Testing New Zealand Military MRE (24Hr Combat Food Ration)

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His laboratory is everywhere...
Vince Chowe Inan
Nick SP
U people r stalkers your watching a guy eat ohh wait me too
Im from New Zealand 🇳🇿 comment if u r
Fatty Wap
No,I haven't tried plum jam or apricot jam
juliusjr palaganas
Count how many taras say boom in this vid :)
Animations Pug
Looks like he’s a retired World War II soldier
A J Butler
They certainly look after our Teams over here.
New Zealand i am from there... we are the best.:)
Max De Spong
Im from nz
Nathaniel Aclo
Boom instant newdles .....
MadGamer3075 MadGamer3075
im from nz :)
when the zombie apocalypse comes, this guy will have no problem surviving on grass, sawdust, chalk and tires
koala gaming
Plump jam.
@Fatherland Child
Klinkers are squirrel's testicles.
Muhammad Abdullah
puts condensed milk on everything coz he loves it 😂
Nz reprezent braaaa
Uzair Hussain
What happened with Katherine
Harvey Thong
iPlayEveryGt Gaming
I was using subtitle and when he say "MRE" it was saying emily,Amory,emory
Green To Vegan
Tara is soo happy all de tyme...!). Lol. And he loves to eat and is soo messy when he tasting everything .. WHOHOHOHOHOO🤗😂 i have nevva evva see sumwon luv every kindah food in miy life HE IZZAHHHMAYYYYZZZIN !! BOOM 💥
KYRO Phoenix
Try condensed milk with strawberrys
Alaska Ride
"Thats honestly way too much food" *eats more*
shobha singh
whats your name?
Hyunnie Lee
im eating while watching this . and i went like “you suppose to put the onion flakes after you cooked the noodles ( TT-TT)”
I love the way he eats
Kane Undertaker
Every thing is delicious
Chris Jacobsen
New Zealand diabetes anyone
Frank LM10
It means just a crunchie chocolate
Frank LM10
Sorry MRE
Frank LM10
Can you please do a Australia MRS ack

Energy Drink - 2x
Tea - 2x
Crackers - 2x
Sweetened Condensed Milk on tube - 4x
Apricot Jam - 2x
Plump Jam - 2x
Pashtiet - 6x
Museli - 2x

Napkins - 5x
Cups - 2x
Matches - 6x
Anwar Abdullah
i love this guy , no homo😂😂
jaynesh brodien
i'm from zew zealand
Joy Renata Wijaya
I love when he does these MRE videos, Im gonna subscibe
Harshil Rana
what is there in that small can
Beirum Rind
Bro u made me hungry so I went and got a large diet coke a big Mac a rap and a mcflurry
Jessica McCauley
Those meal bags are made so you boil water in the pot and but the bag in the heating water.
Feliciano Matos
Crazy Russian Hacker:Honestly that's way too much food

Continues to eat and drinks tea
Juanita Payne Lupe
Im from NZ
Krishnan unni
Do an Indian mre
Krishnan unni
From life hacks to MRE taster
I'm addicted to watching this
Roman noodles
You vasnt taeist energy drink
Sarah Miller
What is muesli
Ethan Ballard
Do a Chinese Mre
Dylan Charles
Why does it look like he is shaking
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