Don't Break The Ice! (MattyBRaps vs Olivia Haschak)

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This week, MattyB and Olivia play a game of Don't Break The Ice...with an ice cold punishment for the loser. Let's just say things didn't end so well for Matt haha!  Comment down below what other vlogs you want to see Matt do.  Hope you enjoy!

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Richard Tahi
Un in nonpublic
Amya Guzman
Raya i love you
Zion Greene
maddie.b you lost but i am a Big fan
London Hunt
Whoever makes the ice skater falls loses
Jaleya White
I love you and MattyB good video
Leonie Vollrath
Dich Junge es hubch
Gavin likes McDonald's
that is ridiculous
carmela Solayao
So-so funny!!!!!!
Andrea Wang
linda jasso
I like your video
Katrina Brooks
Matty B you have a crush on Gracie
Gloria SΓ‘nchez
It look like so much fun
J. Dez
Nice t shirt matt go chicago bulls
Lol olivia actually won XD
Poppy Quinn
Eden Augustus
So funny
Family Hedges
2:50 Livy: OH NO NO NO
Shelie Santos
I love that game and it's a polar bear not a person Matty b
Giorgio Gunther
I love joe mettdb
Giorgio Gunther
Mett is de lozer
Raydyn Macdonald
How come most of your vlogs are with olivia and not gracie
Kendall Smith
Matty can I be famous just like you
Lily deBoda
It looks like there is a green screen but they’re hair is blowing and there is light that looks like is coming from above a tree
Jamilly Macedo
Mellecia Smith
Matt are u still dating ivey
baldomero cardenas
Minecraft YoYo
Linda Sherman
por matt .
Ryan Kennedy
Keyana Johnson
Matt this said o shit replay video in see
Anna Franco
Te amo mucho mi amor te envΓ­o muchos besos y abrazos de Anna soy
vRosco -
Say this quickly

Daniella Pinos
Go skydiving please
Nyasiah Taylor
I love you mattyb
Lindsay Brazzel
Mattyb you better win am a big fan
cristina lopez parra
Danika Eisenmenger
HA HA HA!!!!!!!that is SO funny!!!! #THUMBSUP
beverly frederick
You are cute
one only child
I love πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ you so must must muts
one only child
Matty b I love you so must
Liam Rides
you are so hot
Meli Melissa
Olivia wins
Dayra Villa
Spray matty
Jojo Ayyash
oliva you are the winner and matty b you are so funny
crystal quigley
Was the ice cold ❄️ for you MattyB
Abigail Horace
Whenever matt looses he says its riged wich is alot of times
Juan Meadows
Olivia....i have that shirt!
Immanuel Ezerman
Valentina Torres
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