a potato flew around my room
omg there ceo looks like me on a casual day going to taco bell lol
lemon lightning
wait,, did she pay 130 dollars,,, for a tshirt from a band she doesn't even listen to? (see the end for context) yikes lmao
Sara Gilchrist
Kristen looked hot af! 😍
“it’s from 1989”
“so am i!” 😂
Antonio de Freitas
I saw this video on Friday I saw 1:50 and I was like ok scheduled my outfit for monday
Joy Asuncion
at 1:56 i thought he said "and it's a liitle cold too,so maybe i want to ejaculate later" lol
oXForever FlawlessXo
swimsuit girl had a nice big stomach and is she transgender ?
i searched up who the ceo of buzzfeed was and it was jonah peretti and turns out he also co-found huffington post too, woah

just a weird fact, ignore me
Lesly Marie
Did I read that price right ?
Maja Hillström
YAAAAAY H&M is from Sweden and i am toooooo 😀
Ashley Stachowiak
The most expensive outfit looked the cheapest. 😯😂
carrie costabilo
"I think our work place is like a small high school, NEW CLOTHES!"

Apart from the fact that coachella is homophobic and promotes appropriation you might not want to say gypsy. It's not a fashinstyle. It's NOT. Just f*cking don't.
Copey Rice
I like this... im gonna try it
Momoo Plays
Nina has a nice body shape... EMBRACE IT GURL
Amaris Mekecha
Carl ha gayyyyy plz don't report plz ps sorry
June Robinson
IloveMusicandNature2008 Girl
I love how Nina wears a plain white tee and shorts and is like,I wanna take it off! 😂 That was little bit dramatic 😅
In my opinion it's just a normal casual summer outfit 🤔 Nothing about it screams coachella outfit to me
Violette Killer
I'm sorry what is cochela ?
Shanel Jones Turner
Lol yellow look good
Danielle Bregoli Fan!
“It’s from 1989”
“So am I”
I’m dying!🤣
Alanis Mazzaro Martins
1:09 that's when u know peace signs have to calm down
Nina Fernandez
It's from 1989 "so am I " 😂😂 LMAO
Olayinka Daramola
Coachella is like where white people try to be different and cool by dressing boho and 70s oh and with a spice of cultural appropriation
poni ja muut lelut
Those aren't so coachella but...I liked them
Kharma Little
This is like an episode of worth it 😂😂
Pointless J
ok but Nina's eyes are so beautiful??
Jasmine Snow
$197 to look like a 4 year old picked out your clothes..... You know how much food you could buy with almost 200 bucks
Michael jackson forever
And nina has been wearing extremely revealing Coachella outfit yes I m for real but I don't like the one Nina is wearing .
Michael jackson forever
Just wanted to ask is Nina Indian she has beautiful eyes because most of my friends are Indians and j m an American so it's awesome hanging out with them and obviously Indians have natural mesmerizing beauty
Lojy Styles
i like this girl who has hs as her background and photoshoped herself with him, I like her
Can I have the Bonjovie shirt 😂😂
pj rector
i found the pricier the outfit was , i hated it more like ??
GG Soprano
I’m sorry but who would pay 130 dollars for a band shirt?
Sarah Fitzpatrick
There is no way I would tie a knot in a $130 Bon Jovi shirt from 1989, no matter how Coachella I wanted to look. I would be afraid to ruin it
Liza Fitzsimmons
The Crap eyewear on Chrissy. White sunglasses. Love that brand!
xxXPOOPXxx iii
It's from 1989

So am I
Laura Key
So coachella is like American glastonbury?
I just don't vibe with chrissy brush I'm not usually one to judge but the sunglasses she was wearing in the car at the start look like something from the 60s
$128 for an artist she doesn't even listen to?? I get it's for a video but still
Issy Sadler
3:50 $0.....$0 !!!!
Basic Multi Fandom hoe
"Hippy meets gypsy meets naked"
Im- 😂😂😂
peace&wolves awesome sauce
nina: too emo for 'chella. whyis nina me??
Siff Hansen
3:51 OMG A Michael Jackson shirt!!!😩😫❤️
Afina Alin Kinanti
This is my username
Ninas dress is super close to what lily marston wore this year
Lilian Schneider
ground tribe under fill preparation right rhetoric
coolkkcookie lol
4:18 what the..!
Andreya Keeana
I love Chrissy ❤️❤️😍
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