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Sports are super hard when you're dizzy.
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LionSplash HD 2004
I like Garrets fail, because he's Run away and i think: BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE BYE 🎵🎵🎶
Raheem Khan
Chad Harvie
i love it
Vanna Nguyen
Garrett baseball fail
Jodi Tahere
BY far purple hoser
Matthew Nuccio
You should do a nerd gun battle
Jayesh Acharya
pls do dizzy sports battle 3
lonzo ball
No one is your fan
Happy Medium
my favorite was garetts in baseball
Milo Asfour
Am Sf
The funniest fail to me was Garretts
Daniel Lu
Garret baseball
Skewed Priorities
I love Ant Man yess, Paul is cool
Dude Perfect Junior
My favourite was garrets
Micah Phelan
I never laugh at Garret's fails until seeing this
Nichole Barnum
nice job Tyler how do you win all battles
Dark Blade
yrhytrujyrju for.o i'm rkiand tuis euifjdru rytry drdrkr uruffftkri,
Rudra Pandya
G Siotia
Garrett was hillarious😂😂
Harry Sirius Potter
Fly_monkeys 25
The trophy was shaped like a dick
Caleb Johnson
Garrett all the way!
usha sam
Sarah Penkar
Garrets fail
Tanner makes Trick Shots
Defiantly garret on the baseball one!
rat man
Go garet
Deelia Diaz
Stephen Sharp
Garret goes way off i laughed so much its my favorite
Tim Thornton
that would mack me so sik
Te-am Filip
monzeisawesome 330 cool
Garrett's fail was the best no doubt I was literally laughing for 6minutes
Keomsoon Lee
Garrett is THE funniest
Mary Cullen McVay
My favorite MLB team is the st Louis Cardinals !!!
pokemonmaster pokemon
Ty is always best
Pizza Time -
Garret was amazing 😂😂
Julius Jones
Every day
Julius Jones
Team coby
ant man
Hiten Vlogs
Emily Cook
Garret's fail was my favorite
JohnnyManzeil Cisneros
Garrett fall
Ethan Dwaynne Mendoza
Why!tyler fail
Sean Truesdale
My favorite fall is Garret’s “invisible rope”
mena dhanak
Paul scored cause he Pitt the ball faster to the dp team but ty Pitt the ball a little slower
Charlie James OBrien
Jackson Cardwell
Purple hoser fan your great Garrett
Ashu Aarani
I hate you Tyler 😭coby would have won that one
J. A. Vgmz
garretts baseball fail was hilarous!!!
Creeper Boy
Garret was the best fail he got drunk
I say garrets rope won
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