The Real Reason Eva Never Joins Ryan On The Red Carpet

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When 2017's awards season rolled around and La La Land was in the spotlight, there was a spotlight somewhere else, too. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been one of Hollywood's hottest couples since 2012, but they are still making Hollywood wait to see them together on the red carpet. When Gosling made his Best Actor acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, he did give the world a glimpse into their private life with a shout out to Mendes. But that only fueled the fire of curiosity when it came to just why the stylish actress continuously gives red carpets a miss when her beau's around. Here are some thoughts about why Eva and Ryan are never seen gracing the same place these days…

Private places | 0:42
Proper nouns | 1:54
Going solo | 2:34
Still supportive | 3:06
Prioritizing the pitter patter | 3:44

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Nicki Swift
What other celebrity relationships do you think we should explore?
Crystal Fowler
Because people are racist...that is White girl heartthrob. His fans were mad. They were mean as HELLL when they started dating calling her an old Hispanic hag. they would rather see him with Emma Stone.
Great looking couple. Gosling did well... Very well. Mendes is truly one fine woman.
Nadine Schneider
I bet! It's better because the media and hollywierd will destroy families and relationships. So I don't blame them.
KaCo Karla
idk why but i look at her mouth and I feel like she has bad breath.
Best couple ever
Test Channel
Ryan is such a bad actor and they're giving him awards for that trash.
SMD 014
If Raquel Welch & Cindy Crawford created a child, it would be Eva Mendez.
Vanlalhruaii Rokhum
I had no idea they were together. I had no idea Ryan was not single. I had no idea that he's very much taken by 3 ladies.
they want privacy respect it
that hiding out shit is just lame. You guys LIVE for publicity and when noone gives a shit one day, they will be so depressed
Emily Calderon
I think she is insecure of the Fact that a lot of people say they down make a cute couple and how everyone was upses with Rachel McAdams and Ryan she probably don't want to go with him because people judge too much.. she also don't like talking about him because of the negative comments, I think she's a bit insecure, but she shouldn't care it is what it is .. God will your man to the red carpet girl !!
Tenzin Kunkey
She is soooo gorgeous!!!!
Not My Real Job
The REAL reason is cuz they were never married and Ryan is probably a bisexual. It's a "fake" relationship. No one makes it in hellywood unless they do the nasty. True.
Eva Mendez, what a beauty!
leave them alone
these two can seperate home life from their jobs. You don't have to appear with your spouse to his office everday, right? Thats exactly how Eva was not attending anything Ryan work related appearance and this includes awards shows. She probably goes with him to friends bbq party which is a leisure.
I don't blame them. Private celebrity relationships last longer. Look how long it took Jay Z and Beyonce to confirm that they were in a relationship. As long as their close friends and family know how special their relationship is, that is all that matters.
Rafael Bencomo
Frederick Nightingale-Houghton
Couldn't he have picked a more attractive female to fuck? I've always thought that Hispanic as somewhat ugly. I first noticed her in the Steven Seagal movie Exit Wounds in 2001. I remember thinking to myself then This woman is not even half as pretty as her co-star Jill Hennessey. I mean, Ryan Gosling is no looker, he looks like a dork, but he is a semi-major star, so surely he could've picked a true beauty. I mean, on this video you can briefly glimpse Jessica Chastain. Now, she is what I would call pretty. Chastain, Emma Stone, and a million other fairly good looking babes are a zillion times more appealing than that Hispanic with an ugly mole. Imagine the Hispanic when she reaches 50. That mole will become hairy. Will he still fuck her then?
He probably chose her because she brings out the best in him. When you have a man's heart, he'll do anything for you.
Harris Foster
Who cares.....she takes all the cash for marginal talent
Scott Johnson
Eva modern day Sophia Loren . Yeah. im on board. Just one besito. that's all i need. peeeeeeeeeeeeece
warmark reelthren
Nicki Swift, have you ever considered that these are arranged marraiges from the elite in Hollyweird. These two may be transgenders.
Armida Aguilera
what.....i wouldn't mind being seen with my handsom husband....
Karl Karstens
never even knew they were together
Kat I
Other celebrities should learn from them 😅😅😅
bobby b
she looks like sofia loren, so beautiful
Cho Kohara
Well actually.....I get it. Mendez isn't as famous as her husband is, and she sure just doesn't want to be popular because "she's his wife". Esp. regarding her own business. I like that a lot. =)
The real topic should be called: The real reason Eva will never see a ring from Ryan :D lmao!
Lilu P
Terrah Adams
That is a beautiful super woman you have Ryan, please treat her right!
Young-sun Ju
Oh my God!
Khal Drogo
1:01 That's the cast of Lost River, not Place Beyond the Pines, you ignorant slut.
Hafsa Hussein
whenever I see a photo of Eva I think of Selena
Rosa a Rodriguez
Tee Murrs
so she is acting like a mature adult. they could have just made that the only reason and finished there. mentioning their spouses in social media and in interviews looks forced. good for them
Gabriella Jordan
She is so beautiful.
I like Eva Mendez more now, good for her, the world is full of creeps
Benjamin Ortiz
Phuqing gossip mundane
Pallabi Mitra
i think this marriage is not gonna last. why? because genuine love is very simple. if you love each other, it is bound to be displayed in public. why overthink it? why go to such great lengths to hide it? be it a red carpet event for stars or an office party for regular people, you will go with your partner. if a couple do not want to be seen together, there is always something going on, no matter how lame or intellectual excuses you give.
Anjeta Ferizi
why have I always thought that he was together with Blake??
Melissa Barnes
Lol I call my mother my lady Im just silly like that "Well hello my lady can I eat the salad in the fridge." Is just me being silly. Just like me saying Mommy MaMA MOM MOM MOM- FAMILY GUY. It's just me being silly folks! I also say Mamacita!
kanye west and kim k disagree
Eva is most likely a head case controlling beeotch and ryan is being pushed around by his lady. what royal bullshit..they are hollywood stars..get over yourselves please
mr ram
Eva ain't dumb. If he end up cheating she ain't gunna look dumb smiling on the red carpet 😂
Jeff Araujo
into the pines was an awesome movie one of my favorites
Good for them! So many celeb couples famewhore their relationships to make money and see their movies.
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