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“I feel like I just got slimed."

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Tiger Lily
I love Safiya's The office reference 😂 its an amazing show and my favorite!
Beau McMillin
Kristen is sooo funny
Zaida Salomon
I can’t believe that Safiya took her shirt off
Autumn _12
in a alley way... rubbing your boobage... nixe
Slime Galaxy
"It feels like you need to touch your boobs"
Phanboy of mcr, p!atd, fob, bvb, tøp, Rick astley
Why is Safiya in here? Didn't she quit?
Lauren Mize
2 wet lilipads
Why Saf
Lauren Mize
And then drifting in the wind
Auh Kristen
Super Kyuuketsuki
There is no ladylike without Jen and Freddie
Simone Regina
I love when Chantel calls her boobs "The Marshas" 😂😂😂
Sarah Bogen
Anyone watching this in 2017 and Feeling nostalgic seeing Saf in a ladylike video
Latesia Manuel
This video is why safiya left; boob masks was too much for all parties involved lol
Carese Davis
"It's just wet..."😅😂
Sea Bro
They should have a try guys channel and ladylike channel they would get more views and money
Bryce Lavina
How did I get here
Erin Nash
"Its wierd to be naked with your shoes on" preach gurl preach
What ever happened to Saf? I don’t see her in any new ladylike videos.
Sofia Lesage
Kristen's looked very much like smoked vacuum-packed makerel
Cayce Hargrove
Chantel is forever my favorite
Shannon Pulliam
"The Marshas"

Natalie Sixx
I am so mad that they didn't say "Lady Tested Lady A-boobed"
Emily Gaming
"I generally reserve my stickiness for weekends"
Mary Salinas
Why do I feel like Kristin tries too hard to be funny?
Ailish Forner
ruth lawerence
they did this on my birthday
Sarah Silverman
am i the only lady who washes their breasts and chest just like their face? Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, mask, moisturize.
Jayla Krackers
I don't know why but don't you think that Chantel and Safiya look a like or is it just me?
rainbow unicorn
Weekend stickiness????? Any one understand
I love how they play ballet music in the background...
The 2nd Gus gus
I wish Freddy was in this video 😭
Satan Senpai
Watching all of Saf's old ladylike videos. It's not the same without her...However, I still watch it because I also love Chantel. Saf and Chantel are my two favorite ladies.
Saad Diet
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Angel Titus
They're your boobs do what you want with them
Cosmic Queen
Anyone know what lipstick Saf is wearing?
Esme Smith
Terror greatest novel dvphzqs amendment tradition sing human one row.
Noelani Moreno
2:50 "who us?" Lol
Mad Kat
"Like a date night or... christmas" xD
exfoliating my boobs while also having pierced nipples sounds dangerous. i don't want any grain stuck inside the hole :D
Mila Piljevic
The Swan Lake music though. <3
Annie Carbajal
For your information Kristen, those vampires are freaking beautiful!! SO DONT WORRY YOUR SEXY SELF!!👍
Dammit it's 1 am and I'm watching buzz feed again -.-
Hattie Hornshaw
They say that they are naked but surely they just have their tops off???🤔🤔
Thomas Rolfe
I thought this was saf Chanel
Toemie Z.
any ARMYY here ?!!/!
Penny Billings
Who else was just low-key dancing to the background music in the beginning
JustMe AndAG
Of course saf would put it on her face
Natalie Schneider
chantel says her boobs are too big for her body but they don't look overly big for her body
zara austin
"I generally reserve my stickiness for weekends" - I died lmao 😂😘😍
Unknown User
These girl plus Frankie and the other one with the messy hair and the Asian one. (I'm sorry I don't know there names) are the best to me
Still Searching For A Good Name
They spelled Chantel's name wrong and some point
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