Cheap Coffee Reviewed By A Coffee Expert

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Special Thanks to Wes Johansen and Molly Shea

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Archerfish Johns
If you think your life is sad

This dude got out of his way studying C O F F E E
Jack Caldwell
Triggered white girls inbound
mcdonalds over starbucks lolol
The Hammer
I couldn't listen to this guys voice
Jennifer Alves
I knew it! Dunkin Donuts is in fact better than Starbucks!
theawkwardblob 101
His sarcasm makes me happy
Tobias Andersson
When I visited NYC I survived thanks to dunkin donut. The only coffee i could tolerate of the regular chains. Swedish bought coffee is so much better
This guy is a pretentious douchebag.
Craig Thomson
I'm getting a soggy grapish gravely flannel pajamas flavor from this video.
zachary burdette
he just believes his own bullshits
daniel s
bro just drink the fuckin coffee
1800 Eli
Hey Starbucks is pretty good πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Andrew Kenney
The Acai King
Why don't they try to fool these pricks, instead of telling them what they are going to have
Equine Forever
Finally someone who hates starbucks like ME!!!
Suhaas Ramesh
Those aren't really cheap coffee... I mean cheap coffee actually start at less than $0.10 in my country
Kalvin Tutorials
RIP 7-Eleven
Anony mouse17999
I would take him seriously until he gets a man's voice.
This guy has no idea what he's doing. He's naming random things. Folger's does not have a "Hint of apple." it's coffee beans put in a bag. His entire profession is a sham. If ignorance is bliss he must be on cloud nine.
Adam Ramirez
Hey mc Donald's coffee I better than that
Izhar Merican
Cheap Coffee Reviewed by Tod Of Breaking Bad
Ellie Ginnow
After my family opened our own cafΓ©, I realized that Starbucks, DunkinDonuts, and many other big brands actually burn their coffee and scauld the milk when they steam it. At least that's what my parents have said, I, myself, mostly drink tea, but going back to a Starbucks after making my own for so long, they actually burned the milk in my tea.... somehow.
Sebastian Martinez
Artyom Simitian
Girls at Starbucks be like...
Iam awaterbottle
el joker
finally tried that pumpkin spice latte from starbucks that my girl gave me i spit it out immediately
I'm gonna start saying notes now to describe stuff πŸ˜‚
Matt Ipock
I'd like to see Jordan Schlansky's version.
ads broke this video. black screen after ad
Dylan Jack
Is he gay ??
adam fothers
matt damons homosexual little brother
Wait Starbucks is cheap coffee?
Alexander Whiteman
Jesus Christ it's one of those holier than thou homosexuals...
Jinx 1289
I personally love Starbucks, here in Johannesburg, there is only one branch, and I go as often as I can
Victor Nguyen
Wasn't expecting Starbucks will get 1 star
Dude 7-11 coffee is great
Anony Pearson
I normally cringe at the pretentiousness of tasting experts in any arena but this guys notes are fekkin hilarious!
Trungotaku Pham
Try vietnamese coffe :) only 1$
Sorry if you have to add carmel whip cream and pretty shiney flakes to it's not coffee or worth the $7 ...I french press my coffee in the morning with a course grind from a local bean roaster Dont need to be a expert of good coffee
Marlboro Red
"Years of training" ???????
Alexis Dedios
There is now a expert for everything
Kari Lari
Can we punch him please?
Kari Lari
Years of training...for coffee?
Manuel Guillen
Then what is coffee
a plastic spoon
he has probably never slept for a year because of the amount of coffee he has drank.
He definitely enjoys a spam javelin doesn't he
m b
He said the McDonald's coffee tasted like thick tar and dirty asphalt yet still rated it higher than Starbucks
Joseph Fruge
I feel like a real coffee expert would have chosen a brewing method besides something with a metal filter, in which case starbucks would at least have a higher rating
Ross Estee
Happy to finally see someone trash Starbucks proper.
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