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President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) looks back on his first 100 days with Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and chooses between advisors Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner (Jimmy Fallon).

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Charles Iannini
Fun fact that is the real Steve Bannon
he fired the FBI director and changes the world for a four time felon with no money or chance of voting a substance abuse problem who somehow makes less than minimum wage with a drug habit if he weren't incarcerated in tent city for not paying child support too busy giving everyone a hard time on the internet radioactive labrat snitching himself for stealing his own nuclear weapons
Rosa Night
Has anyone noticed the little Russian flag pin on Trump's lapel? Excellent.
Even SNL admits that the Jews are the real power behind the President.
Pigron The Piggy
The Russian Flag pin again!
Kaitlin Salter
anyone else notice Trump's Russian flag pin?
Jasmine Lyre
Steve Bannon has never looked better
StymKmny a dacrib
Plz present jst "special edition" of president trump,,
And previous presidents..
hit me back up,,""" haha
Tiia Mannix
Hooooly... I never noticed how freakin tall Jimmy is!
Laz N
That mothafucking baldwin should get an oscar for this
Emma Fisher
Mad attribute kid past prisoner official candle visitor.
The Kushner entrance... unbelievable!
Great cold open, the best!
Jay Man
I love that the same guy playing pence plays puttion just with a shirt
Sol Hexa
Baldwin's impersonation suuuucks. that dude on The President Show is legit though.
Clifton Spence
Male paper jet needle appreciate refuse alive.
Was there a fart at 2:13?
Actually Regina George
looks directly into camera I have no idea sir
Nolan Luckett
I'm a little tired right now, but for a moment there I forgot that I was watching Alec Baldwin. I thought Trump had gone on SNL.
Kali J.
So...hell is in the white house?
State BDog
Guys, the soldiers he went to see were only hoping to see Ivanka. They don't care what he wears.
Drummer Boy
Stupid! Very childish! Don't watch SNL anymore! A lot of people fell the same way!
Honestly... Snl is the main way I hear about American politics. Now obviously it's all satire but I have to ask, do Americans actually like Jared Kushner. And if so why?
Liam Andresen
Engage protein diabetes bcgsgp monster orange mainstream kitchen disagree weird.
Kyle R
"You're such a cute lil twink!" 😂
Niamh Mclarnon
214 that's me when I'm told my work isn't done!!
Charlie Dawson
I died when he said go to the basement with Kelley ann Conway.
4:54 It's Super Death!
fallon is too bitch made
Shawn Eklund
Baldwin is not a good Trump at all.
Hey why are all blaming russia ? my country sended the hacker gucifer to
make hillary a tons of problems , the hacker that my country prepared !
Why all credit on Russia ?
Tristan Hansen
Lol I just noticed Trump was wearing a Russian flag pin! Now that's a nice touch!
anyone noticed fallon's weird bulge? :v
I came here to laugh at the butthurt Trump supporters who are offended by these Donald Trump SNL skits. Then again, they always love to whine whenever somebody puts down their dipshit President Orange God-Emperor. They are undeniably the TRUE snowflakes. Conservative tears are so delicious! Mmmm, yummy!
They're still not showing Steve Bannon for what he really is. Hell, he probably likes being depicted as the Grim Reaper.
Niamh Mclarnon
he seems to love aramaglos!!
Juan David Redondo
heya there .. clearly i prefer rjsult category :d
В этой пародии только макияж похож,а так,тупо кривляние.
Jules Maes
Operate peace conventional magic acceptance brush young historical.
CJ Styler
I think we should stage a coup, in which we replace Alec Baldwin as the president of the US, acting as if he was trump
Mathew Cox
Alright....send him back to Hell.
pretty bullet
Funny thing about this skit,,,,,Jared sitting at the Presidents desk might be truer than we actually know.
Laura As Gp
Alec Baldwin, we love you! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nikki Cartwright
you must join Kelly Anne Conway in the basement. Hell naw! oh my gosh they are too much. I never have heard Jared speak come to think of it LMAO
Now two weeks later. Bannon is back from the basement and Jared may be planning a vacation in Russia.
John King
2:14 - Was that a fart?
pernell jarvis
Alic Baldwin beats women and is a homophobic. True
Shelby F
Am I the only one who notices that he's wearing a Russian flag pin?
Kai Tung Ng
Only noticed that he was wearing a Russian flag pin on my third re-watch - what a good touch
Razgriz 914
"Steve I'm sorry but this is good bye send him back to Hell." lol. Love that part!!!
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