Football Stars Being Humiliated ● HD

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Roberto Carlos, Wayne Rooney, Hazard, Pogba and other being humiliated

The Awakening Channel
The wrong interpretation of success is just as detrimental as the wrong interpretation of failure.
Sandy S
Who ronaldo skills?,messi and messi?
Eric Cartman
Barcelona ass licker
raul valentin
Lmao show the Whole PSG team 😂😂
Luis Meloni
What about verratti vs al Barca
Tiblets melake
yes he are
Ethan McGowan
whats the song called
Tushar Saxena
What is the music in the beginning
Caleb Green
I cant believe dani rekt my fan ronaldo😭😭😭😭😭 and the last one was messi got rekt by paris player
tomas ruzicka
hhahahah i am about to luagh on ronaldo got megd by dani alves so he is not the best player in the world its messi
No name is the best Player!
mouhi gaming
Even cech (goalkeeper) showed up as many times as ronaldo😂😂
No offence but that's reallity I do love CR7 too..
mouhi gaming
Suarez's goal is absolutely gorgeous!! PERFECT FINISH!
Kenan Memmedov
5:16 hahahhh :)) 😂😂
Θοδωρης Πετροφ
They been humiliated just once or two times and maybe three but they are always humiliating every one
Bro Man
5:37 is romanian club :)
Ricrd Picrd
YouTube Canal Is Shit
Rainbow Yuen
What does the song calls? I like it
balsamicrogue 5444
Someone can tell me what song is the video
noris call
esta pagina es re fan de messi casi todos las humillaciones son de messi ninguna de cristiano
zlatan isn't a football star,football star is zlatan
And what does it change. their humans nobody perfect
Aaron Lewis
l liked 4:01 skills
Affan KM2
Нуржан Серикбаев
Ribery vs No name :D
Rohit Kanojiya
Which song it is
Neymar JR
To me humiliation to top class players mean nothing to me. Forwards defend once in a life time. But destroying world class defenders is something to worry about
07:25 does not count as Messi moves his leg in time
DiamondGamer 101
1 like= become a professional football (soccer) player
1 sub= be 99 rated in FIFA and PES
DB Vlogs
Screw ur vid too many Liverpool people getting muted u beech
why always messi??☺
Nena Raza
Noor Mohammed
I love the video
Kevin Mendez
música fea
Satria Pratama Putra
too bad now bernardo is the part of the team he humiliated.
Ayaan Ismaaciil
shadab alam
Ronaldo vs pique and messi vs ramos still a better love story then twilight
Hammad Khan
Ronaldinho:Messi i am leaving 3 things to you
First My no.10 jersey
Second My place as the best player in the world
Third Ramos as ur Bitch XD LOL
Blair Fleming
This Messi guy seems really good. I've never heard of him, but I think he's gonna be a star one day (😏)
Christian Gonzalez
RIP Otamendi
Faisal _Rohman
lagunya apa yaa ???
Diogo Gamer
Pablo Quezada
Messi almosted got megged but he moved out the way
fernando campos
what is the music
music please
Not a Good person
messi humiliates everyone
Johnny English
I love those nutmegs.
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