Did you islam?
Just Dan
Drone Cemetery
Sgt. Hollow Point
I always loved Sean Penn; such a great actor. Keep it up Sean..👍🏼
x freakx
If you post this video now, it will be so funny because thare are dji mavic pro and spark
evan sutanto
Casey i am a big fan of yours, everyday i watch your video
its amaziiiing
and the drone footage is so cool
would you give me one of your drone?, pleasee
Goodluck man Godbless
Sounds cheap.
Mavic pro is better an much smaller
N74 Productions
Random fanboy rant
Hey Casey what if you have to move out long will it be
Shawn Burke
Well said
Easton Guyer
Or any drone
Easton Guyer
Your my favorite you tuber ever I watch you when I was 5 your the best can you send me a free mavic drone please respond I like you so much you so awsome
Alam Romero
Cody Saul Official Vlog
I want a free one
Bayu Permana
So nice....😍😍😍
does the karma come with the gopro?
Eban Elarcosa
about your gear? how about the board?
"operate the drone and fly the boosted board"
damn boosted board is stepping it up with there new flying model.
Ay An UP
I watch and rewatch your drone videos but i can't get one even if i can pay it, because it's illegal in my country
abhishek upadhyay
Wow that stabilization was awesome
Pavan Kumar
Mi thammudu vijayawada lo thiruguthunadu andi ikadaki randi thwaraga
Grandpa Shanon
Great vid Casey 👍🏻👍🏻
where does he live, its beautiful (of course i know its NY but, wich part )
I always say the trouth
👃 👈😆
Brecken Barnhardt
Quit dropping your phantom
Mohsen Aghdam
Crazy video I like it
Ринат Гареев
Почему к него на столе флаг символизирующий геев?
Rob Carrillo
8 phantoms now
wish it had telezoom lens like 40x to 100x then you could fly it higher and no one would hear it. it's really loud for a neighborhood watch!
subscrib my chanel
Hi casey is it possinle i can have a drone from u
Evangelina Dumayaca
Can I have a drone
ronn vandenhoogen
Should we take this weirdo serious?
hi itsme
Karma itself is a bad drone but what made it worth it is the accessories it comes with
Galaxy World
can you give me this?
What is a watch u wear man? Brand name pls))) thanks
inspire 1/2 gimbal copycat
M.yudha Syaifullah
Soo Amazing👏👏👏
manuel kanza
I cant give this guy my electronics , he might break it. So rough with everything LOL
Jewellie Simborio
i ol ways subararab
Jewellie Simborio
i nid drone and birt bihay on may ang kol
R&L Reviews
7 Broken drones is like my life spendings on camera equipment
I agree. Dji are better.
randam videos
donate one to me from youre 7 broken😎😁
Drone Beast Mode ON!!!
You made my day !!!!
Subash Sen
You are awesome...I like your every video
Ben Jeal
whaT was the name of the toy one that he had
Thanks for your video...I just bought mine a week ago with HERO 6 no value...I love this thing.... So freaking cool
deathraydave gaming
Haha complete garbage
seth alton
I'd be interested to find out what Casey thinks about the x-star premium since he's a fan of the phantom 4 pro
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