People Wear Coachella-Inspired Outfits For A Day

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Licensed via Audio Network

Licensed via Audio Network

Celebrity Sights at the 2015 Coachella Valley - Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid
Light Brigade/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images
Music Loves Fashion and House of Hype at Coachella 2010 Day 3
Michael Bezjian/Getty Images
Celebrity Sights at the 2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1
Papjuice/Bauer-Griffin /Getty Images
Celebrity Sights at the 2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 1
Light Brigade/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

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Windows XP

Victoria Thompson
She bought a 130$ Bon Jovi T-shirt
She doesn't even listen to him
THAT is my worst fear
Ms. R.
Cochella is incredibly overrated. There are WAY better music festivals out there.
Angel Face

long dark haired girllooked great in shorts girrrrrl doesn't stay that way forever! rock more shorts and short shirts!! jelly!!!
Nina is so hot! I'm in love!
1989 ain't vintage df
For $10 you probably could have gotten that shirt on etsy or redbubble
Quinn Curley
I love Carl
Nataša Sormaz
$$$$ bon-jovi shirt
Panda corn
How come no ones talking about how hot Carl is!!
Only 30 seconds in and they've already showed white people wearing native headdresses and said g***y. Great.
Jacqueline Bastos
The best look was from a thrift store, hmmmm suspicious lol
Taryn Nasvall
Carl has the same pizza shoes as my brother
I like afropunk way more.
LaSombra CS:GO
Chrissy hot af 🔥🔥
TOO emo for Coachella, same
Daily Kirsten
Ninas outfit looks like something you would find in a music video with someone like laying in bed like feeling their face or something like that ahah
IslaHasNothingToDo XD
I went to H&M the other day and I just stared and said "why does Coachella have to be in The USA
I honestly feel such a strong sense of hatred for this whole trend revolving around Coachella. The overpriced clothes, the wannabe vintage, the band shirts without listening to the actual music, the arrogance and self-advertisement, the disrespect towards native Americans (not always, but often enough), the owner donating for anti-LGBT...
marissa rose
I love these people
Faye Rose
Is everyone just ignoring the fact that the owner of Coachella donated/donates to anti-LGBT causes?!
Aa Zz
Their outifts, except Nina's, look like stuff they already wear on a daily basis. It wasn't that crazy compared to what they normally wear anyway.
I'm also allergic to Coachella.
Yellow W
"high end thrift stores"
Michael joseph Leto
Gosh ım ın love with that bon jovi t-shirt 😍
Rosalina Ysais
Holy crap does Nina brush her teeth! Every video I just see build up
Romanthecat And okias
Chrissy:it's from 1989 jazz: so am i😂😂😂
Go Girl Grow
fringe. flower crowns. leather boots. flowiness. natural face & hair. statement. yaaaaassssss!!!! love it
All for the Animals
It's nice to see a Boldly video without any sneaky hamplanets!
Tonya Lloyds
Question anyone know why the name was changed
Zoe 7
Ah yes go to a festival in a leotard as if going to the toilet there isn't an unpleasant enough experience
Da_Host L3GT
Damn 128 for a t shirt
Why didn't she just buy a cheap band tee and leave the original for someone who desperately wanted it ?!?
Elizabeth Rose
Nina has the nicest eyelashes
Miss Mash
I despise people that wear band shirts that they dont even listen to.
$128 for a "vintage" t-shirt, more like 1000-times-worn shirt that its supposed to cost 50 cents.
Anna Cristobal
I wish i could wear coachella outfits but i can't because i'm too fat
trinity jackson
its from 1989 !

im from 1989

😭😭😭😭😭 i love her
Russian Boi
nina twitter, facbook or instagram
World Games
#nochella :)
Jordan Lydon
When thy said #nochella2k17 I automatically thought of "CHICKEN WATCH 2k15"
olga sotnikova
why would anyone pay 130 bucks for a shirt of an artist they don't even know? o.O people are really stupid nowadays
Rebekah Drummond
Who would pay 130 dollars for a shirt??? She could've haggled the price down lol
The CEO looks like a slob.
is this where all the BuzzFeed rejects work??
Lilly The Disappointment
Nina is truly one of the most gorgeous people I've ever seen holy crap.
Arlette x
Are those THE pizza Vans?
Dalia Mae
omg Nina's thick thighs look great
Id rather buy $130 on food
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