#Cleavagegate: Mayim Bialik Flashes Hers to Piers Morgan

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After asking Piers Morgan about his #cleavagegate dust-up with Susan Sarandon, Mayim Bialik weighs in by flashing her cleavage at Piers.

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Anthony Langley
only a f*** like Piers Morgan would actually want to see this big-nosed ugly ass b**** titties. tell Amy Farrah Fowler to put those nasty things away nobody wants to see them. hell that's probably why her husband left her he didn't want to see them nasty things either
Christpher R Fritz
Susan Sarandon is an old bag! Cleavage (mashing her saggy old boobs together) is ALL she has! She takes ANY script that comes her way and ended typecast years ago! It's OVER - except for cleavage, lol. Oh and that picture "Fat Boy Fag" used is from the early 80's, THIRTY-PLUS years ago!!
Bravo Mayim!!! Very funny!
Peter Henson
Given the opportunity women love to punish men.
+what is th correct response4a man when a woman exposes herself2a man wthout consent? if feminism is about equality then this action must b acceptable n reverse. is it? ::: :
Andrew Pannelli
Robert Yancey
This is one creepy, arrogant fuck...
Arthur Pewtey
Oh the irony.
Piers Moron: "It's a little bit tacky...."
That one'll take some beating.
wait!! don't you need to have cleavage in order to flash cleavage!!??
wouter kellerman
what is he still doing on tv????? he is a n asshole
Adolf Eichmann
Her grandmother got away from me at Sobibor. Damn!
shit bird
this is entertainment? only their politics suck more. I'm a straight man and have no desire to see her tits. this is lame shit.
You can see Mayim is repulsed to be sitting next to this scumbag
The Stuport
Piers Morgan takes a Helluva Lot Of Shit from media and the world.......but I do honestly enjoy him EVEN if I disagree with him at times! Cheers Everyone
Monster Vodka
Yeah, I think I would have puked. I'm not sure why I thought she'd have nice tits.
Savage Mister
Next she'll be showing off her Blossom.
Rick Right
You go Mayim!!!
Mountain Warrior
Women who expose themselves are the same women that complain men don't respect them... well... duh...
Barbarossa Von Oberschlesien
feminists are morons...
Michael Martin
I don't understand why
John Smith
Piers Morgan = πŸ‘Ž
Curt Christensen
mayim??? who wants to see that? She's over forty and has a role on the ultra-nerdy big bang theory
Big pimpin
Ol' Ben
She wearing spanx; Piers is a nothing.
Richard Apt
show them to me, show them to me. set those puppies free.
She didn't look like a prostitute, that was an elegant, beautiful thing to wear for the occasion. Don't be scared of a bit of cleavage.
Musty MK47 Khan
Lucky Bastard
Gary Rice
She has some sweet cleavage too. As does my GF.
Carlos Taquilla scfc
Morgan, you wanker!
Someone will probably criticize me for being too inclusive, LOL, but I see ways in which I agree with both sides of this: I agree with him that there's value in being modest at a solemn occasion... and I agree with the feminists, who would point out that if a man had worn something moderately immodest, nobody would have even noticed, much less tweeted about it.
Gemma Niye
Mayim and Susan look fantastic!
Piers Morgan is a fucking twat
keith dunham
mindless drivel gets air time again
Brady B
Ok, so the feminists would be just fine if there was an open orgy at a funeral proceeding, held in a church, where children were present?
Raz S
She should pay him for that πŸ˜‚
Mark Youneva
There once was a guy named Piers, who sat on a couch in a daze, when the cleavage came out, from his face there was no doubt, that something woke and fell back asleep up downstairs.
Kill All Liberals
Three libtards.
Wes J.
ew, that noise ruins it all. that, and her placenta eating.
D Yoc
Darn Mayim I wanna see.
Noelle Hibbard
when I see Mayim Bialik she makes me blush too because she is so beautiful and she's very cute
Noelle Hibbard
when I see Mayim Bialik she makes me blush too because she is so beautiful and she's very cute
Jim Berryman
I love Mayim Bialik!
Green Whovian
How is sending a man endless pictures of cleavage a punishment or get back? He mustve been in heaven. Feminists have to be some of the stupidest people on the planet, word of advice to any budding young feminists out there sending a man a shot of your cleavage is no way discouraging the sort of behaviour you claim to despise, its actively encouraging it.
Satan Gunner
Feminist : A man raises a good objective point, with no violence nor agression towards womens. STOP OPPRESSING WOMEN YOU CHAUVINIST CAVE MAN. smh
Hi it's Screwie
Sheldon should punish her if you know what I mean ;) ;)
I can't wait for #fullfrontalgate .........
Mick Turate
Cordon is pure Cancer
Rick from Texas
I remember a time when Femenist were sexy, Where did we go wrong?
Uh .. could feminists be outraged at me about this issue as well please... hope it's not asking too much
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