Cheap Coffee Reviewed By A Coffee Expert

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Do you agree with our expert?

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Special Thanks to Wes Johansen and Molly Shea

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Elliott Allen
excuse you starbucks is life
YeonGu Ra
this guy is so savage
Puff208 aj
stunts ya growth
Well, I guess we live with cheap coffee then- We have no "Gourmet" Coffee places around for quite a few hours.
You need to do cafe latte test. because its foam starts to desintigrate fast when its not good and cafe taste going to be flat or bitter.
Kevin Lombardo, Jr
This guy is amazing
unknown unknown
That proves that Dunkin' Donuts is Americas choice coffee, born from Massachusetts hence Massachusetts is America, and it's better then your starbitch coffee
Fake News
I like his description are bad, but then his rating is good.
Sofia Newman
Gordon Ramsay #2
Hasib Reza
You know who forgot his years of training? Anakin Skywalker. You know what happened to him? He died!
Zeb Smith
"Starbucks is cheap" Said no one ever
adam nelson
Its not real!! Come on ,he's saying stuff like a hint of jolly rancher from this one!! Its just a joke video!!
titanium turbo
starbucks be expensive
Luke William
If you put enough cream and sugar in it anything tastes alright. That's the working man's coffee.
Where's the Timmes
sriram turaga
If you mute the audio and watch just the video it's like a dude giving an audition for 'The Joker' at a coffeehouse.
The Answer
Clearly an actor
Most people hating him just because he dislikes Starbucks.
Shizuku Mizuchi
Potato chip notes. What. In coffee?
Gabriel Anderson
Child Starbucks is not cheap
ted z
What a snow flake
Dead pool
how is starbucks cheap lmfao
i wonder what he'd think of tim hortons coffee
Pet Paradise
His explanations are so funny!. Grape jolly rancher?!?
I wanna know what this guy drinks. Because I've had some decent coffee. I'm no expert, but I really like Maxwell House so I want to know what he does like.
Brandon Dude
That guy looks like Todd from breaking bad
Handful Of Rag Tags
they trying to say 7-11 is subpar or something, HUH!!??
Todd from Breaking Bad? Please noo
Ace Victory
should have given him a high class one and he will still say its bad.
Rodrigo Salazar
About show my girl this video to confirm to her that Starbucks is trash !
'cheap' coffee? I don't call them exactly cheap...
DueceDakaDD Vids
This whole video is BS
A hint of melon... in coffee?!
Grape jolly rancher? Are you kidding me?
Flapjack the American penguin
Looks like a discount Newt Scamandor.
Panda lover
Starbucks isn't that cheap it's 2 dollar signs
Greater Than Lol
Good thing i dont drink coffee...
also i got a Legend27 ad 😂
Emily Madison
I haven't violated my tongue like that in a while 😂
Kayla The Dreamer
So he give 3 and a half for McDonald's but Starbucks only one 😱😱😱
Jason Min
I hate him for disliking starbucks
thats funny he agrees with me - dunkin doughnuts coffee is good coffee, the best of any food shops like mcdonalds etc.
usually I drink the blue tin coffee Chase and Sanborn, which I like and is good AND is one of the cheapest in the stores, but is one of the best (in the price range atleast)
I wonder what he would say of that coffee.
His face gives me a turpentiney kind of vibe. His face also looks like a side of the road cantaloupe. Gonna give his face a 5/5 stars on the the punchable scale.
Meh Meth
So gordons ramsay's youth is reviewing the coffe?
Potato Games
One what's a coffe expert two wtf is wrong with giving Starbucks a one
Kiwi YT
Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best I've ever tasted and I just consider it "good" like 3.5/5 or 4/5. If 5/5 coffee exists, I've never tasted it.
"Side of the road cantaloupe" what?
Dimitri - Gamez n Stuff
Since when does everyone hate Starbucks? It's always packed when I go there
Dimitri - Gamez n Stuff
This the type of guy to eat an apple and say "notes of tomato and road-tasting orange"
shao guangda
GG Starbucks
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