Alexander Perez
that so oww
Katie Seger
I subscribed!!!!But only to tell u this vid made me sick and I'm UNSUBSCRIBING!!!!!!
Cub Okoli
I subscribed
Lisa Mckay
l subscribed!
EliteRobloxGaming 7
Dude, why u gotta make the thumbnail so clickbaity
I subscribed hello
Christina Neill
I hate you
Jordan Rovig
i suscribed
Rylan Woods
I subed
Ozzie Sanchez
coyote Peterson wanted to do that you now
Shanice Low
2 worst one what the fuck it is just a prank
FaZe Star
I subscribed
Landon Roy-gaming time
I subscribed!
Tayten Plamondon
I subscribed
Larkyn Glasscock
I just knew cyotye whuld be on hear
Jimbo Filmbo
Lance is so fake
Austin Rung
3:41. *insert dramatic music,,,, NOW
Danny Perez
the first guy is mentalđź’€
Coolbluegamer 2
i sub
malachi kemper
Solomon Maddix
I subscribed
Brady Grese
I got scared on that last one my stomic dropped
Sorry for the spelling
Summer Webster
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Owens awesome YouTube channel 2017
Congrats on 461k subscribers
Thomas Davenport
I s
Jolene Kautzer
Those people were idiots
Ryan with dat RZR
The click bait is so bad
I subscribed !!!!!
lance is fake as hell
Crystal Star021 aj
i subscribed and liked!!!
rocio gonzalez
I subscribe
Shanye Pro
I'm brave wilderness's biggest fan
Ronaldo Nicodemus
A. AcopyilyIplpllman po
Py yuguukjcmjj
George Harrington
the 5th one is a joke, gallium is not hot...
I'm A goat
I subscribe
Stacey Conlin
im a sub
Hayden Delyon
I subscribe
Jelly Bean
Do u say bad words pls dont
Kordell Cook
i subscribed!
Cristina M. Garcia
Did anyone else notice he said number 2 when it was number 3
Antwon Luis
Red doesn't attract the bull it's the movement
Kole Page
Gallium doesn't burn you like that it was fake
KK The Amazing HD
I ben subscribed
Fake Thumbnail and the bull should be Number 1 ... UNSUBSCRIBING
Lul Toxic
Travis Good/Bennett
sorry it was number 2
Travis Good/Bennett
number 3 wet himself
Gallium melts in your hand the first one was completely fake
Stephen Tackett 326
I subscribed
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