Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

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On this segment of On Location Coyote catches Pokémon GO fever! 

What starts as fun way to honor fan requests for a Pokemon Go video turns into a full blown Pokemon addiction…and what’s worse is Coyote can’t seem to put his phone down long enough to make any new wildlife videos! 

Will there ever be another episode of Breaking Trail?! Watch this video to see if Coyote can find a cure to the viral video game!  

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Holly Seely
Please coyote please come back to ANIMALS not Pokémon please I love animals coyote please
Charlotte Koh
Really?I am same but I don’t ever call Pokémon “Pokéman”
Camilo Hortua
its not cater pie its cater pi
Sarah Gibbons
Cyodi snap out of it come on do stuff with your friends and do your morale stuff instead of pokomon because you will have no friends like Mark is sick in tired of you just find animals again please☹.
crysta kosianowski
Nice scit🤣😂
crysta kosianowski
Angel Argueta
If you next to the water you can get water Pokemon
We're bad influences xD
Arctures stout
How every pokemon go player looks like now
Leo Rivera
Leo Rivera
And life pokes
Leo Rivera
Get airadactle
Jaime Taveras
I also LOVE pokemon go and i can't go outside!!! 😒😒 but i sometimes i do go outside😀😀😀😀 i saw a pikachu and im addicted but the sad thing that happened i resarded my journey.. 😔😔
Fell Lava Creeper
I hate Pokemon in my opinion
Celina Garcia
I wish that he could love nature .🌺🌊🐛
Bailey R
Wanna be pokemon buds?
Mario Ortiz
This low key a sponsorship
jbronec gmail
Matt Hagen
This is what happens when you get the Pokémon app. I've tried it before
Jared Nelson
This is the greatesed thing I have ever seen 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Caleb Cabz
If this is not a Joke, then this would be akward😓
For some reason its hard to watch this bid
Ϩᴧᴜᴢ ソウザ
"Hey, what's up guys! I'm Coyote Peterson, and today, we're going to go face to face with a colossal Gyarados!"
Magma Grunt Jaiden
"A CATERPOD" You are so cute HAHAHA. Good mix-up of its actual name Caterpie and it's first evolution Metapod. I'm cackling.
Khaelan Jared
I have an eevee jolteon flareon vaporeon glaceon leafeon espeon and an umbreon
GamingGirl 002
Mark why do you always make a close up of a random thing when Coyote walks away
Creeper Catgirl
gesse you're adicted
those looks of disappointment were on point
Golden Xman
Loke for real pokemon
Cole Trauger
I caught Pokemon in Alaska too, they were everywhere :)
Don Nguyen-Tan
Do you still play pokemon go?
Nick Cashin
When you know this vid is scripted
Ha ha ha!
Roxy Angell
I never knew that you liked pokemon go i love it and your vidios
Emma Forever
My name is Cody Pearson I’m about to enter the quarter zone with the table
Alexa Cowling
i played for 2 days and got lvl 17
Th3 Lunatic
Hey guys im about to enter the phantom zone with ooooo pickachu screw my dreams lol
Vette Santana
Rest in peace coyote
Jordan Doring
did u catch a gyarados
Alexander Jakobsen
Is this real
AsianBatman Lee
He went in tall grass
Rylan Dana
Coyote do you play Pokemon moon on a 2DS
Michael Jiang
I don't think he should of jumped into that bush just to play Pokémon go.
Olympia Valenti
You can charg your phone
Fai Chan
I think that we made him distracted to play Pokémon -__- sad so sad
Alex R.L.
Long Mc
noob‌ player‌.me 2 day level 12
Trần Tuấn Đạt
Join the pokemon side young coyote
thuan pham
yeesh thats almost his job Vicky d
Josip Mikulcic
pikachu is not the hardest pokemon to catch mewtwo is the hardest pokemon to catch
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