MattThe Legit
Ellegaard the Redstone engineer
I love antmans fall in the baseball round XD
Turan Kalkan
garrets fail
Ryan Rivard
PIG Master
Your awsome
Elizabeth Chant
My favorite was garrets baseball fail
Lolbox 710
Of course ty wins again coby losses again 😒😒😒😒
W2S Fantastically
My favourite dizzy fail was Garett
Debra Alexander
Tunable FIRE
Scoot Nation
Joseph Canales
yup garret failed baseball
Ashley Royce
There should be a Chris Evans and Robert Downy JR episode
Some Guy
Think about all the times coby was a centimetre away from winning a battle.
Abd Allah El-Desouky
When garret fell in the baseball
Adrian Richards
mine was when you he try to hit the little tiny thing and he fell on his face
360 noskoper
the bats flying out of your hands
keith susuico
william ochieng
william ochieng
garrett was so funny

Ramen Noodles
the people who hit it far waited to lomg
Ninja Warrior33
i liked when garret failed horribly
Jamez Games
You shud do a vid with Daniel Radcliffe (actor for Harry Potter and more)
Gamer Adan
Mine was garrets baseball fail
Carter Salomon
let coby win for wons
madeleine Andersson
the sniper langwell
garret on baseball
ma de
Firebals112 // M.S.U
The trophy looks like a 🍌
Gerardo Perez
Gar, do you need glasses
Haha Paul is hilarious!
EJ Virgil
Garrett's miss all the way in foul
Francisco Garcia
Hos waching this in 2017
Naiser Lukas
My favorite fail was Garrett but still got hope 👌
Amaan Gamer
Purple hoser
Mikelle Evans
tyler you won!!
xRuShLeRx RT
Garrett reminds of GTA 4 character Garry McReary do you guys think he looks like him?
I wanted Coby to win
Super- Boy
Why does Ty always win
Max TV
Why does ty always win!?!?!?
Zaidh Za
Dheer Jain
what a final
Ahmad Gebi
Garretts biggest fail at baseball
Claudia O'Neill
Garretts rope pulling shannanigans during dizzy baseball
Bradoleon Kid
same. garrets
Ben and dan gaming
Eric Keeslar
Garrets fail was the best
Kristine Kolman
I like Garets baseball fail
Rachael Hockly
WELL DONE!!!!!! to Dude Perfect for 10 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!! Subscribers
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