Bad Baby Tiana - Freak Daddy Crushes Giant Space Hopper Balloons Under Car Wheel

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Hi friends:)
Bad baby is back,me and Isla space hopper balloons reckless fun and mum and dad freaked out and crushed them under the car wheel LOL.We still got 2 hoppers on the roof.

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I love
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son nenas muy enfermas dela cabesa
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Rainbow Sparkle HD
Tiana you cake is cute
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i het you tiana
River Gordon-Worrall
can I please do a video with you I love all your videos babies are back my name is chile
Esmeralda Ayala
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Does she like sweet stood🍦🍬🍰🎂🍩🍨🍭
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Mahmoud Fattah
every bad bayby movies you crash the that tiana eat or play with you crash it with the car and my ide you must crash it like with the hammer like if see that
Johnny Escobar
Ariana Toldy
Pobre City Qué malo tu papá
Mouna Cherrad
Bogdan Budis
Joshy Mccall
bad dad
Lim suparat
Hffvfv. Fcftfexsaev,cafmxwV
trainground fan 2016
everyone will call the police for destroying childrens toys
Julia Alves
Filha da puta
Honey Melina Acuna Marquez
nadi abla español tiana ayudame😞😞😞
dog dingo
Stop 🛑 crushing nice games and food think of people THAT DONT HAVE ANYTHING
Kiera Manuel
P.S like if you saw it
Kiera Manuel
Did you guys see the bunny clue from the Easter egg video that they did?
Detola Shenaike
Famtastic I love baby Tiana when she is bad
Stay safe and cool
Amber Mowat
mmm that cake looks good.
Bailey Smith
You Awesome you are so funny
Sandy Wright
please please please please please please please make a part 2
Giulia Orrico
Neeraj Kumar
Shunaii Matthews
hi what's going on what to do a YouTube video of what do you actually do in real life just wanted to ask can you do my mailing yourself to other stuff because I love all of your videos my favourite ones are gummy food vs real food I really love your channel I this is the second time I am actually commenting so I could I just started to comment is that why because the first time I don't know how but now I know how to come hello can you mail yourself to me I'm going to ask my mum if she says no or yes love you I'll speak to you later remember I'm always your best YouTuber and make sure can you give me a light please I've subscribe and I'll give you your YouTube channel funds up and I'm come to me right now so you'll love me love you bye more more more
Shunaii Matthews
you you are the best YouTuber ever on the whole entire world I always watch your videos and they're great love you can you do more gummy food vs real food challenges they are really fun I always watch them every single day I watch one of those videos tomorrow see you later love you
the killer tv
Jamariee crowder
smash some eggs
Christy Williams
bad babys
Djiba Diallo
Toys AndMe PLEASE do more vids of your dad popping stuff under his car, like balloons, or inflatables, I REALLY like it!
Maria Contreras
can you make bad baby loks owt perins
Rizwana Ali
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhjhhhhhhbjhhhhhhhhhhhh so fantastic funny I have subcribe aaaand hit bell
Majid Gorji
Crush them all
Crush them
Athena Cho
When is your birthday?
Alex Munoz
Srinivas M S
xXcutegirl2009Xx Kanal
Your mummy is making so cool cakes
Death Gaming
Tell your dad is the badest of all he should be in jail for doing that!!!
Nathan Miguel Eoy
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