BeaSTx 400
is the drone waterproof
seeing your video, suddenly it sukcs being me :)
R Mar
You look so much cooler when you throw expensive equipment around. Your "I don't respect shit attitude" along with your shades are inspiring.
cansel kaymakçı
turklere sa
Patricia Thomsen
Is this easy to use? I dont know anything about using these but I want to get one
Zino Productions
Karma still sucks even after the recall. Granted it's their first attempt at making a drone but maybe they should just invest in making their cameras better (The Hero 5 is in some areas worse than the 4 black).
v log!
v log!
v log!
v log!
sir which drone is best in 300$plz guide me olzz
v log!
v log!
Joey boy S.
Who saw the little thing that said which is accurte
Hey whadda fack, you cahnt flah dat facken ding heah! Lol Casey Casey Casey... The Trappy of the modern age. X-D
Andris Volohs
airdog is the answer... where it's allowed.
Albion Gashi
great review
test01 test
this guy doesn t care aboute what he s doing... don t care if the dji is broken
I love the drone cemetery... that's awesome
Jojo Leisetreter
happy birthday
8 days later it was irrelevant
When you've got so much money that you can just throw your high dollar shit around 😒
mic loven
hope it doesn't drop to the water that'd suckkkkkk man hahahahaha nice stuff you got tho I like it I'm going to buy my self a drone as well
Itz Reid
sees the drones arms fold out


DJI would you like to explain?
Saher Assaf
Plz guys go and subscribe for this channel " TheRcSaylors " in this channel they make a full review about the drone and then show how it flies it is a perfect channel
Hunter Lee
Casey has inspired me to get a gopro and make videos on Youtube. They aren't vlog styled but they are a similar style. I have 3 videos on the channel now and hope to continue making them!
andrew oceguera
You could probably buy Donald trumps plane an put a 10000 camera on it and still not be satisfied
The way you handle the equipment, dude... I've never been so stressed watching a video before in my life. Lol.
carolina zelada
Divina Does
Please stop throwing everything you own; It hurts my poor heart.
craig black
these new drones are getting on insane levels how long before you can fly one to another city and back on a single battery, epic
Nathan Drake
I'm sorry but I would've laughed my ass off if on the first flight you crashed it into the Hudson lmfao 😂
max aufmann
there are so many thats what she said jokes that i could make in this video
A Lopez
definitely on meth
Roberto Lol
Did all that things come with the same pack
Viev to my channel 😊
Jess & Emanuel
So glad I bought this!
harpreet badhan
fait des vidéo clovis
coule la video
Gamer god 1200
The footage is so dark
Sumner Bob
No wonder you break your gear soooo easily...YOU MANHANDLE THEM
Claude Scott
What area or park at you flying the drone at in New York City I would know so I can fly it away five miles away EWR & LGA & JFK
Tim Ballentine
Karmas fall out of the sky,not good.
James Conder The Explosive Channel
(Suggestions wanted) I wanted to buy another stabilizer so that I can use my Karma and Karma Grip at the same time, where is the best place to get one?
prashant Sharma
extremely nice drone
Bob Brown
3 days later, the mavic hatched. RIP karma
Reece Huntley
This is the best ever drone 😂
Cesix Pro
How many ggdb have you got?
Deepak Singh
does he really be with cameras at the location someone could steal it
you have a good sense of humour
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