Josue Guido
Jay Skitmore
This guys sick
Quan Nguyen
Guys it's a shiny catch it!!!
Mask Hunter King
never ever thought that a blue cray fish existed
For Dream
I hope to see you exploring looking for a Japanese Salamander πŸ˜€
He found a shiny!
Ray Cas21
I flipped a rock and saw patrick
Ray Cas21
I flipped a rock and saw patrick
Ray Cas21
I flipped a rock and saw patrick
Kc Springer
He thought that salamander was big tell him to come down to avenue of the giants California there r salamanders that r 1ft long
Shirlynne Andoy
is it harmless?
Cpt. Squirt Tickle
I have no idea why but when the blue crayfish was messing with one of its antennas it was just so cuteπŸ˜‚ 6:50
Ger Vang
Have you ever catch a red one
samantha medina
you are crazy awesome
Bass HQ
next we are on the hunt for a rainbow crayfish!!!!!
Beastgaming 101
Dude if you discovered it then you have the right to name it.and without you they would not have found it for a sapphire crayfish should not be a think about it.
Angelina Lam
Maybe the blueberry crayfish? I mean it is blue. Like if you agree
Caelyn Makenzie
It's actually not "Crayfish" it's crawfish if you've ever been to Louisiana you would know. And I was born there.
Goldoernesto Irizarry
hes like wild crats but better
gm Gamer
Mr.Cray Fish's origins
Nami Flyon
So, help? :3

I was hunting for snakes, then I couldn't I find any so I went hunting for crayfish at a pond where I am currently. As I was catching some Rusty Crayfish, I found a particular one, it was small and blue with a slightly transparent body. It had a spotted pattern along its tail and body, any idea what kind of crayfish it was? I also found some small likely baby crayfish that were clear or just white, any idea what they are?

Thank you :3
Chok Vaj
I know that song I sang it in 3rd grade
bossanding x
I have a pet crayfish
Sarah Burland
We have all kinds of blue crawdads in montana
Doc TwoSoX
Anybody kno why?!?!?!
Basketball Legend
blue satire
Noah Leonard
Who else thinks that this looks like tomatoa from moana???
Im On Da Web
ive found blue crafish claws
Modern Love
COYOTE: Oh yea it's gonna be a whopper

MARK: That's good
B Plays
So is it a new species??!?!??!
Thomas Conley
Not new at all it is a lack of pigments in there skin that causes them to be blue
_Jross 007_
this isn't a new species, I had found on in a hole in my ditch
bro I found a red Cray fish
Heather Dayton
Coyote these are lot bigger than the ones we find in OHIO that means he might live in OHIO I live in OHIO that means I might meet him in OHIO AHHHHHHH
petros papatheodorou
How could it be a new species when you already know about it and where to search in order to find it?Am i missing something here?
You mean
Joseph Gerrick
I caught a crayfish but not a blue one :(
Who else watching this in West Virginia
Kyla Ivy
Eat him
Malakai Tobias
I am stunded
Nothing But Knuckle
hope u get to name it since u found it that would be awesome!
Cruz Maui-ke
Blue crayfish never heard it but still thats really cool
Kamal Shaikh
Do he bit
Genesis Sanchez
Bruh my nearest petshop has a blue crayfish and he's trying really hard to find one hahahah πŸ¦€πŸŸπŸ 
InfamousIvy 1270
Can you keep these creatures as pets?
Georgiafan 27
I like sapphire crawfish/crayfish or sky crawfish/crayfish
Coyote you should react to kids react to Brave Wilderness
If you get to name it. You should post a video with three names and everyone can vote on a poll to name it!
Ugly Duck
Remember wild kratts ?...
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