Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

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On this segment of On Location Coyote catches Pokémon GO fever! 

What starts as fun way to honor fan requests for a Pokemon Go video turns into a full blown Pokemon addiction…and what’s worse is Coyote can’t seem to put his phone down long enough to make any new wildlife videos! 

Will there ever be another episode of Breaking Trail?! Watch this video to see if Coyote can find a cure to the viral video game!  

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!  

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Dominic Lorusso
That ending though
Aaron Millmore
Follow your dreams don't let anyone judge you keep playing Pokémon go
Max Memnon
Let him be let him do his on stuff
Bean Leavitt
I'm addicted to Pokémon go lvl 20
PastaPig 13
did u say catching Pokemon go?
PastaPig 13
there is no plural for Pokemon it's just pokemon
PastaPig 13
how could u not know about Pokemon go
Cutie Patootie
ugh he says pokemans! 😆😂 BTW coyote love your videos do more tide pool aqarium
Cutie Patootie
bruh you keep catching the weak ones
Pixxel The Meme Hunter
No! Not you too! 😭
Imperial Cub
I felt bad for Coyote. Trying to have fun around these two jerks.
Gabe King
You guy's are mean he was mad and sad and never got any footage.
Gabe King
It is sad.
Luke Marshall
He's not the only one I love Pokémon go too. I play it every day
Fian Fox
A CaterPIE?

Are you gonna eat it?
smurf harambe
I'm level 21 in Pokémon GO
it makes me cringe when you say a pokemon's name wrong
K Casey-Kremer
you should watch jonno plays on youtube
Sammy Cisne
dat end of the intro thought
Nick Berry
I have abuntch of pok'emon
dash capture's of Vermont
say it aint so.
I love Coyotes vids!
Dustin Grant
Mark needs a fidget spinner
Martha Orellana
it is ok as long as you stay safe but peleas stop
Smiley Ninja
The cringe
Martha Orellana
it is a bad game some pepoel kill each other for pokemon
My strange addiction
Fireheart Mcdaniel
2:00 me on Mondays
Elizabeth Thrailkille
do you still like pokemon?
theaverage gamer
Dude catchin all the Pokemon takes like a year
Elizabeth Thrailkille
coyote have you been bitten by a baby shark
well if you haven't Will you
AlphaFireWolf 303
I love Pokemon go
Hardin Origins
i got a limited edition santa hat Pikachu

others: so?

me: waaat
little twinkle
in the start walk away 5 times and get Pickachu
Martin Hernandez
why do some people call Pokemon Pokeman
Gianna Bonina
Malakai The Gamer
2:00 is the big problem with Pokemon go
Stephen Mireles
I play pokemon go every day
Alexander Gonzalez
I just love how the brave wilderness community is the opposite of league of legends community Cx
TheRealestcocorb 1
yeah that dog looks real good at Pokemon go..........
Anahi Nieves
How do you get into Pokémon go
Patricio Tijerina
Ai caught a bolbasoar xD
Sayra Vega
your the best
Owen Estola
At the beginning of the video it showed a warning that Coyote was a professional and I shouldn't do what he does. Wait, I need to be a professional to safely play Pokémon Go!?!
Claudia Gomez
More Pokémon go
Jerald Maes
This is obviously exaggerated, but it's still funny
Jace Edwards
dude! The STRUGGLE is REAL
Kim Koch
you know burch the dog he looks like my dog hatter
Kim Koch
you got out of control with pokemon
Awesome Danielton
Pokemon go turns you into a literal zombie
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