He was mad, he got up and ran towards Me. Luckily, I always carry s knife with me in case pedophiles... So I pulled it out and my bro went: MERCYY AHHHHH. I managed to trap the guy when I threatened to stab him unless he got in the car. I took the keys and locked him in. He couldn't drive away, and I called the police. And that's how you do it.
CurtJay Leee13
Wtf i wish a stranger would pick up my baby without saying a word that lady seemed calm i woulda started throwing hands
That lady continued to let this stranger man she don't know who picked her child up without her permission while her back was turned for a minute, before she took her from him, why, I would've told him give me my kid and don't ever do that cause idk you
Freya Turner The Crafty Girl
(Spoken) Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata (Sung) Ain't no passing phase It means no worries for the rest of our days it's our problem free philosophy hakuna Matata! Idk the rest hope u enjoy the song "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King!!! 😍😍😍😍 My favourite movie 😍😍😍😍!!
Random Person
"After commiting a sin."

I just cringed so hard.
RandomStuffyTuftyStuff Vidacic
1:16 oh my god Why did you do that?
What's Even the point of kidnapping
Im freeeaking crying.
Number 5 was shit
I almost got kidnapped at a wedding one year ago, the guy had all the same interests as me and I was too stupid to realize he was trying to make himself not look like a threat. He told me to call him Doc and never told me a real name, he asked me to take the trash out with him and had an interest in me throughout the entire wedding. my mom stopped me from taking the trash out.

I also gave him my email so we could work on a summer video I was doing, since he had all the same interests as me. He said he had a connection with one of my favorite film makers, sam kold, and I didn’t wanna turn that offer down. I later learned that he wanted my email to track my IP and find where I live. Learn from me and never ever ever ever let someone take advantage of you like that, and if something seems off or too good to be true, it probably is.
Josephine Smith
Wtf!! I would have went ape shid on anyone trying to take my kid!!
matt Hoffy
I would love to slowly insert a glowing red rod up each of these sickos asses. Literally made me shake watching this!
Yo Dude
Only the music is scary
Zaya Capo
Yes always watch your kids
Kenneth Huynh
Naw it was more like for number two the girls like oh a victim you yon yon and she gets a hammer to the head
Oreo Corgii
Ugh...this is why I hate society nowadays...I CANT EVEN TAKE A WALK TO THE ELEM. SCHOOL THATS A BLOCK AWAY! And I'm almost 13..like come on! I hate it when people decide to do horrible things and then afterwards ruin it for everybody.
I am Worth It
Fucking pedophiles.
Coffee or Nah?
I was walking home one time, 10 years old, this black Audi pulled up just a few feet I front of me, it was a tight space to get through, between a bush and a car. Nobody could see me. I started to walk slower, He was pretending to be on his phone but I didn't take my eyes off of him, I was getting closer, so I walk back to the bus stop, where my Auntie and brother are. Obviously because my auntie was too busy talking to my brother, the man thought I was probably walking home on my own. He drove away as soon as I got to my aunt and brother. By the way, I would say I am smart and quite pretty, not being modest,
I was in town, I just came out of the uniform shop, to make things quicker, I saw this man look at me in the corner of his eye, he walked past. I turned around and he turn around, I caught him looking at me. You might think I am being stupid 'Wow, he looked at you!' He didn't just accidentally look, like you do when you pass people on the street, he aimed to look at me, and it was very busy, I was like a target.
These guys probably kidnaps kids to rape them... That's so sad 😿😿
Agnieszka Chlad
Wał w tym roku w sprawie pracy w Polsce
Tea Rose1
Disturbed and revolting monsters taking people who have done nothing
Melanie Black
Y is it only guys
Lluvia Cruz
My sister always carries her purse and she always have a flash light and sharp things and pens and i always say "You never know when these can come in handy"
That 1 Freak
What happened to the kid in number 3
YouTube is my life
Fuck that dude I would not be a pussy I would fuck the hell out of them
amit berko
Whats the point of kidnapping? Its stupid
Nina R
idk, how that last bitch kept her calm. I would of lost it .
ZeroPoint Black
Yeah who wouldn't want to shagg that first girl but come on that wasn't even close to an attempted kid napping. He was probably admiring her scooter. or checking his google maps.
He sounds dead inside
Kerry Anne
I'm so angry right now 😣
ima princxss
Why people wants other people's kid wtf is wrong with em
Creepy ppl
ptxfan 604
um okay that last one sure looked like a mom and a dad at a grocery store and maybe the baby was crying or something so the dad picked her up like fr he put her right back and at the end he gave the baby a freakin high five 😂🤦‍♀️
Serenaplaysrandomgamez Ofc
This is y I act like a baby being with my mum and dad and being in the shopping cart even tho I am 12
AutumnMSM FC:74683485BB
Every time a car slows down near me my heart stinks to my ass
Michael Faux
Fluffball 123
I'm still a kid0_0well I'm scared
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