Was Kathy Griffin's Trump Doll-Head Incident Offensive?

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--Caller thinks Kathy Griffin's beheaded Donald Trump picture was in poor taste

--On the Bonus Show: US home ownership at the lowest rate in over fifty years, fast food profits skyrocket after minimum wage hike, Dennis Rodman will go back to North Korea, and much more...

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Daisy Do
After he makes those 'bloody' remarks about a woman news commentator a few weeks after Rep from the House was shot, I don't feel same. If her holding a catsup covered mask is so horrible than him often commenting on women bleeding is just as weird. Only he doesn't get held to same degree yet he's POTUS! I can only wonder if it had been Obama would GOP be so okay with it. Don't think so. That is what's really wrong.
wally crail
Offensive ? NO. She should have been fired for not holding up his real head.
Max Afriyie
That was definitely David's half black brother. Lol.
Peter Verstappen
to answer the question - about on par with the rethugs hanging Obama in effigy.
Hezekiah Ramirez
Well clearly the answer is yes. It offended people. So yes. Now do I think that's justified? Not really. It's unfunny and uncreative but I think it's just bad comedy using shock value rather than anything legitimately witty. But yes, if someone is offended that's sort of the definition of offensive.
This is the same type non-argument the right always uses when people diss Trump though, like Kellyanne Conway responding to a Trump question with "Hillary Clinton lied about an email server". Just because it's less offensive than Trump pulling out of the Paris deal doesn't mean anything.
GO SysOp
lol did he say he was Taye Diggs?
past the breakers
Pakman is a jackass.
Justin Sánchez
i think the caller means that it was "out of line" for kathy to do that; it certainly wasn't out of character.
Ok commentor COON, Kathy Griffin didn't hurt any one. Trump and his shenanigans caused innocent people to die. This fucking Orange-cheeto loser sapien is fucking up American. when he's done with America you won't be able to go to college, but you will belong to a prison somewhere.
Thats Illogical
Whats with callers taking forever to get to the point lately? This guy trailed off and explained every little thing.
GSD Travels
Yes, it was offensive. Yes, the bigots were just more offensive in regards to the Obamas but we shouldn't stoop to the same level. That said, where do we have a right to not be offended? The dumpster snowflakes are sooooo pissed, kind of reminds me of death threats for depictions of religious figures. Thing is, they'll never see the irony... sigh...
Smrt Trollizmu
I wish it were so offensive it committed a genocide of suicide of Trump voters.
The problem is it wasnt funny she was there just creepily holding that head with her mummified face, that was no punch line no build up for the joke, and too creepy. Its not the first time that kind of joke is use, in South Park the mascot of a restaurant is "beheaded" by a mob of angry Yelp reviewers after the restaurant kicks them out. That was funny a true satire the yelpers acting like Islamic terrorists but we can clearly see that the guy in the costume is otherwise unharmed they only remove the head on his costume.
S.M Seely
If Conservatives were free to lynch Effigies of Barack Obama in protest against Obamacare or burn LGBT Pride Flags in protest against Gay Marriage, then Kathy Griffin's selfie was Fair-Game!
Jan-Willem van Dijk
Not everyone got an equal opportunity to vote.
Qwasm Hu
I want Pakman to break character
Yoo Jastle
No and if it had been Trump's real head, that wouldn't have been offensive either..
Bryna L.
offensive? no. inappropriate? yes.
Santiago Bron
it was funny to see all the triggered cuntervatives bitch about non-issues.
jimmy ryan
Jail this untalented, traitorous, ugly ass hag for threatening the life of the President. Why is she still free to walk unfettered among us hard working and patriotic Americans? Why is she not in jail now? Jail this ugly traitor, and let her friends and supporters learn what happens to those subhuman and insolent scum who threaten the life of our great leader, President Trump. Jail Kathy Griffin Now. Jail Snoop Dog Now. Make America Great Again Now!
I think it was a creative mistake for Kathy Griffin to choose to pose with the severed Trump head. I don't think it was offensive but I do think it was in poor taste. Let's get some perspective on this. It was a fake head. It was way more out of line for Trump to dog whistle the "2nd Amendment People" during the campaign and challenge them to "do something about it" if Hillary won the election. Kathy Griffin is a comedian. By definition she makes jokes for a living. Trump was running for President. He should be held to a higher standard.
Laura Klobusicky
lol doesn't know Kathy Griffin's name but knows it's "out of character" for her to make a controversial joke, which actually is what she's all about.
Mat S
Trumptards complain about offensive statements.. oh, the irony..
Paul Simon
not at all
Jonathan Green
It's not offensive to me, just unnecessary and in poor taste.
Caller totally gave a pseudo name lol
Mike Lofky
kathy griffin is so fucking stupid.
Yolanda Kelly
it was offensive but I've seen worse with President Obama.
I think taking healthcare away from 20+ million Americans is offensive.
Ronnie & Minh
My problem with her is that she is just not funny and never has been. With so many actually funny comedians struggling to get exposure why does someone who is not funny keep being called a comedian and keep getting exposure.
Daniel Milton
Im a 17 year old from California and Im not sure what side I should support anymore, the truth has been spun so many times. Most kids at my school hate Trump but they're so naive themselves, they shouldn't even be allowed to have an opinion and they only get their views from a mob mentality and social media which is completely one-sided. Society for millennials is so anti-trump, it is difficult to choose a side that aligns with my moral values and views with Social and regular media constantly telling me why Trumps evil.
It was tasteless. I support her right to do that but think there are better ways to get your opinion across. As David pointed out it's 'red meat' for the sensationalist media and ends up being counterproductive.
Orange skin is so fucking thin.
I don't find this offensive (but I don't like trump also I don't think he is Hitler). At most I say it was a dumb joke but still joke not a threat or a call to violence.
A joke may or may not be funny. But to really be hilarious doom the world to climate disaster because some French dude out manned you in a handshake.
Asks in the title if something is "offensive"
Pixelates the thumbnail

Well... DUH!
Was it offensive? Yeah, I'm sure a lot of people found it offensive, since you're showing a decapitated head of a man and the implication that you'd prefer him to not be alive is very apparent. Not that it matters though. The issue is that you did it to the president, it's common sense that you do not do that as it constitutes a very real offense. We wouldn't't accept it being done to Obama and now the Orange Man is your president and he is entitled to the same protections under the law.
marduk ishenhougher
maybe, who gives shit? shouldnt have been fired over it
Ben Mangrum
Total Control
David why did you hijack the topic and manipulate that young boys mind? If anything what you just did is a glaring example of how and why the mental fabric of America is unraveling.
Jeff None
ART,,,,,,,, you people really are nuts, Even though I hope you make a good living I doubt that you ever will as you will be sitting on the curb waiting for another handout.Good luck all you left wing losers.
While I agree with Pakman on the absurdity of the circumstance that led Kathy Griffin's​ controversy to get more publicity than Trump's decision to back out of the agreement, that comparison didn't answer the question given at all. There is an argument to be had on the moral judgement of Griffin's decision and how it impacts the perception of the left, but instead of acknowledging the issue, Pakman nonchalantly dismissed it with a red herring. Had I been on the line, I would've made certain that the conversation would have stayed on track. The misleading title of the video is a let down, I was actually interested in hearing Pakman's take on the situation itself rather than the unjustified news coverage it received in comparison to the climate agreement.
Tjhai Merchant-Eid
fuck sakes 'murica take a joke, the only reason slightly violent imagery like this might be a problem is because you all love your guns. To me this is just like photoshopping a dick in someones mouth I bet kathy griffin has had many dicks photoshopped into her mouth.
Dwayne Dwayne
VERY VERY VERY OFFENSIVE....................She's ugly as hell. – via @haystacktv
I gave no fucks, just as I gave no fucks when the NRA were burning Obama effigies at their rallies, and people were hanging them by the neck in their front yard. Retards should be ignored no matter which side of the fence they stand on.
Just add up all the bullshit he's already created.What she did will be applauded, someday soon.
nathan case
David taking everyone through whataboutism 101.
Mick Adams
The worst thing she did was present an image without knowing the message behind it. That's why she didn't defend herself, she just gave a spineless apology hoping to save her job.
Zhao Yun
2:20 "being a laughing stock" is not a legitimate measurement of benefit or harm. Try again David. You can do it, make the argument without relying on vapid clichés.

David the environment does not need saving, after the flooding and the climate change and poison and toxic waste, humans might die or suffer but "the environment" is not alive to begin with, it will continue on without us just fine. Use the right words to form the argument David. No wonder progressives have lost so much ground.
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