Emma Watson Takes Legal Action After Hacker STEALS Private Photos

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Emma Watson planning to take legal action after private photos were stolen and leaked on the internet. 
Emma Watson is the latest victim of celebrity hacking, but she’s not going to let the perpetrators get away with it…

Emma’s rep released a statement after stolen photos started making their way around line, saying QUOTE, “Photos from a clothes fitting Emma had with a stylist a couple of years ago have been stolen...They are not nude photographs. Lawyers have been instructed and we are not commenting further.”

The photos, which stolen from a swimsuit fitting Emma did a couple years back, appeared  in the same post as a picture of an unknown nude woman in a bath with her face cropped out, but Emma was quick to deny that that picture is of her.

I feel like it goes without saying, but this is so gross. The timing of the stolen photos also comes right after Emma was forced to defend herself from critics denouncing her for a Vogue shoot where she exposed parts of her breasts, but she clapped back at the haters who called her a fake-feminist, saying QUOTE, “Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It's about freedom, it's about liberation, it's about equality. I really don't know what my t*ts have to do with it. It's very confusing.” Preach, Emma, preach! And take all the legal action you can--hopefully other hackers will get the message and no more women will have to endure such gross breaches of privacy.

Alright guys now I wanna know what you think of Emma taking legal action against her hacker or hackers, so sound off in the comments section below Beauty Trippin DJ School

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BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile]
first of all these pictures were taken because of a CLOTHING ISSUE. it was never meant for pleasure or nude photos or shit. ALSO THEY WERE STOLEN AND SHE WA HACKED. I'm glad she is taking legal action.
Nathan 'Dethron'
Here's the photos, guys. Thank me later 😇 https://plus.google.com/104321256576819972276/posts/1BBGzxBwf4H
Gpod Joe
Men aren't criticized for taking photos with their dicks half shown while women get crap for posing nude in front of a mirror shoot or somethin, double standard much?
David Serrano
so beautiful woman,
john ferreira
Your boobs are uneven.
"Gross who does this" when it's a woman, but when it's a man it's "Oooo La Laaa" if it's an attractive/popular man. Getting tired of that :/
this is the thing I don't get about people that celebs are supposed to take action about things that aren't right. Emma Watson's photos leaked and people in comments are like "I love Emma... she's so strong" bla bla bla... I love her too but when someone is arrested because he was stalking and was caught inside Taylor swifts apartment building people are like " she should expect things like that, she's just a fake" bla bla bla... wtf?
If the supposed nude is supposedly of her then it's fake. Why would the hacker blur it out? Isn't the whole point of these people to show off what they can steal?
Tamkeen Iqbal
Go Emma Watson! !!!
Maheen Khan
PREACH EM!! shes doing the right thing!!
Kurasa Twentyfive
Is the the fappenings third cumming?
Nicholas Marin
that's just wrong, who would do such a dumb thing to women. You go Emma Watson, show them who's boss, because you rock.
slush pup
These hackers make me sick! They done it to Adele too hacking into her husbands email and posting personal photos of her son and days out, I get they are in the public eye but they are humans! Give them some respect and let them keep their privacy.
pill diet
why did they have to bleep out tits?
Get it girl
Seto's Girl
Kudos to you Emma! Way to go!
Top chlo
Emma is a beauty
I'm so sick of these online losers doing this to these women. The photos are not for you.
I love Emma and I hope she will find justice.
Gregory Pabst
This is so disgusting! I would never look at those picture because I just have so much respect for her. If someone could please link me to be pictures so I know what I need to avoid.
Bookworm 3710
Good woman Emma
-Vwall007ST -
❤️EMMA! One of my Idols the last 19 years!
Taric abdul-haqq
Not nude cry :(
Ahmed Mahmoud
she needs 2 know how it is first tho
Emily Dinsmore
Who else plays "guess which Clevver Host is this?" Before they show their face?
Swissair Guh
:50 the government
Morgan Love
Phosphorus Pent-Oxide
can anyone give me the links of her nudes
that swiftie
why are ppl so hateful towards emma? she's a woman who respects herself, a feminist and has no drama with anyone... why would ppl be so judgemental with everything she does ffs
man i love Emma so much!!!
King Darious
I bet the same people calling guys perverts for looking at Emma nudes, had no problem looking up Tyler Posey nudes pics.
Ari Anator
If people hack my phone and saw my photos, I would sue aswell
Clay Brice
Emma has a good mindset. Take action!
Sebastian Tobon
She bashed Beyoncé and said she was a fake feminist for posing naked, so you are a hypocrite
Mima S
*Vanity fair not Vogue shoot 0:58
Iman Jinan
"Who does this?" The Illuminati.
Megan Richardson
You go Emma, love you girl.❤
Chris Brock
where are they
Ella Conlon
Go emma
Rea 11
People are pretty evil
Mizz FlaireBeauty
I LOVE EMMA!! and it's only right for her to take legal action.. it's her body.
Sara sarc
emma is just a legend you gotta love her 😍
Delfino Falante
I love her. Fingers crossed: let's hope the media and the paparazzi doesn't play too hard with her.
Ahana Banerjee
She did the right thing! Emma is one of the few celebs whose mindset and decision always seems right!
SS Helghast
just saw them. trash nudes
Emma is such a great role model. I'm so excited to go watch "Beauty and the Beast" !! (^-^)
LikeLike Fabulous
22!!!! Oh well I love you!
Hannah Lynne
GO Emma!!!!!
Hannah Montana
Hamilton Trash
I just realized that everything that Josyln or all of those ppl that report this to us say is in the description box. So I basically don't have to watch the video, just read 😂
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