Praetor Victix
open floor plans are a bitch.
LoveFor Art27
Donal Trumo and Malenya having sex.....
Revenge for the screaming in the modern women's game.
Drake Kay
OMG From the privacy of their own home?? That makes it ten million times worse!!!! I would feel like a perv there at the Tennis match, like I was the one violating them! :D
troy foote
she get nailed
Chidanand muthuganne doddaiah
It seemed like sharapovas voice
Manly Men
holy shit....classic
Post Poontang Stress Disorder
Clearly a small tournament....probably the "O'Reilly Open"
J. Darko
keeping up a racket
xele fonte
The better question is...what are they doing having sex in the middle of the day. It happened in Florida so it's most likely incest.
La Sonya Suttle
This is totally degrading, demeaning, derogatory, disgusting, foul, vile video!
Hmmmm sex in the wood that kinky
she was playing penis while they were playing tennis .... lulz
Not a Troll
She causes a lot of racquet.
5 Steps To Looking 10 Years Younger
Best Sex Ever - How to last longer in bed?
josh plunkett
I'm one of the camera operator's that captured this event!! Lol yes it was very loud. Even at the end of the match as we where breaking down our equipment for the evening they had their windows wide open and and lights on and still fully going at it without a care in the world...
Carrie Rueden
To be fair small lakes sometimes seem to amplify noises from the other side. It might not have even seemed that loud in their house, they were just having sex with the window open facing the lake - and bam - entire thing carries loudly over.
Kaniji Monet
They kept CUMMING back? (no one got his joke lmao)
Sergio Naidin
tenis or penis?
how big is she pretending it she
Loud love! Some girls are just very vocal.
David B
New balls please...
Kay 100
Yourgin, you seem overexcited about the news.
Fleet Admiral Harrison
In the immortal words of George Takei, "OHHH MYYY!" ;)
Kwame Chikuyu
Bodies of water carry sound surprisingly well.
Pooja Sharma
kya sex k bare mai to kuch btaya nhi.
I will scream so loud they will hear me clear across the Narrow Sea - Lysa Arryn
its like with porkys
Chicago Critic Gerald
BOOOOIIIINNNGGGGG!!!!! #BeavisandButthead
Latoya Wright
Porkys irl!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shane Barnet
Someone was trolling you fucken 3 morons 😂😂😂😂
Stop That Racket. Best pun title they've ever had.
KRx worldWIDE
Somebodies hittin it right
sameehan joshi
love love
If she wants to be loud let her howl and roar till heart's content.
Gettin it banged
Squalie Bawse
This story is amazing
Brett Cihlar
talk about stretching the racket for a news story , lol
LOL the Black dude was smiling.
Leo Yohansen
There's no evidence presented of anyone having sex. There was only the sounds of a woman supposedly sexually ecstatic. It could have been a prank.
Night time and over water... oh yeah.. sound carries very well when those two things are added into the equation.. Not sure what the temp was there.. but going from a warm room out into the cold would also boost that sound...
Blu Nite
Stupid ugly freak trolls having s_x and would say that .
Jean D
Score was 69 to love.
Ariel Mckenzie
It didn't even sound like it was coming from a cellphone.
Bahamian_ Demigod
Michael Foley
Sound travels very well across still water, and bullets, different story, probably for the same reason. It does work both ways so they probably could have just yelled and the couple would maybe have heard them. Which court were they on? So we can figure out which house?,-82.6088711,895m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x1d013400eee9508f!8m2!3d27.428217!4d-82.607019
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