Skylander Girl and the Candy Land Monster | DRAW MY DREAM

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Kids dreams come to life in DRAW MY DREAM! Lex (Skylander Kids) as she and her Mom chase her candy obsessed brother through the streets of Candy Land! What's your most fun dream?! Tell us in the comments below :-)

Kung Fu Brothers! -

→ Credits ←
Lex from Skylander Kids -
Created by Jason Perlman & Brin Lukens
Director/Executive Producer: Jason Perlman
Producer: Desiree Alcaraz
Illustrations by Jenny Fine @jfineoriginal 
VFX by Duncan Rawlings 
Additional Editing by Kennedy Phillips

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zodar- entertainment
omg hi skylander boys and girl omg I can't belive it
omar.alkathiri alkathiri
Let Shawn do this too
omar.alkathiri alkathiri
I know you ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️😍 LOVE YOU 😘
omar.alkathiri alkathiri
Jinx Witch
Azman Sajam
OMG is lexi from funnel vision
K-Boo Boogie
jilian the marshmallow i am
Shilo Ayers
gyrados weaklyton
Of how short this was dont you think about you have like a five minute dream then you wake up 7 hours later
Funtimewith Frankie
What is you your YouTube channel
Major Plays!
v ITS YOU!!!
Audrey Louque
har har
Greyson Hyland
It's actually my family and I
Mark Melendez
i love candy like gum
Kelly Murphy
I had the same dream!!!¡!
Daniel Shakro
WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LEX FROM FUNNEL Vition
Crazy Cousins
This is funny!😂
Alex Maximilian
Matthew Westfall
tell Lexi too tell duddy I love him plz😃
s k
lexi is good drawer
Kaleb Crooks
Thats a crazy dream
Cathy Shaffer
Can I do it please
arielle lau
I really like the video
lori Edgar
Caroline C.
Wait l don't get was it a dream in a dream?
Cool Roblox Player
who loves Lexi and her family channels like I do
kim riley
you are so prity lex
bike KING bruh
Rory Col
Annabelle Seguin
o hi lex :)
0:13 Pause Screen - Wario World?
allya and drake VLOG!
i love lexi so much! she is the coolest
Henry Frias
Amy 😍😍😘
Cutie Lps
I feel like i kinda had the same dream
Hi lexi from Fgteev Aswell :)
alex zamora
I love Lex
Suani Avila
0:48 up to the floor?
Stacey Haggart
Apostle` Accounting
oh man i love her
Anna Rose Agbulos
I love you lexi
David Lee's channel of awesomeness
David Lee's channel of awesomeness
kirsty burke
savage_amiyah frank
I'm watching in 2017
Angel Huicochea
I love you angel
Jue AR
Eeeee 😬😬😬lex is that your real dream 😑😑😑😑😑😑
Joel Gorbould
hexy wolf sartorious
who's watching this in 2017
Victor III De Guzman
so cool
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