How I Used To Do My Makeup

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katelynn lopez
u are so pretty with out makeup
Jessica Hickey
I'm laughing so hard because this is sooo true
Macie Bruner
Daisy H
You took me back Jenna!! 😂😂😂
Lauren M
Rachel Rowe
These are so painfully relatable. I wanna laugh and cry at the same time.
I mean ik I'm only 13 but I still can't bring myself to buy a eyelash curler because I've heard stories of people cutting them off and I feel like my eyelashes are pretty long because you gotta think, when you're in a hurry to go fiddle fuck around at middle school and you never wear makeup because your lazy to put it on usually, just put it on fast, use a makeup wipe to fix it as you comb your lashes to not have spider legs lmao XD I honestly just don't wear makeup incase of I do a shit job, but hey you got learn
I think Jenna looks fine without make up XD
Crystal Stoian
Oh my god Jenna is so adorable without makeup
Nycomniumun Kill me.
I liked the seventh grade look she had .-.
If anyone else got the ad that is a song/rap with two crows in the background and a plain white bird in the middle, would you be able to me please??
Isaac Lahey tbh
Jenna was such a sterotype middle schooler omg
Ashlyn Kale
I did the EXACT same look with blue in the water line. same mascara. braces that were also blue.
Sarah Plagens
Blue mascara, yesssss! Yeah this was definitely like looking at my own past lol.
Maria Mendoza
10:27 heda?
This video is everything
I call it like I see it
oh the 90s
I had no idea that Jenna had freckles
Emma R.
as a clarinet player I feel offended
Riley Wardle
Middle school Jenna looks like the blonde bully from hocus-pocus
Gemma Sherman
Jenna wear your fucking retainer ur teeth are gonna get fucked up
Ashley Campos
lol omg i still buy blue mascara lol
I'm in middle school and the only reason I can can do makeup is because I have to for dance competitions but I never wear any to school
my foundation looks the same as her middle school look. damn I didnt think that was a problem until now lol. I also cant use blush or contour because my skin is too dry, I can barely wear foundation
Kim Scholten
Exactly, how can teenagers look so good with makeup. You HAVE to have the fase where you buy foundation 3 shades too dark, have no idea what blush and eyebrow products are and you just have to buy these gross sticky lipglosses for like 1 euro/dollar. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT WE DID ^^.
Lauren Campbell
lol aaah middle school, were messy buns and baggy sweat pants were considered cool.
Felisha Lewis
baby clips....haha!!
I find it really sad Jenna feels like she has to apologise / warn / joke about her face about makeup every single time....
Katy Sharpe
this is actually perfect exactly how my experience with makeup was in the days before youtube blue mascara those were the days😂 teenagers now will never have those beautiful photos of awfulness to look back on everyones too good at makeup now hahahaha
Rose Kenyor
This is weird but you have really good skin
Brylee Powell
I love all of your videos and I think you are so pretty even with out makeup♡♥:-);-)
I finally found out that I could put eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows in 2014.
Like I first remember thinking that I could only fill them in on special occasions.
Lianna Jekkar
How she use to do her makeup makes me cringe
Mar Of Hearts 6
I experimented with black eyeliner in 6th grade and every mistake I made, the eyeliner got bigger and bigger. And I would put neon green to neon teal and it looked terrible. But I was never really afraid to experiment with colors, my first eyeshadow pallet was the urban decay electric pallet, I lived on that. I still have it but it's all beat up and nasty and the mirror part fell off XD
Emo Trash #1
I'm in middle school at the moment and since I'm an emo band nerd, I wear like really heavy eyeliner and mascara and sometimes tinted lip chap.
sparkle extra
Holy crap that is nightmare materiel
the middle school look made her look like avril lavigne
Garrett Harbison
were out of pizza nuggets
didn't figure out my makeup till..... wait I still haven't figured out makeup.

On a serious note though I relate to the video so much lmfao.
purple dragon55
I vote for Jenna with short hair!!
jackie maree
This was actually me as a kid hahahahahahahahahaha
Rebecca Baker
At 9:50, Jenna totally sounds like Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) in Stranger Things
Spontaneous Potato
Spontaneous Potato
When I was in 6th grade i tried doing the stupid scene makeup to get the guys to like me as well and unfortunately my mom was never able to stop me bc I was so dang good at sneaking makeup. I looked so bad !!! And I had little bangs that I'd push to the side so it looked like I was balding and i had the cheap medical !real rimmed circleish glasses n I was overweight and hated exercise and i never brushed my teeth. So yeah I looked horrible.
alyse boykin
Nina Road
I live in Russia, and you know SAME!!! LMAO
Lauren Carsburg
Jenna suits short wavy hair soooo much
Faith Cole
The green makes you look like a 2 day old dead body.
Loved this some-what nostalgic video! You took the "how I did my makeup in HS" challenge and brought it to ANOTHER level😂.
I 'member the baby clips (6:03) and the "antenna" bangs (6:34)! We had so much in common as kids😄!
Kroshcka E
I was in Cross Country and Track and Field (distance) and I wouldn't wear a full face with blush and stuff, but I ALWAYS wore eyeliner... Always
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