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“I feel like I just got slimed."

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I may try it. IF they sell at my local Kroger cause I'm a broke college student
Vivienne the Vicious
“I generally reserve my stickiness for weekends.” GOOD GOD KRISTIN 😂 Best line ever.
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
DIY Boob mask

-Oil (any kind)
-Lemon or Tea tree oil (optional)
-Aloe Vera gel
-2 drops of water

Mix them all together and apply in a hot shower.

Place hand on the center of Boob and move hand from Boob center to shoulder and back.

Do it for 10 minutes each Boob.

Than Do it at the same time for 20 minutes.

Than apply oil to breast and have fan with cold air and lay down with oil rubbed in and cool air flowing for 30 minutes

Than sleep.

Or just put oil on your boobs and ya.
Annoyed Moon
All I keep thinking about is, that some of these Buzzfeed videos must be awkward for guys to watch.
maeve thiel
Safs smile in the thumbnail 😂
Chloe H
"Date night or Christmas" ahh that's great
So tasty
Just look at her face in the thumbnail...
String Bean
i thought they'd be...

bouncier ;-;
Synn Kynlr
"I usually reserve this kind of stickiness for the weekend."
Jack Burzynski
3:40 that's what she said
Oxodemony :3
"I feel like a vampire from 2010!"
For Christmas, really??
Diana Fronsdahl
I get my boobs done every Christmas... 🎄
The Blonde Potato
We miss you Saf.
crazy girl
Oh no it's Monday
Flower Lilly
I love how I relate to these lovely ladies sooo mucu
Bruna Rocha
Reserve your stickiness for weekends? Ewww
Chandra Yonkers
i dont like to be this sticky on a monday 😂😂😂😂😊
Dianna LaTerra
"It's been called to attention" I'm c r y i n g i love saf
Myla Woodley
Shoutout to the dancers who have danced to the background song 🙌🏼
Krisztina Bencze
im sorry Safiya left Buzzfeed.. 🙁
Natalie Schlagel
They had the instagram makeup on
After i heard about the famous charcoal mask, i feel like every beauty product thats for your face has charcoal on it...😒
Nibbles Healy
I like trying out "strange" skincare products I'm don for it. -Saifia because everything they try is "strange"
Emma Stallings
Chantelle is slaying the makeup game
i miss saf its like having the main character in a movie die its just not right anymore.
joku hyybä
"Sheet masks for ya boobs"
-Kristin 2k16
Hana Callister
I never noticed how much Saf's voice sounds like Lizzy Caplan's from Mean Girls
Erica Cruz
i wish buzzfeed add a link below where they bought the things they try
JackiePlays Gaming
Gerry Larry
Christmas? What kind of witch craft are you doing for you to use this on Christmas?! St. Nick is frowning upon you.
Yes yes trump won beat that sorry I'm just horrible yes you are me
Crystal Loh
who else misses the original ladylike?? And by original, I mean Kristin, Jen, Saf, Chanti and Freddie
C. Mesa
these girls are so akward
Alex Truman
If I where older
I would be so excited to have a job at buzzfeed ❤️❤️
As a mom that's breastfeeding I'm super interested in trying this out omg I never thought something like this would exist lol
I can see pregnant woman and breastfeeding moms benefiting from a breast mask
Rea Is Annoying
honestly I miss Saf
Rip Safs buzz feed career
Meline Poirier
Swear gate trust severe integration result pepper.
Vampires don't sparkle
I Am Awesome
God buzzfeed stop using Christmas music for unrelated videos
Even the Evil Queen
"It's weird to be naked with your shoes on!" xDD
Msp B
When I read the title I honestly thought they were gonna put on masks made from boobs.
bbh Juan
Why is the one in red in all ladylike vids nowadays she ruins my day
Sabrin Adem
where Is Freddy!!! 💜💜
Zoe Lonquist
Omg I love u saf 😊❤️u r literally me
Guys should gry ths
Fun with jessica
Kristen is so annoying y is she in every video
bella ruan
I forgot it's inappropriate to show and got excited bc the shape of mask
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