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From an man attempting to kidnap a young girl to an attempted kidnapping of a baby at a grocery store, here are 5 Attempted Kidnappings Caught On Tape

Music: "Day of Chaos" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Claire Nahna
How the F**k did my life get so complex to come at watching this?
yane jesus
Me to
Emma M.
My dad told me if someone puts my hands on me, to fight back and then tell him. And then my step mom told me to tell her first, because she would need to find the money to bail my dad out of jail....😂 Don't mess with my dad
Gerardo Ramos
It's scary to know that their is some really messed up people out there that take the time to want to kidnapp little kids. It's sicking and wrong. don't care if it's a man or woman. This shit needs to stop. as a father and newly grandfather I always was scared to know that their was a creeper lurking out there watching or recording our kids. It's more scary now then it was back then. we need to watch out for our children and our childrens children.
My agent Orange starts to act up when i see this shit, mother fucker's want to just start skinning mother fucker's, I'll go straight vile if i was to catch one of these pedo's... hear me FRANK!
Clorox Bleach
yo the 4th one must have been done by a united airlines employee.
Sophie Watches
That last one cracked me up jeez talk about making it obvious
Serina Castro
This is why i keep my baby close to me at all times and i only go out if i need to or take my baby to the park this is so scary
jamz jam
were liveing in a world were child molesters and rapist are let out of prison and not killed for what they did to children were people are not afraid of getting caut.keep your kids close to you at all times its your duty as a parent to keep your kids safe.
Rédice Tilah
People at the supermarket just watch but don't do anything
Arturo Lopez
number 4 is my buddy billy thats actually his son the big bitch wouldn't let him see him
anthony slobodyanik
I once was all most kidnapped but I saw the man and pulled out my new air soft pistol and shot him in the head several times until he left
Topaz Montoya
Pikachu And eevee
Why this music :(
Chim Ney
Why hiding the kidnapper's face.. .?
cleaning unlimited
Assuming the first one was a kidnapping attempt is a bit of a stretch.
sneakerking 101
LionsAllday DETROIT
Lol white dudes always kidnapping kids haha
You sound like a robot
Coollio137 Gaming
2:36 what a brave act the girl did. uhh, didn't that kid scream and scare the guy?
Galaxy Stars
Why would people kidnap kids KIDS HAVE NOTHING THATS MONEY LIKE.. Some people are just stupid
Samantha Maslow
I see little kids alone all the time parents not watching or not a care in the world
Abort Mission
If I think someone wants to kidnap me I try to make a weapon out of anything and hide it until they pass
michele visto
i will never go outside anymore O_O
i'm so glad i know taekwondo
How was the first one attempted kidnapping? Maybe the car was driving in front of the house because he was looking for someone/something/someone's house
Lollipop Gamer
Bitch no
Sucks how we have to live our lives caged due to psychos like these smh..Not fucking fare.
Johnna Medina
I would kill someone that's try to take my kid
Elii Santana
This is why parents need to have a hawke eye on our kids when we are out in public ,no matter if there's a few people around.
Captain Creeps M.H
Why are people so twisted like this?
Genesis Ramirez
why this song 🍙
miss YouTuber
why was a 10 and 2 year old outside by their self ????
Ontario Bryant
i,m still a kid and i had this man start looking at me like he was gonna grab me or something
Jerr Aguirre
These people are sick. This actually happened to me at Walmart. My baby girl was sleeping in her car seat in the shopping cart I turned around for a split second to grab a package of wipes and some guy was trying to walk off with my cart. When I said what are doing and I grabbed the cart back he started mumbling under his breath and took off. It was one of the worst feelings in my life.
Noah Gonzalez
when i was 3 me and my dad where at a shop then a guy had a gun then my dad run up to him and push him down then the police came then they to him to jail and i think i would of get kinap
Casper Idare
Some people are evil
ayy. itz. rachel
im sorry but the music so does not go with the movie
Gamer ClubHD
MOTHERFUCKER!!! He said "the very good thing is he abducted a poor little girl" You BITCH
Michelle Bell
Why the fuck doesn't anyone do anything
Craig Taylor
What the fuck!!!!!!!!
Gabriela Salas
That's why I'm chubby I make it harder to kidnap
At 1:27 I saw that
Bear and Bunny Queen
If someone tried to kidnap me in like a food store I would grab a glass bottle and smash it on there head
Lesa Kaye
Was the first story longer? How does anyone know he was going to kidnap her?
The Diamond Lynx
Plz if your home alone or walking alone or doing anything alone make sure you keep precautionary measures so you won't be kidnapped
Ellie KittyKat22
I'm a 10 year old and I will never leave the house without daddy's body gaurd
Flo Dendy
Once i saw this ad at a cinema about a kidnapper and hardly got any sleep
TotallyNotAnisha _
Wow this is so freaky... it's 3:33 long.
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