The Real Reason Eva Never Joins Ryan On The Red Carpet

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When 2017's awards season rolled around and La La Land was in the spotlight, there was a spotlight somewhere else, too. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been one of Hollywood's hottest couples since 2012, but they are still making Hollywood wait to see them together on the red carpet. When Gosling made his Best Actor acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, he did give the world a glimpse into their private life with a shout out to Mendes. But that only fueled the fire of curiosity when it came to just why the stylish actress continuously gives red carpets a miss when her beau's around. Here are some thoughts about why Eva and Ryan are never seen gracing the same place these days…

Private places | 0:42
Proper nouns | 1:54
Going solo | 2:34
Still supportive | 3:06
Prioritizing the pitter patter | 3:44

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Nicki Swift
What other celebrity relationships do you think we should explore?
Karl Karstens
never even knew they were together
Kat I
Other celebrities should learn from them 😅😅😅
bobby b
she looks like sofia loren, so beautiful
Cho Kohara
Well actually.....I get it. Mendez isn't as famous as her husband is, and she sure just doesn't want to be popular because "she's his wife". Esp. regarding her own business. I like that a lot. =)
Chi Pham
hes too hott for her.
The real topic should be called: The real reason Eva will never see a ring from Ryan :D lmao!
Lilu P
Terrah Adams
That is a beautiful super woman you have Ryan, please treat her right!
Sparkling Bellini
There's being private, and then there's just plain strange and slightly cold. You can stay out of the public eye, but still be present to support your husband's awards. The fact that they don't even say each other's names is just weird. It's almost as if she's ashamed of being with him and is sticking around for the kids.
Young-sun Ju
Oh my God!
Khal Drogo
1:01 That's the cast of Lost River, not Place Beyond the Pines, you ignorant slut.
Hafsa Hussein
whenever I see a photo of Eva I think of Selena
Rosa a Rodriguez
Tee Murrs
so she is acting like a mature adult. they could have just made that the only reason and finished there. mentioning their spouses in social media and in interviews looks forced. good for them
Gabriella Jordan
She is so beautiful.
I like Eva Mendez more now, good for her, the world is full of creeps
Benjamin Ortiz
Phuqing gossip mundane
Pallabi Mitra
i think this marriage is not gonna last. why? because genuine love is very simple. if you love each other, it is bound to be displayed in public. why overthink it? why go to such great lengths to hide it? be it a red carpet event for stars or an office party for regular people, you will go with your partner. if a couple do not want to be seen together, there is always something going on, no matter how lame or intellectual excuses you give.
Anjeta Ferizi
why have I always thought that he was together with Blake??
Melissa Barnes
Lol I call my mother my lady Im just silly like that "Well hello my lady can I eat the salad in the fridge." Is just me being silly. Just like me saying Mommy MaMA MOM MOM MOM- FAMILY GUY. It's just me being silly folks! I also say Mamacita!
I find her odd in general. Whereas he exudes a kind spirit, she seems combative and closed off. She rarely smiles even to this day on her insta and has had issues with drugs and didn't she attempt suicide? Idk...I feel like she trapped him with a baby. He has a lot more going with him, her most famous movie was that one movie with will smith...
kanye west and kim k disagree
Coco Von
Eva is most likely a head case controlling beeotch and ryan is being pushed around by his lady. what royal bullshit..they are hollywood stars..get over yourselves please
Eva ain't dumb. If he end up cheating she ain't gunna look dumb smiling on the red carpet 😂
Jeff Araujo
into the pines was an awesome movie one of my favorites
Good for them! So many celeb couples famewhore their relationships to make money and see their movies.
She would go fuck a white boy!
It's because he has always greasy hair...
So basically they want people to stay out their business. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Preston Roses
beautiful couple, she's a beauty he's a real man a gentleman.
I totally understand them and it is smart. Search right now any interview with Brad or Angelina. Bet you they feel stupid now.
sdot bro
mendes is border line nuts.
Denisse Gutierrez
Laughing at the people who are calling Eva Mendez ugly, you're just jealous because you will never be able to find a man like Ryan and be as successful as her.
Monica Barosse
Ok i didn't even know they were together wtf..... xD
Veg Vixxxen
People are so weird They get mad when youre private, and mad when youre not. I appreciate they care enough about THEIR relationship its great
girls fun
she obviously has different priorities she wants a stable family and a private relationship means less media attention so less drama scandals and cheating rumors and gossip cheap magazines covers that made half Hollywood couples get divorce
wow they do NOT make a cute couple! They're more out of place than a crocodile at an alligator meeting!
Amanda George
Abby OTR
Good for them not flaunting their love or their kids (not that I'm claiming that every other celebrity does, but some do). It's a good thing to try and preserve whatever normalcy they can in the ruthless world of fame.
Larissa Reyes
i respect her privacy and no you don't have to show us your child. However, i find it odd that she doesn't walk the red carpet with him, especially when it's something important like the Oscars
Bella Luna
I don't blame her
Ferintosh Farms Photography
I think she just doesn't want to get overshadowed like Jessica Biel there, us handsome Canadians can do that.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, two trannies. Bradley Cooper's a tranny too by the way.
Leslie Seibel
I'm sorry but that's just weird.
Jean Hantman
Does anyone really still believe these publicity match-ups? Has no one read Rock Hudson's biography?
JJ Langlois
Who cares.
Irma Marquez
Ryan is so untalented…Give him a LaLa award!!..That movie sucked by the way, don't watch it!!
Dare Jones
Oh gosh that's not strange.... if he calls her sweetheart/my lady instead of Eva.... Clearly that's their thing... we all have our thing. Seeing smoke where there's none smh
Kikuli Kokuli
I can see why Ryan would want to get him some Mendes.
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