Catching Pokemon GO FEVER!

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On this segment of On Location Coyote catches Pokémon GO fever! 

What starts as fun way to honor fan requests for a Pokemon Go video turns into a full blown Pokemon addiction…and what’s worse is Coyote can’t seem to put his phone down long enough to make any new wildlife videos! 

Will there ever be another episode of Breaking Trail?! Watch this video to see if Coyote can find a cure to the viral video game!  

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!  

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João Freitas
noel cutajar
Stop or i unlike your vidos
I hope this is just a skit and not real...
Jeremy Webb
7:58, LOL
Victor Hernandez
I caught 25 in 1 day
Amikitten // JaM_Angel
kitteh cool yeah/!
kh al
Cindy Jimenez
Coyote buy the Pokemon go plus
Monica Robles
SADD some kid in my town got ran over for playing pokemon go he ran accross the road and died in the hospital
Crystal Child
FlashyDash Vlogs
there needs to be a Coyote Peterson pokemon, Featured.
crazy ken
It's caterpee but spelt caterpie
Sankalp Kharat
You are lazy
Jelly Kingz
He changed from playing Animal Go to Pokemon Go
😳 are you going good
SummerZiya YT
Hi, Im Coyote Peterson and Im about to enter the lag zone of Pokemon Go
Am I the only person who plays Poke a man go?
Oh and recently I poked over 100 mans!
I even poked Coyote
Masku Gamer
They look like they are all roleplaying
It's pronounced cater-pee
It's awesome app
Play spore on the computer
Official Drawing Plush
Poor Coyote He can't play Pokémon Go Anymore
catboy 100
He says pokemons the plural is pokemon he doesnt know to much of pokemon go but hes new its okay he acts like me when i cant play pokemon go lol
I like pokemon...but not that much!
This is a real story

When I was walking to a big store I saw so many play Pokémon go grandpas Kids parents and more!!! It's crazy I was like ima try pokemon go I was trying to do a account but it won't let me so I deleted the game
Anna Monika
i luv Pokemon And U can Play it...ALL DAY!
Panda Man
Pecatu is the most rubish pokemon
Jasmine Morgan
How he pronounces some of the pokemons names is adorable
Jesse Nana
Keep up with Brave wilderness
Elizabeth Wright
Actually it's pronounced catered
Ayulla Rose
Love your vid🙂😍😋😜🤣
Ayulla Rose
Can I be in one of your videos
Sarah Plummer
He is just like my dad 😂😂😂
Spinnermehk Sweg
Screw bulbasaur
Mr x
This man is the best
Jackseptic Eye

Plural is pokemon

Stop saying Pokemons
Samppa N
So funny😂😂😂
Coyote:I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the splash zone of the magicarp XD
Hana Palani
Lol when he was going crazy on the boat and he said my phone my phone my phone that's me everyday 😂😂😂 I cannot survive without my phone 😂
Poke Fan
It's pronounced po-kay-mon!!!!! I'm triggered!!!!!
Frankie Kotsay
I'd have Pokemon Go on my phone but no one plays it anymore, it was relevant only for the summer of 2016
Numbers daily
Every day I upload...

Blue Burning Wolf
CaterPIE lol
Pokiman xD
Blizzard Lps
You should play animal jam it's made by National Geographic and it's about animals
Killer bees kid
Watch this video is the best.
Toasted WafflesYT
He said pokemen and pokemons and pokemens

iska kiska
2:00 (:
iska kiska
what the
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