Donald Trump Cold Open - SNL

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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) looks back on his first 100 days with Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and chooses between advisors Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner (Jimmy Fallon).

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Laura As Gp
Alec Baldwin, we love you! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikki Cartwright
you must join Kelly Anne Conway in the basement. Hell naw! oh my gosh they are too much. I never have heard Jared speak come to think of it LMAO
Now two weeks later. Bannon is back from the basement and Jared may be planning a vacation in Russia.
John King
2:14 - Was that a fart?
pernell jarvis
Alic Baldwin beats women and is a homophobic. True
Shelby F
Am I the only one who notices that he's wearing a Russian flag pin?
Kai Tung Ng
Only noticed that he was wearing a Russian flag pin on my third re-watch - what a good touch
Razgriz 914
"Steve I'm sorry but this is good bye send him back to Hell." lol. Love that part!!!
This has 6 million views? Now I understand why Americans don't have a clue of whats going on in the world.
Player One
"my mother is waiting, that is what I call my wife" -Putin Pence. lol
MicTiq Madison
I love theses political comics.
brainy boy
WELL WERE ALL !@#$ed. Also stop describeing yourself and KJU
Can someone explain why Steve Bannon is a grim reaper? I don’t get it. Is it because of his looks, his intentions to kill everyone or what?
Harry Palmer
2:00 When Bladwin cycles through his pouts and frowns while holding a fixed stare is the funniest thing ever.
Dean Croney
Jared kushner gets cheered cos he's Jewish and they control the anti white Christian media
She used to be funny. Now it is political with all the freaks of the world thinking it is funny. Your lives are a joke.
Corinne Yaworski
So big and fat it looks like me in my golf clothes lol
I think I might cry..... did he just reference my all time favourite movie French film AMELIE??!?!?!? 😍😍😍😍😱❤💓💚💜💛💙💖💕💞❣❣❣❣
alex time low
Who plays Bannon?
alex time low
0:44 look around look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
эй блядь а где перевод на русский. я этих янки нихера не понемаю
Cotton Shot
I love trump,glad we finally got a real president!!!!
Mason Farrell
try talking more as if you're piecing everything you say together as you go, only getting about 3 or 4 words ahead of your mouth before having to pause and think more about it despite most likely having a script in front of you because you are emulating someone who's neuroelectrical activity is equivalent to that of a lemon, and most definitely of the same color and style.
hunter ratliff
Trump skits are getting old
Mz No Skills Living Singular in the Desert
OMG, SNL knows NO boundaries, Again! Did anyone else catch how Jimmy's crotch was super padded to prove just Who is the bigger Dick of the two??? Hilarious!
Damien Rellik
the Trump administration has become a parody.
Robin Hemphill
Thanks Alec, You are amazing.
is that Howard Hugh's photo?
That lapel pin he's wearing is actually Vladimir Putin's microphone.
George Felix
Very good , very good .
Nor Cal Theologians
SNL is just not funny anymore. What happened to the old writers?
Aquatic Mole
Read my achievements Pence...'allowing the Republicans to push a bill removing Wolves from the Endangered Species Act in order to free land for environmentally destructive industry.'

A study showed that 90% of Americans agreed with the Endangered Species Act; pray tell me when this man's monstrously incompetent environmental policies came into consideration when you elected him. Across the pond, I must say, it looks an awful lot like such small matters as climate change and the preservation of this planet took a back-seat to hysteria over foreign immigrants and Obamacare.

Returning to the recent attack on the ESA, this is just one of many attempts made by the republican party in recent years to weaken an act which the majority of republican voters support. Wolves are not the frightening monsters they are made out to be in Disney films and children's tales; they are crucial to the welfare of habitat in America, bring in millions of dollars of tourism every year and, in the case of Yellowstone National park, have prevented hundred's of thousands of dollars worth of damage in flooding by stabilising the local environment. Additionally the concept of Wolves harming local farmer's livelihoods is simply incorrect as farmers are compensated above the value of the animal lost and the number of animals taken each year is vastly exaggerated.

My opposition to Donald Trump is obvious so i don't feel the need to explain my myriad other reasons for despising the man. His policies regarding the economy are America's affair and America's affair only; however his attitude towards conservation and the environment will be suffered by every nation on the planet for years to come.
Derek Johnston
Check it out
Jason Hickey
Trump's World

What's going on in the world?
Pointless looming third world war?
War mongers working for banks seeking profit!

Trump stomping around the globe,
Like a bully in the school yard,
Bumping into everyone, itching for a fight!

Come'ere North Korea,
Get your fat ass over here,
I have bigger and better bombs than you!

If you don't shut the fuck up,
My army will blow you the fuck up,
My soldiers will nuke you and all the innocent people!

Oi you over there, Mr Iran,
Don't ya know I'm the man!
The man from the telly 'The Apprentice!'

Oh for phenominal fucks sake,
You won't be getting any chocolate cake,
Bow to me or my soldiers will get ya!

Oh poor little cry baby Syria,
Are those other bullies hitting you,
Come'ere and I'll give you a good slap!

And you there, you better not push it,
I'm not scared of you big bad Russia,
I'll fight you as I tweet from the safety of my desk!

Oh I like playing these war games!
A whole new kind of adrenalin fuelled fame!
No Mexico, you're not playing, get behind the wall!

Ivanka and Jared, do you guys want to play?
I have the biggest army in the game!
I really really have myself a real army!

What property should I acquire next?
Mark the world map with a red X,
And that's where I'm gonna send my soldiers!

'Oh maan, this sure sucks!'
'Feels like we're all fucked!'
'That bloke from the telly really really has his own army!
Nick Smoove
Shits so lame they do this shit all the time so sad...
Brent Fox
XD love snl in tears 😂
im coming
I'm coming for u
Bruce Younker
Notes to SNL: Please, hire some new writers! Insults and stupidity are not comedic art.
Helene Desforges
Kush ner hahaha
Glenn E. McGeath
Is this all SNL can do anymore?
Now he wants us to make down payment on the wall if he wants a wall he can just pay for it himself.
at 2:15 you can hear the trombone player getting ready
Ron 50
So wat happened to the wall?
Marja-leena Orvokki
trumppi on sekopäää
If Jared has any sense, he'll coopt this skit and make "You're Unbelievable" his theme song for when he actually starts doing appearances and interviews.
snow flake free zone
dam,I use to like SNL but ever since Alex has been doing this horrible impersonation of trump.. I've come to realize he's just a Desperate washed up disrespectful diva.I wasn't a Trump supporter until I clearly saw n still seeing the kinda hate he receives from all the it's plain to see who are the real enemies of America are n mow I am all for ur eyes people ..ur puny little brainwashed brains can't seem to grasp this I know but look at what's happening to this country..these people are causing division like never before..they want to see this country go down n why u ask?OBVIOUS, ITS CALLED MONEY..Let me ask u what is in it for you to allow these people to bring u n the entire nation down?they get paid big bucks n have completely sold there own country out for financial security n fame but what's in it for u guys?I tell u whats in it for each n every one of u gullible brainwashed idiots ,it's not comedy either ,it will be the price of your freedom n even eventually your life...Im gonna make sure I don't fall for this agenda of division they're are pushing however in the words of a real talent, Dwayne the Rock Johnson he saids it best concerning my feelings towards this disrespectful cunt by the name of Alex douche bag Baldwin,when he saids "I'd love nothing more than to hit this mthrfkrs teeth so far down his throat that he'll have to stick a tooth brush up his fkn ass just to brush them."
rock star
when will hillary tell the irs how much she pocketed when she sold 20% of our uranium to Russia?
Jose Musica
Ban all Muslims from the United States along with all persons that follow the evil bullshit religion of islam,also ban all members of ANTIFA,actually just drop ANTIFA off in iraq along with the Feminazis,Build the Wall along Mexico and put BLM in prison and there you go.....finally some peace and quiet
You Suck Alex!
Brilliant and spot on! SNL should win an award for these portrayals and a big kudos for keeping us sane during this coup.
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