The Real Reason Eva Never Joins Ryan On The Red Carpet

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When 2017's awards season rolled around and La La Land was in the spotlight, there was a spotlight somewhere else, too. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have been one of Hollywood's hottest couples since 2012, but they are still making Hollywood wait to see them together on the red carpet. When Gosling made his Best Actor acceptance speech at the Golden Globes, he did give the world a glimpse into their private life with a shout out to Mendes. But that only fueled the fire of curiosity when it came to just why the stylish actress continuously gives red carpets a miss when her beau's around. Here are some thoughts about why Eva and Ryan are never seen gracing the same place these days…

Private places | 0:42
Proper nouns | 1:54
Going solo | 2:34
Still supportive | 3:06
Prioritizing the pitter patter | 3:44

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Nicki Swift
What other celebrity relationships do you think we should explore?
Bella Luna
I don't blame her
Ferintosh Farms Photography
I think she just doesn't want to get overshadowed like Jessica Biel there, us handsome Canadians can do that.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, two trannies. Bradley Cooper's a tranny too by the way.
Leslie Seibel
I'm sorry but that's just weird.
Jean Hantman
Does anyone really still believe these publicity match-ups? Has no one read Rock Hudson's biography?
JJ Langlois
Who cares.
Irma Marquez
Ryan is so untalented…Give him a LaLa award!!..That movie sucked by the way, don't watch it!!
Tranae Farmer-Boston
Him referring to her as sweetheart and my lady is not odd at all. Pretty special to me.
Dare Jones
Oh gosh that's not strange.... if he calls her sweetheart/my lady instead of Eva.... Clearly that's their thing... we all have our thing. Seeing smoke where there's none smh
Kikuli Kokuli
I can see why Ryan would want to get him some Mendes.
The pronounciation of debuted at 0:48 made me cringe so hard...
Mandy Law
sometimes you just gotta take the privacy.
What a Dumb video, GET A REAL JOB.
This is a concept no one seems to understand these days. If you care about something or someone you protect it. I greatly respect her, Kerry Washington and other celebs who take this approach. Opening your relationship up to the public just leaves you open to judgment and scrutiny by people who don't really know you. That environment just becomes toxic. That's why most celeb couples don't work out. The private ones have a better shot.
She's so lucky. She has the hottest man ever.
I love how every episode has a celebrity name mispronounce!
Gosling is a fucking faggot. He didn't deserve the golden globe.
Lucas Brazil
Ryan is hot !!!!
Weezy Wesley
I need some RED CARPET Money...
Lol "my lady" that's cute
Its Me Alisha 알리시아
I love them 😍😍
Samantha Delgado
"Hottest couple "
Yolanda Howard
I heard somewhere that he been wanted to get married. But.. she had hesitated.
Ana Nimity
I think this is a little childish in that anyone who is a fan of theirs or watches celebrity news at all know they are together so why not go to events together. I can understand keeping safe the privacy of their kids but not being at an event to support each other isn't right. That's my opinion I suppose. I was a little disappointed to find out they were together. There's something about her that I just don't like and I find he's changed since getting involved with her. No, I don't know them personally but it's just something I've noticed.
I think she's low key crazy😝😝😝
Didi Graham
Love this couple. They have it all figured out and know how to separate their personal and professional lives. And they do seem to really love, respect and support each other. Real love.
Jen Trejo
shes to beautiful for him hes such a little fag
Too fast
Can't stand how she looks. She has this cheap bitchy look to her. Something tells me they won't last.
x XXXxxSaraxxXXX x
I don't think they are a couple I think they have separate lives but are pretending they are just for the media
Chap Lurk
Maybe it's a sign media should pull it's nose out of their business.
Cowards, both of them. You can walk away from the movie bizz anytime you want, so I don't want to hear it.
How about when they die? Lies all lies with these fake Gods.
John F
Woah, Ryan Gosling is one of the best looking men on the planet and he chooses her?? Not to be rude but I'm shocked at how unattractive she is compared to him.
Gloria Moreno
All u mothafuckers and bitches are hating because y'all don't like to see a white guy in love with a Latina haters haters
Cali Bra
Why do people consider him to be so attractive?? And she's like pretty but typical Latina. Interesting.
Mahfuz Munir Khan PT
Eva Mendes is a dog
Michelle Saavedra
They are a couple of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, and seem to be down to earth.
Soul Food
He's adorable and so sweet! She's prioritizing motherhood over the red carpet. Nothing wrong with that. Lots of women choose to stay ho,e over their careers. She's able to stay out of the spotlight and still book projects. Good for her.
they won't last....
Lora lolo
I think she is not confident enough to be seen next to him , he is so baby face compare to her. She is beautiful however more mature looking.
i came for jessica chastain's boobs.
Samus Aran
Oh please, they act like they're the most important people in the world. Eva, do not take the gold digger route that Jennifer Garner took. Let Ryan take care of the kids, while you make movies.
Mario Mendoza
Fuck it , hit it and quit it
Really not a very good looking couples.
Evelyn Yao
I don't want any more divorces
That's because they really do love each other, and don't feed into the media, also she's a fox. He's a Lucky man.
i guess they are doing a good job cause i didnt know they were dating...or im just clueles
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