Train Plows Through Trees After Huge Snow Storm


British Columbia

Brian Potter
Best use for a GE Locomotive
Joyjeet Paul
Engine was heavily slapped 😁
Denis Kremenitskii
There's another one
darnel washoe
I wonder what the FRA said about this
Aries Might
This is a video about when trees start protesting on the tracks.
Looks like fun. All you're missing is the beer.
Owen Landauer
imagine pulling into the yard looking like a tree married a train? must be pretty funny
Amazing video! Can a fallen tree derail a train?
Tyler Blackwell
yall are having soo much fun thank goodness for a heavy locomotive
Billy R
Nice !
Annette Lane
Wow. this is just awesome. Driver must know what he is doing. Incredible.....
tough ass train
DOnt break the train!
Colin Foster
Another one bang
I am driving a train, there are NO obstacles on my way!
Staff Admin
that was awesome guys
Dodge Mustang
If that window goes it won't be funny..
Jay Wolfe
1 barely used train. Only used by an old lady to get groceries and go to church on Sunday.
Bill rouleau
Looks like the plow is taking most of the impact from the fallen trees,.
Bessemer & Lake Erie 902
Wow! I subscribed!
Banjo Bill
Canadians are awesome
And this is why you don't buy a used train!
This is what its like when traveling thru Vancouver, Thump!! haha theres another one. except its bums, dead hookers and shopping carts.
Fear Goodjudgement
whats really amazing is how they can steer the train and keep it on the tracks without being able to see the rails. Those CN guys are really something.
I want to drive trains in the snow now!
Bob Johnson
Like a couple of little boys
Cool video :)
Trainlover 4449
Jeez, some of those should have made the train derail, how did that not happen?
lel lolololllololololol 1774
what kind of locomotive is that?
Keegan Gidley
only in canada...
My Adventures - Fabian
plz more!
Andrew L
probably CN or CP if thats in British Columbia Canada
Luren Deed
all fun and games until you get treed up ur ars
Risky game with the dropoff to the left.
Mark Brand
Windshield is tough
Never thought of deadfalls as being a hazard for trains. Wow.
O Matlo B
that is so satisfying
Pene Trait
And as a kid I thought putting a penny on the tracks would make the train crash, lol
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