ASEP. acep. .Junaedi
team bassis 63 made alternator rotate with turbocharger @team amg mercedes petronas 2016( 44&6) alternator over current, battery over load @44 mr Lewis Hamilton vehicle having flame in circuit f1.
Jake Mattews
Worst CGI i've ever seen.. WTF?
western spud
i Cannot wait till the Premier of Discovery finally Star trek comes back to
Television Awesome .
Herbert Feuerstein
That was lame.
neandrathug 88
that ship if fugly
Kuiper Bricks
was that an intro for a PS2 game.
Not a real trailer.
Richard Gouws
No full episode you doos
HORRIBLE! Vovager's ions ahead!
Cihan Artış
Producer is J. Abrams ?
Cihan Artış
Worst Starship Ever I Love Enterprise
Kaiju Addicts
That ship design is almost enough to make me not want to watch.
i thought this was fan-made by the quality of that cgi. yikes.
If that's what the ship looks like then I'll pass....... that's hideous
Just another pc correct propaganda piece.
Angel Roman
That's an old Klingon ship ripp off
aRandom Person
jesus, the effects in voyager looked better than this.
Barry Schuster
I love that industrial music.
did you just take a model from a 4x game released 10 years ago? because thats the kind of models we had in games 10 years ago.
Steven Britton
What did they use to do the graphics for this? Video Toaster circa 1993?
Heath Lagoon
This is beyond awful. This looks like a high school kids class project it's that bad.
This trailer is confusing now. What I THOUGHT we were getting was a show that takes place after the previous ones, where Klingon and Federation engineers are collaborating on something new. Maybe I took it too literally, because the new trailer looks like it starts at the beginning of the Federation/Klingon conflicts? Cannot express how sad I am this isn't a forward-looking show vs. a prequel.
Da Mac Paddy
nice crappy rez yo. thanks for nothing.
Everyone is upset about the shape of the ship... Do people understand what time of the trekkie universe this ship is from? This is 10 years before the first star trek was set, the ship ament to look bulky, small and retro.
Geno Iliev
Who the fck did this CGI and draw the ship?! Are you CBS idiots kidding us?!?! Why are you deliberately trying to destroy the BEST SERIES EVER?
Keith Rhodes
I have been an avid viewer of star trek since the days of William Shatner as Captain Kirk, even as far back as Jeffrey Hunter playing as Captain Christopher Pike, yes I am getting on in age these days (58), the new Enterprise ship looks terrible, I hope this changes with time in the series.
Sebastian Hahn
I get that everyone is focused on the ugly ship and the low quality CGI, but am I the only one who thinks the music in this scene is horrible? Lacking any context, the music is tense and grating; it doesn't seem to suit the scene. I'm not really sure what the producers think they're trying to convey here; this scene comes off as an incoherent attempt at pandering to an audience or demographic that may not exist.
I hope they can make the ship even uglier by the time production is finished...
Juan Claude
TNG had bald picard (male lead), Voyager had Janeway (female lead), Discovery will probably have a Trans Arab Woman lead with bunch of angsty teenage actors.
They cobbled together a Federation Starship from an old Romulan Bird of Prey? What's next a lift kit, a horn that plays "La Cucaracha" and fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror? Oy vay!
I thought I was watching star wars rebels for a second with that animation look of the ship. They should borrow the guys from "The Expanse" to show them how its done.
jkf killer
rich higgins
am glad it looks bit sh.t that's star trek for me. the new movies are to fancy. i love the old star trek even if it was bit off. cant wait tho to see this
Trevor Manns
Fuck Paramount and CBS for screwing over Axanar..I have been a Trek Fan
my whole life but will no longer support Paramount or CBS..
Omi Gaming
Im really not liking this ship !
The CGI is terrible....production quality will kill the show.
Ted Cowart
how Klingon of them...
I cant wait, the only thing is, that ship is one butt ugly ship
also, if you are watching trek for the CGI shoot yourself. You've missed the point entirely.
roflmao That video looked like a 1980's video game. Pathetic CGI.
Rick Ybarra
is this supposed to be an animated series? Cause that ship looked terrible...
Liam Mahan
Look, I understand that there are some ugly things, but its star trek. Who cares?
Turner Time
So everyone seems to be either complaining about the ship design or the CGI whereas i'm complaining about the main deflector not being a dish. It is set before TOS so the main deflector should look like a satellite dish, NOT A GLOWING THING!
Why is everyone hating on this trailer? I can imagine the ship design might put off a couple of people but the affects are fine...sigh people just HAVE to complain about something.
Great effort by CBS! I love you guys for making us able to follow Star Trek for new adventures! Thank you so much!! May you all live long and prosper :)
Cameron Pearce
Interesting to see them using Ralph McQuarrie's long lost design for Star Trek: Planet of Titans.
Tymon Piórowski
Just stop! Pls just stop do it pls.....
OMG as soon as I heard that it was not set after Voyager I was immediately disappointed. I really don't care about anything in the Original series timeline with their rubbish outdated technology. Why do they keep going backwards?
Menis Ponster
Paramount and CBS killed AXANAR with a lawsuit and now intent to shove this trash down our throat?
I'm boycotting this shit from now on.
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