We Auditioned for X Factor (story time) + LIVE FOOTAGE | Niki and Gabi

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Yep, we auditioned for x factor and yep, this is our first story time! Lol. You've all probably seen "niki and Gabi X factor audition" aka our viral / terrible X factor  30 second promo of our audition, so here we are telling you what the TV didn't show and what REALLY happened... this has been VERY requested. Watch the entire thing ;)



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Faith & Savannah
Wow you guys are the best and so brave to do that!!!!!!!!😮
Haleema Riaz
It is good your parents are dentists 😀
Yara dawoodi
Wow!!!i hope demi and the other judges/producers see this!!
Batgirl g.
Stop hating on Simon he's just doing his job so guys it just wasn't their day for X-Factor stop hating on him
YouTube Black
Niki seriously looks like Britney Spears
creatively beautiful
Super funny
You should audition again cause now you know what goes on. Agree?
Bluma khalila
Woah the judges r rude af
Dinah Finah Jane
If you won, you would have a shitty management especially if you're a group.
Shaza Nichole
Look where they where and now they have a reality show!!
Aleesha Go
Damn I hate X factor now
U guys should audition again
Kimberly Drummond
Omg i love u still
Crazy vlogs by Katie
Plz go on there again without your older sister
heather bennett
I know the struggle of going to audition for X Factor and wait in line because my older sister was good at singing and really wanted an opotunity at going on stage so she gave it a shot we were standing in the queue for hours and we had to be in this show and jump round while there was a celeb on the stage and there there was tents in thus huge room and my sister came in and they sadly rejected her and I have never told any one this because I respected her wishes but i am telling you because you have told your story
SMS 17 Smith
Annnie Gill
Ignore Simon!!!!!!
Anna Liu
im just srsly hoping that demi could watch this video now & at least understand how she'd hurt niki's feelings :(
Unicorn Slimes
Who else things their big sis that time looke like super woman?
In the begging when they zoomed in to the faces i could kindaa see Nikki and gabi
Lucy Jane
You to should know that you are better then demi
Sara 105
Why dont u try out now
Hiccstride Toothless
You guys are are really good singers
Victoria Stefanova
Are you twins ??
Len Marie
How did you guys start a fan group??? I love broadway loved the wicked song u guys did! I also love music videos and i sing and i love old movies u guys are cool i wanna do what u guys do! Im a college student
Adoomy Gang
The more you accept failure the less stupid you look
salamat saeed
Do the judges know that the producers trick the contestants?
Stelena Dazzle
dont blame demi for being honest !
It's sort of just because of Simon. He can be REALLY annoying sometimes. How can you set them up, how isn't it illegal?
Creanna Davis
you should auditioned again maybe just you two. you have great voices!!!! (Notifications are on)
Paola Gonzalez
it sounds like they are blaming it all on their sister
Paola Gonzalez
this is all just a cover up for why they really sucked at the x factor because there are bigger groups that do harder things than what they had to do and they nail it soo...
Street Baller
Omg!! I never knew how fake X factor really is!!! Like wtf!! I now see shows like X factor a lot differently. It must suck for a lot of Jose participants. Also I can't believe Demi said that to you, that's kinda messed up cuz she has forgotten lyrics from her own music before! But then again I bet she got payed to say that whether she wanted to or not! I feel like that X factor experience that you girls had is what gave you guys that spark that you needed to make your YouTube channel as successful as it is now! It would be amazing if you girls went back to audition for X factor to rub it in their faces 😂. Anyways I loved story time I hope you girls do more stories often ❤️😊. Look at you 2 now, so freaking successful and accomplished a lot without the use of X factor!! So it all happened for a reason. I love you Niki & Gabi😍❤️😊
Mackenzie Wallace
Thank god for xfactor though, without that we wouldn't have niki and gabi probably
Gabi has COMPLETELY unmatching eyebrows one is square and sharp and the other is curved is arched
Noor Khan
I subscribed can i have a shout out i love u guys
Go back on Xfactor!!x
Guys this isn't their, or their sister's fault. This isn't Demi's or Kelly's fault. So stop blaming them.
Livingfree 45
dude simon simonnnnn liked u guys dont worry u guys will prove them wrong u shoulda sang bang bang three ppl
Catherine Burgeat
I can of hate Demi lovato but love Niki and Gaby like if you agree
Mental MeXOX
I wonder what would have happened if u didn't sing with Alex
Phllippa Baah
._.Random Channel._.
Kittyxoxoxo love why are u watching them then?
Lovebug 22
This is what these kinds of shows do its really all staged they need drama and entertainment
DIY Vanessa
I feel bad for you
BriannaRenée CAYA
I'm so proud of you guys, I've been watching you both for a while, but this video has increased my respect for you so much! Keep going and shining!
Qing mei Ye
What so bad about having a dentist as a job
Renee Small
I can't believe that demi said that and do that to you.The thing is if you are not good at singing then why do you make amazing songs.#NikiandGabi
Sofia Osorio
all the poor people who had there hopes up and were just a joke wow what a cruel world
Unicorn_rainbow_slime 7269215
X factor
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