Cheap Coffee Reviewed By A Coffee Expert

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Do you agree with our expert?

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Special Thanks to Wes Johansen and Molly Shea

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Who knew that Todd from Breaking Bad was also a coffee tester
Kelsey M.
Anybody else feel like he was just making up comments after a while...? He completely trashed McDonald's and then gave it 3 stars. What even?
Joel Rodriguez
You can give these "experts" the most expensive and exquisite items that they're "experts" in and they'll criticize it to the max.
atusek atusek
"coffee expert"
good god, try to be less useful to society.
Oh wait, this is buzzfeed...
Ryan Gatien
"If I forget my years of training."
Dude, you work at BuzzFeed...
Typical Buzzfeed. Not even Timmy's.
Luis valjean Pascual
I want condom product lol
IM Corona
I'm not trying to offend the guy but... 'Coffee expert' is really a thing? Where can i apply for that job? lol
ARMYS are Everywhere
GUYS! Realtalk! Starbucks really taste like a soap... For my opinion
Tal Evans
what im wondering is how does he know what wet cardboard and...side of the road cantaloupe taste like🤔🤔🤔
dead pool
now water expert tries water from around the world. starting with diet water
Sam Marotto
Starbucks: 1 star
McDonald's: 3.5 stars
This kinda seems scripted..
LOL when he was talking about the mcdonald's coffee, the way he describe it sounded like he was about to give a -3 stars but ended up being one of the best ranked.
wtf is this pretentious guy saying
@2:16 damn, rollys royce passes by
Cream Puff
Folgers. Drink us been when you've been tricked into it!
Man in america you coffees sucks here in greece we have allot more than you have we have a coffe that is calld frape-φραπές and a strange calling name in america is parrot-Παππαγάλος thats the old people dring grand parrents and all that staff.
I love this guy 😂😂👌🏻
Ghada alnasser
ماعنده سالفة
Brandon Tackett
is he just making stuff up??? I think it would be good if he didn't know where the coffee was from
Gabrail azimal
The way he explains the flavour is really interesting and i really want to learn how to achieve the taste that he has
John Beidleman
Dude, every hipster is a coffee or wine aficionado. Don't act like you're special.
Ben Dover
He rated these very high
Godly God
What a hipster.
Ilove Kitties
I LOVE reviews by experts! Make more pleaaaaaaase
Pedro Rivera
What do you drink, buddy? Coffee from beans out of civet's assholes?
J͟u͟n͟g͟l͟e͟j͟i͟m͟4322a͟t͟ Y͟a͟h͟o͟o͟.c͟o͟m͟
What a condescendingcunt
Ryfus Fox
I guess I'll have to give Dunkin Donuts and Folgers coffee a try... It's probably better than the gas station coffee I've been chugging to get me through all my last minute papers
he is so fake
Dagbjartur Johannsson
How is Starbucks cheap coffee when it's 4-5 dollars a cup
Wolf Lock77
Your gonna start a war in the comments for giving Starbucks a 1 star...
Satan is a computer
Yeah but what if you didn't tell him they were cheap brands
How can you get the taste of beef and jolly rangers from coffee?!
It depends on how strong the coffee is.
Internet dude rates coffee drinker
- Snobby
- Hints of arrogance
- Scrunched face
- Unnerving facial expression
- Can't tell if scowling or smiling
- Budget rate Rick Astley
- Annoying nasily voice
1 Star
Ladies and gentleman, Matt Damon's gay brother.
"Dirty asphalt"
"3.5 out of 5"
Christo aus Deutschland
Starbucks is not cheap coffee at all
Ladies & Gents, dont cry for the hatred on Starbucks & such. You can get your self an all natural coffee brew from the brewer which you can make at home & be whatever creative with it. Unless if you want the all fake artificial fake natural flavored one with only maybe about 10% or even less of an actual real coffee drink then easy, go waste your money & buy you a starbucks :)
Everyone says they're fine with cheap coffee. Just wait until you go to Seattle
flexyy เลอ้อน
he looks like jerome from gotham
Corek Kio
He's like a funny smartass
lpsmia224 channel
I'm getting notes of grape jolly rancher guys grape jolly rancher everyone! It's in the ☕️ coffee! Oh myyyyyyy oh myyy
0:28 "can you get a note of water from coffee" coffee is mostly water so yes
Josh Kaplinger
I have full confidence in the fact that this man has ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE what he's talking about. How can anyone possibly get "grape jolly rancher" notes from Dunkin Donuts' coffee?
Patricio Pereyra
So how does this guy rate the expensive coffes? 15 outta 5?
Michael Stokes
He seems like the type of guy to fail in everything else in life, so he became a "coffee expert"
Was anyone else laughing so hard at his descriptions he made about the coffees?
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