Don't Break The Ice! (MattyBRaps vs Olivia Haschak)

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This week, MattyB and Olivia play a game of Don't Break The Ice...with an ice cold punishment for the loser. Let's just say things didn't end so well for Matt haha!  Comment down below what other vlogs you want to see Matt do.  Hope you enjoy!

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Leiatonia Nelson
I love youuuu😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😊😊😝😜😛
Kelly Morales
I love you so much Matt
Maria Vega
You are not gowing to win oliva maett Louse
Maya Hobbs
dabb matt
David Hooi
i hat this
Nelu Valan
Denisse Ramos
I love mattyb ❤
Denisse Ramos
i love mattyb 😙❤
Gloria Pesina
whats the point of dont break the ice when your going to break the ice
Gracey Ramírez
My sister say that 😀
Dounia Oueslati
oh may gode
Ndeye amy Thiam
Olivia 6grage
Cande Auces
I. love. you
Natalia Sosa
es grasioso
Mary Naylon
I love you
Genesis Balch
this is so funny
Genesis Balch
your going to loos
Saana Gongon
Jean Bastien
do you know my best friend Hilda she is 8
Nikorima Rogers
Do the eat it or wear it challenge
lil money Jones
The Gold Pickaxe
matt for a funny prank to do on Sierra is put very cold water on her 👍
DMiZ Gaming
Matt is a cheater
DMiZ Gaming
Matt is a cheater
José Silva
i love
velga smite
this is sooooooooooo funny
Shawn Anderson
"Dont break the ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jessica Magley
Boo MB Wins
James Owens
Your the best mat
Grisela Zamora
Olivia you cold of pull his shirt and put the ice and water in his back
Caitlyn Keegan
go olivia!!!
Victoria Iko
It was funny when She put ice in Matty B t-shirt. Lol
Lilianna Trujillo
I had that same game
Kaniyah White
do the been boozle
Olivia Smith
hey my name is Olivia
Nadia Jeremiassen
lock singer
Matty b so cute
Bro Gaming
This boii said oh shi... and almost finished it
Jake S
awesome vids keep it up
Ordinary People
Gia cera
this was on my bday
Yesenia Gonzalez
haha hiss back was on ice
Richard Phan
I like this guy he has a girlfriend and a cool hair he have fans and lot of girl friend
Ana Morales
Hey it's Olivia and Maddie B Maddie B is the best thing
Nehisi M
You guy should do a candy challenge
Fireboy Heartsong
Olivia rosted mattyb
hello god
Ross Parker
cool game
Imane Yassin
olivia haschak won
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